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It’s Not Just Your Guns; It’s America We’re Losing

This might come as a surprise to a lot of you, but I’m not a gun person… never have been, never will be.  And you can stop reading right there and be angry, but you know better… so read on.  The one thing that I have always been and always will be, is a freedom person.

I believe in all of the freedoms and liberties given to us by the Bill of Rights… something that very few Americans currently understand.

One group of people who completely understand our rights are the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the elected officials of the Democratic Party.   That understanding should scare you… because they fully know the freedoms we were given when the Bill of Rights and Constitution were written, and have actively worked to take them away.

Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced that the President would unilaterally act using an executive order, SOMETHING HE PROMISED NEVER TO DO WHEN HE RAN FOR OFFICE FOUR YEARS AGO, to limit your Second Amendment rights.

He is attempting to act on the tragedies of the past year to limit the rights of the republic to be free and protect itself…  The Second Amendment, which, for those of you have forgotten, says the following:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This Amendment was written because our founding fathers wanted us to have the same footing as the government… to have the same weapons and defensive capabilities so that our own leaders wouldn’t take advantage of our people.  It’s a “when all else fails,” clause.

America has internally become weak because of a long time of peace. Somewhere in between the Civil War and now, we have forgotten what it was like to fight for our rights.   We have taken for granted the fact that we have been able to work together to accomplish great things in not only America’s history, but the world’s.   When you get comfortable and settle in to your every day life, you let your defenses down… that’s when things go horribly wrong.

What’s happening now is a result of us being fat and happy.  We haven’t been threatened on our home turf in over a century… but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t be again.

What the President is doing is taking away that final “when all else fails,” ability to protect our rights.  The people of this nation have spoken, and stupidly, they have chosen to take hand outs and continue to be fat, happy, and lazy…

We brushed over the fact that only months ago, we were fed lies on Benghazi, not to cover up what happened there, but in an attempt to begin to limit our First Amendment freedom of speech.  Remember the outcries of the Democrats when they were blaming a video for the attacks… we were told that we needed to start to scale back what we could talk about to protect ourselves.  That didn’t work…

So when they failed we were hit with another tragedy in Connecticut, and they have moved on to trying to take your guns… If that doesn’t work, there are a pile of other rights that they can try to take, and I’m sure they will…

They will continue to do so until we finally say “ENOUGH!”  But let’s face it, America said “FORWARD!”  in the last election…

This isn’t the America that the Founding Fathers intended to have; this isn’t the America that I was brought up to believe in; this is a new America, with less freedom than we have ever had.  An America where people can live without working and an America where the stupid prevail.

It’s time to act folks.  It was time to act 4 years ago, and it was time to act in November, but that didn’t work either.

Call your representatives in Congress, call Attorney Generals in your home States, and call your friends and neighbors to do the same.

You’re about to finally and definitively lose your freedoms… and you’re about to finally and definitively lose your America.

The time is now to be smarter than they think you are.





  1. There seems to be just one small little fact that both Tim Young, Obama Bin Laden, and the Democrats don’t have a grip on. That Fact is there are 80 million ( estimated ) gun owners in America and though I have no doubt proportionately speaking a few will be scared into conforming to whatever ridiculous registration scheme or limits on magazine size or whatever but I won’t and I suspect plenty of others won’t follow the illegal Law, executive order or any other attempt by our representatives to limit the God given rights the Constitution affirmed us to have. Now I know there are those who say people will not be willing to lose their lives to protect that right but I say they are wrong. The citizens of this country have it in their blood to resist tyranny and when that time comes it won’t be pretty. Never push a peaceful man too far.

    • You made a point that the author missed. He seems to think the Bill of Rights gave us those rights. The Bill only made it clear what those rights were. “The world didn’t give them to me and the world can’t take them away.”

    • Andrea Frankel Belltto

      I did agree with you, until yesterday! Yeaterday I got a history lesson.. Although I prety much a history buff and I know every country that has taken arms away from it’s citizens as well as everything elseit isgoing has resulted in a dictatorship or worse. What I did not know, and this came from a letter written from a russian man and published in Pravda, of all places! We have so low that we need THEM to point out how dangerous it is becoming for us! He said the under the Czar the were free to carry arms! I did not know this! He said, it was most unual for people NOT to carry. Crime was vey low! Everyone know everyone was carrying something! Than, he said the “Progressive Socialists” came in! They over threw the Czar, took over, took the weapons fronm everyone, EVERYONE! The USSR, the rest is history! He , the Russian is warning us! Can you imagine it has to come to this! What he sees is NOT good! There is a powerful takeover in this country and guns is just a small part! There is already a push for a 3rd term for this man. So, unless there is going to be another Revelotionary War and Boston Tea Party and there may well be, we got big trouble.. he and his Progressives sovialists, get bolder every day! This is how people like Hitler and Chaves get into power, Or the USSR! They alway collaspe but 1st they do come to power! There will always be mad men and those who follow! We have found ours! God help us!

