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The Kellyanne Conway Ethics Witch Hunt Needs To Be Put To Bed Now

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Democrats have found a new flavor-of-the-week issue to complain about. Last week it was about the nomination and confirmation of an extremely qualified education advocate to the cabinet position of Secretary of Education. Before that, it was a constitutional pause on travel from specific countries. Now, liberals found a new bone to grab a hold of – Kellyanne Conway and her support of Donald Trump and his fatherly right to defend his daughter, Ivanka.

The Kellyanne Conway Ethics Witch Hunt Needs To Be Put To Bed Now

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the liberal media hasn’t stopped reporting about a Fox & Friends interview with Kellyanne Conway. Leading up to that interview, Nordstrom chose to give in to the complaints of a small number of consumers who are opposed to President Trump and announced they would no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.

Trump, being the caring father he is, immediately defended his daughter by tweeting about how unfairly Nordstrom treated his daughter. The man acted not as a president, but as a father putting himself on the line for his family.

And then Kellyanne Conway got lost in the moment and encouraged viewers to give Ivanka’s brand a try. All she did was go to bat for a friend and colleague and Democrats have not stopped complaining about a breach of ethics regarding a rule forbidding federal employees from using their government positions to endorse any product, service, or enterprise.

The Kellyanne Conway Ethics Witch Hunt Needs To Be Put To Bed Now

Now, everyone (on the left)  is going after Trump for his tweet against Nordstrom and Conway for supporting the president and his daughter. It’s ridiculous and completely blown out of proportion. It’s Fake News because there aren’t any real stories to cover.

But do you know what else this is? A waste of time.

Here’s why.

While people are saying Trump’s tweet hurt the retailer’s sales, the result of it may actually be a huge boost in sales for Nordstrom as celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler have been taking shopping spree trips to the store to protest our president.

Sure, that makes sense. You complain about the man being bad for the country and then go protest him by spending money and strengthening the economy? Snowflake logic.

But many people have thrown the word libel around, and that’s just idiotic. Libel is a written defamatory statement that can be proven to cause physical or financial harm to a person or business. And as pointed out above, Nordstrom doesn’t seem to be suffering one bit as a result of President Trump’s tweet. Add to that fact that all Trump did was say the store treated Ivanka unfairly and nothing else, and there’s no grounds for that kind of talk. He made no accusations and said nothing – we all already knew the details.

As for Conway, people need to relax. She’s not an elected or even appointed government position. She’s simply an advisor to the president.

Was her choice of words the best plan of action? In hindsight, maybe not. But she’s already been counseled by the president and his team. And you know what? Trump has her back. No surprise there. Conway was caught up in an emotional situation where Ivanka Trump and her business were unfairly targeted by a major store simply due to her association with her father.

Nothing is going to come of this because it’s juvenile. The Ethics Oversight Committee has real problems to worry about, such as inappropriate use of funds, voter fraud, and efforts by Democrats to stall President Trump’s efforts to improve our country.

The reality of the situation is that this whole incident is actually a good thing. The Trump administration will be stronger for going through it and will learn from this. The administration has only been in place for about three weeks now. In fact, the administration isn’t even complete because Dems keep holding up the confirmation hearings. Naturally, in an effort to continue the Obama debacle of the last eight years. This entire situation is just a witch hunt for liberals to complain about Trump. It needs to be put to bed immediately so the country can focus on actual, measurable progress.

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  • Kathleen Hubbard says:

    I am proud of what she said, and she is right President Trump is a father first, then President. If this is all the Demecrats have to bitch about President Trump is doing good. President Trump is what this country needed for a long time. No more Good old boys club.

  • Lee Sacosky says:

    Kelly Anne is an intelligent, truthful, loyal lady to the people of America and she does not deserve this ridiculous critical attack! The Democrats are poor losers and want to trash Trump and anyone around him. I have had it with all this negativity!

  • Paul Delsignor says:

    Because these people have gone way too far and this crap has to end and end badly for them

  • ed mccall says:

    Put all the childish issues away concentrate on rebuilding America try working together for
    this common cause and the America people
    If the Democrats what to know what fell on them the American people fell on them they want their America returned to her glory days.

  • Kay Melton says:

    It's all petty childish nonsense, how many other Presidental children have been under the microscope? Give it a rest, let's get on with business. More important things going on at this time. Tired of these obstructionists

  • wilma turner says:

    She has done nothing to be guilty of.

