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Michael Moore – The Left’s Go-To Guy

Michael Moore is the Left’s crazy uncle who shows up at family functions half-baked, drunk, and reeking of cheap lap dances. But for some reason, he’s the go-to guy for all sorts of talk show commentary on everything from the economy to foreign relations – This alone should show the level of intelligence of the Left.

He recently took up two seats on Bill Maher’s pathetic excuse for a round-table television show, known as Real Time with Bill Maher. Moore, who overshadowed the other panelists, literally, discussed the latest round of Hamas led missile attacks on Israeli civilians. Moore’s take on the issue was not surprising being that it is from the same man who brought us dishonest documentaries like Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Capitalism: A Love Story. Moore believes that Israel is taking out Hamas leaders in order to prolong the fighting and profit from the war by selling arms and munitions to…well, I guess the fact that the Israeli government has to buy weaponry, and thus, pay out money, and therefore not profiting at all and not to mention the fact that missiles have a tendency to destroy things which must be rebuilt, escapes his brilliant mind. It must be that his brain functions are clogged with grease from all the Filet-o-Fishes he shovels into his mouth by the fistful (see his film The Big One where he explains his addiction to McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich while at the same time disparaging capitalism and his freedom to choose to eat them.)

That aside, let’s just say for a moment that Moore’s logic holds water so I can get on with my larger (no pun intended) point. Why is it that he is allowed to be heralded as a genius for his magnificent work on conspiracies, kookiness, and hatred, but anyone from the Right who even thinks of citing the Constitution in an argument is denounced as a purist, extremist, or a tea-bagger? I am sick and tired of being told that no matter what comes from the Left it is main-stream and a perfectly normal way of thinking. While at the same time, everything from the Right is eccentric and bizarre, and could only come from a perverted mind that is full of hate.

It is time that we stop letting the Left define who we are. We, the Conservatives, are the torch-bearers of the Constitution. We are the ones that speak truth in this world. We are the ones that possess the ideas and philosophies of the Framers, and we are the ones with the right way of thinking. So let the light of truth and righteousness shine so brightly that no matter how fat Michael Moore gets he cannot cast a shadow of deceit anywhere on this great land of OURS!

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  • BJ

    I am a firm Constitutionalists, AND I have never nor will ever buy into the bigoted, greedy, religious right who have the obtrusive nerve to shove their moronic rhetoric onto the rest of us. In my nearly 60 years in this life, have I seen such hatred between people. Once these conservative teabaggers lose all their ill begotten money, and live on poor street, maybe then they will have a clue. So tired of their bullcrap!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, almost 60 years old and you still think like a 24 year old. Now, that’s amazing.

  • Tim Young

    A lot of conservative teabaggers are not rich. Way to stereotype.