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Military’s Blank Check Void;Trump To Stop Military Over spending

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President-elect Donald Trump criticized the F-35 fighter jet early Monday, saying the “program and cost is out of control.”

Trump said that when he takes office he will work to control costs of military contracts.

“The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

A CNN report over the summer noted that F-35’s cost has risen to $400 million to produce 2,457 planesnearly twice the estimated cost.

More than 1,000 planes were to have been delivered by 2016, but only 179 had been sent as of April this year.

Lockheed Martin builds the F-35. CNBC reported several minutes after Trump’s tweet that shares of its stock were dropping ahead of the opening of U.S. markets.

This is the second time in two weeks that Trump has hit a military contractor.

Trump last week slammed Boeing for the cost of its new Air Force One, causing a similar occurrence where stocks in Boeing dropped.

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  • robert eidschun says:

    achieveable easily by watching and stopping
    open check book psychology on everything military. ZERO waste & accountability. Do it !
    BUT don't short change the military capabilities so that NO ONE will ever confront us., etc.

  • joe Speer says:

    too many companies have been sucking off the gov teats for too long, it's tie to remake the way gov does business

  • Edwin Johnston says:

    The military contractors seem to drag their feet when a contract has been awarded to inflate the costs of the contracted item

  • Brian says:

    There is so much waste in every department of government,it is about time something is done.Hope it happens.

  • terry says:

    worked at two govt institutions in the past and each time i was amazed at some of the lack of accountability for all types of projects. many were watch-dogged well, especially when there was a clear champion established, who could be held accountable.

  • Thomas Kilfoyle says:

    For far more years than most of us have been alive. The military has paid more than 1000% or more for equipment from boots to any and all things the military needs

  • xanthes1@yahoo.com says:

    fro years the military spending has been out of control. I realize the industry has to make money but cfosts have been outrageous

  • ken collins sr says:

    Hammers don't cost 15,000 dollars

  • Name says:

    this is the start for usa

  • michaelBarrett says:

    time to put a leash on the excess spending if we ever hope to get the budget back to a DOABLE AMOUNT without more TAXES


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