      • obama is a puppet for the UN he is just doing what they tell him to do .the usa is the last big country to be armed,the UN can’t put agenda 21 into place until they disarm us!

    • Maj R D Cole, US Army, Ret

      I couldn’t agree more, Jerry. This is one line I, among many more, will not abide them crossing. If they are so foolish as to think we will just roll over and take the abridgement of our Second Amendment protections – rights given by God, not by man or government – they are sorely misunderstanding the will of the American people. I have only three words for them: Bring it on!

    • When you feel like you need to Bury and Hide your Guns from your Government, it is actually Time to dig them up and Get them Ready to Use!!

    • Im right beside you brother. And I have faith there are millions of more people just like us.Alot of men and women died to get and keep are rights.And I will not give in.I will die defending my rights as an American.If it goes against our constitution. I have a right to rebel and stand up against my government.And if the need comes to do so.I feel I have millions that will march beside me.And we can’t wait till its to late.

  2. It is too easy to believe that peace is only the absence of war. That a nation or people would be ready, willing and able to wage war in order to keep peace (and freedom) is sometimes the only deterrent to an enemy that wants to guarantee that peace at the cost of subjugation. I know it is a hackneyed phrase, but freedom isn’t free! You can never restrain a determined foe by pacifism, only by his ready acknowledgement that any aggression incurred by him will be met an equal or greater response. And that response will cost something; it always has and always will. God grant that there will always be those people,whether gun persons or not, who are willing to pay the price. I am!

  3. What freedoms have we lost? The freedom to rape? The freedom to wear our seat-belt? The freedom to murder? The freedom to drink and drive? People keep talking about out “freedoms” but do they even know what that is? I deserve the freedom to feel comfortable and safe, and without many laws managing the mentally ill and the ignorant, I wouldn’t feel safe, and my children would not be safe. I have a right to be protected from the mentally ill, the abusers, criminals, and the stupid and ignorant. It is unfortunate that there are mentally ill and ignorant, but it simply because of them that these laws need to be made. After this last school shooting everyone is looking to government for help, and everyone is blaming the government and everyone wants someone to do something to prevent it from happening again. Well who is going to do something about the school shootings? You? I don’t think so. You are not equipped to handle the mentally ill, the ignorant, or the masses.

    • Sir, You just made the point in your own post. They should NOT be going after guns as guns DO NOT kill people. The gun will not get up from a table top and start spraying bullets. The point here is, Big Pharma has GOv in their pockets and turn to look the other way. Did you know that 99% of all people that “Go Nuts” are the ones on Phsycotropic drugs? This is FACT. Why don’t they look at addressing the issue rather than point the finger and looking the other way? How many mental facilities has the gov closed in recent years? They are also planning to cut much needed funds to these places, but rather we give the money to illegal immigrants than to try to help our mental illness patients.

      C’mon, it’s common sense here.

      Do you want to be told what Dr’s to see? Do you want to be told what foods to eat? Do you want to be told you can’t have a soft drink because of the sugar it contains and it’s banned?

      • Excellent comments Sem! Big Pharma is part of the problem; but, so are the doctors prescribing these anti-depression drugs. They are supposed to be bright people, yet they act like dummies, passing on the misinformation or lies of the drug companies.

        They need to consider their role and responsibility on this issue of “nut-jobs” going on killing sprees, due to the drugs they prescribe. After all, it’s their signature on the prescription sheet, legally authorizing Walgreens or CVS to issue the drug to the mentally disturbed and potential mass murderers. Ref: http://www.ssristories.com

  4. I WILL NOT COMPLY. He’s a dictator and he can go dictate somewhere else. This guy has committed treasonist act on our country and should no longer stand. Impeach him! I WILL NOT SUBMIT. DON”T TREAD ON ME.