  • Mary Hunter says:

    I don't see anything wrong with what see said. I've seen much worse ethics violations(and I don't believe this was a violation) just of the unprecedented attacks on Senator Sessions and even more ethical violations with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Obama. And most of the Democrats in Washington. And the fact that they have no objections to flag burning, property being destroyed physical attacks and verbal attacks on any one who has a different view point. You can't even have a civil conversation with any of them without being attacked yourself. It's extremely wrong on so many levels.

  • R R Hollingsworth says:

    Enough Already!

  • Shane says:

    Because it's a childish and immature waste of time. Typical of the Democrats. Can't help themselves. Instead of trying to help America, they waste time and money on this idiotic debacle.

  • John S Thomas says:

    A Trump spokesman needed to address this issue. KellyAnne was chosen. What's the problem.

  • Gordon Dolley says:

    All the Dems do is Badger our/their President and his administration. Someone should put all the Dems to bed.

  • NEWT says:


  • Merle Gibbs says:

    She is a nice woman just doing her job!! THE LIBERALS SHOULD LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  • Marsha Puyear says:

    Kelly Anne has done a wonderful job and all the hateful talk should be sluffed off. The left are too stupid to recognize talent and professionalism when they see it!! Just look at who they nominated !!

  • willial smith says:

    like her politics , grit and stamina.

  • Ed Kinkade says:

    Dems are just grabbing for straws because the don't have anything else to do.

  • charlie says:

    As far as I am concerned it is a FATHERS duty to protect all of his children no matter there age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Name says:

    2 because of the fact kelly Anne does not work for the system, only as advisor to pres.

    How about all the legislators who use their offices to plot against this administration? Many much larger issues to deal with that are actually important to the US of A.

  • Thomas Massey says:

    Her personal rite to advise anyone to shop anywhere anytime

  • Ronnie says:

    the Democrats are grasping at every straw to save face since the election. I think that if there is something wrong with Mz Conway fire it off and get it settled or get off of the damn toilet and face the world.

  • Don Groves says:

    The Nation has Much more important issues to worry about and fix NOW !!!

  • JONNIE B says:

    Just another delay and distraction by liberals to stall moving forward

  • Martin Juergensen says:

    Tiresome waste of time with all the mindless obstructionist noise of parrots with no substance from the regressive Left. More like temper tantrums.

  • Samuel Hurst says:

    The Democrats have been at this for too long.
    The Republicans didn't get violent through in any campaign in my life time! The Democrats hired people to cause problems at ralleys. They have been childish through this entire campaign. If they don't like the fact that Donald Trump is our President then go somewhere else. He was the onend the people voted for. He didn't have to go out to get illegals to vote for him or the dead. Clinton illegally attained votes, money, and everything else she could think of to win (like a 3 year playing a board game) she made up her own rules as the game went on. In the end cheaters never win.Trump is what this country has needed for a very long time. It would be wise for the people to Destroy the liberals once and for all before they destroy America. Back off! Let Trump do his job! We the people let Mr. Obama screw up the entire 8 yrs. Now go away, stop playing these CHILDISH games, and let President Trump do his! Which he is doing a great Job at President so far. He has jumped over every hurdle Democrats have throne at him, and has done it all legally. Can't say that about Obama or Clinton and be truthful! Keep up the great work President Trump!!!!

  • Steven eastman says:

    We have a major culture war and it is going to lead to the destruction of our country. I feel very sad for my grand children. USA is disappearing before our very eyes.

  • Steve says:

    Liberals need to move on, they are in fact are the ones causing discontent and keeping the country from uniting.

  • Robert Dayton says:

    The radical Left, including Clintons and Obamas, are out of control and will remain so. There will be no letup in the war of ideologies
    in this country, but the Kellyanne Conway Non-Issue is a joke that will only hurt the left, so let them jabber on.

  • Terry says:

    They believe that if you shout loud enough and long enough that it will come true. Typical liberal fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NEWT says:


  • Sherry Starkey says:

    The left is not used to such a truthful classy lady on staff in the White House. This administration will show America how an administration with integrity will make America Great Again. Keep up the good work, Kellyanne. You at admired by many of us deplorables.

  • Lauri says:

    Just more of the same from ignorant, desperate, liberal and MSN losers. So tired of the BS!!!

  • Odell says:



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