  5. Tim, I think that you missed the biggest point about our rights:

    The Bill of Rights is an affirmation of rights that pre-date the Constitution. They are not a rule book by which our government is to abide. They are an enumeration of that which is literally inalienable and not capable of being taken away by the government. They are the unassailable property of the people. Period.

    If you’re a freedom guy, you should understand that, and you probably do. However, you’re writing for a wide audience, and a lot of them don’t get it. If these rights can be taken away by a simple repeal of an Amendment, then they are not rights but, instead, mere privileges (albeit rather difficult to take away, given the amendment process, but the theory holds true despite this fact). Rights are absolute (until you directly affect another human being’s rights), privileges are not. Please get it straight.

    • Andrea Frankel Belltto

      Correct! People, healthcare is a right! No it is a privilage! Driving is a priviledge. Buying a house is a priviledge not a right. it an American DREAM! We have the RIGHT to the PURSUIT of happiness! No one can stand in our way! THAT is America! But if we need help and it is given to us , THAt is a priviledge, NOT a right! That we should be thankful for and use till we get on our feet and get on with it and for those who cannot , we are there for them! But, now it is everyone, and Obama is telling the it is their right! Constitutional lawyer my butt! I happen to one one of those people. I have to have SSD , but I also work. i am the “working poor” that got hit with the tax raise that Harry reid and Obama and all of the said , Only milionaires and bllionaires would get a tax raise.Well, Everyone got a tax raise and Obamacare tax raises did not even kick in yet. Lay offs like crazy! So, looking for that Pursuit of happiness is getting harder and harder..Thank you King Obama!

  6. The Bill of Rights does not grant us the right to defend ourselves. It simply makes clear that the right is gifted to us by God and that the right must never be infringed.

  7. First off, I don’t own a gun, never have, maybe never will, but regardless, I completely support the rights of responsible gun owners, and would feel safer if they had our backs vs. the idea of disarming our nation. The issue on gun control is a very emotional one. Pro gun control advocates think it is a solution to stopping violence, they don’t realize it is merely a bandaid solution. The reality is crazy people who have a mission to take the lives of others have multiple ways to accomplish that. Homemade lethal weapons are easily created from products you can buy in your local grocery store or hardware store. Some that can cause greater casualties in less times than a firearm. Even the lead pyschologist for the FBI stated after the Newtown incidnt publicly stated this very same fact. The guy in Aurora, CO had homemade Napalm bombs in his apartment. Days surrounding the Newtown event, a guy in China took out numerous school children and teachers with a knife. Guns should not be the issue, but the media, the public, all seem to focus on that as the only problem. America has become apathetic to how politicians and corporations run our country an feed us with their chemically filled foods, and political agendas bordering on socialism and dictatorship. If you want to keep your rights, time to get some attorneys on your side to fight for the legal rights upholding our Constitutional Ammendments. The laws of our rights need to be upheld now. One Executive Order leads to another and then… where does it stop?

  8. There is always going to be people that will do harm to others with guns. Whether they are mentally ill or just plane evil.
    We have the right to protect ourselves, our families & each other. All the people in the government, the people in the entertainment industry & etc are protected by guns & they all want to take our rights away from us. I know also the UN does not want us citizens armed if they want to take over they don’t want to have to deal with all the citizens being
    armed. I noticed when I was watching the news the day after the school shooting, right after they were reporting more news about the shooting they reported that someone in China stabbed a lot of kids numerous times with a knife but no one was killed or too seriously hurt. That was obviously a scheme to make us think we should be like China & not let our citizens have guns. The media works for the government & the entertainment industry. We the people of this great country that our founding fathers formed need to stick together & stand up for our rights. Too many people in this country are falling for the liberal agenda, all the students have been being brainedwashed for years & now they are voting the way they have been brainwashed. God help us.

    • You are so right Brenda Ann! We who believe the Same need to stick together. We have all these nutty liberal brainwashed people sticking together to get laws passed that are destroying our free country that was brilliantly designed by our founding fathers. They designed our country to be a nation that followed Biblical principles & that is why God has protected & blessed this country with prosperity & strength. The more they take God out of our country the more our country will weaken.

  9. FORWARD like a bunch of Nazi’s answering to Hitler……….

    KNOW THAT SOROS IS BEHIND THE MEDIA & DEMONCRAPS!!! He bought up affiliates that the MEDIA must answer to………Now YOU know!!! He is BO’s ventriloquist/biggest financial backer & an ex Nazi!!! He also bought up voting machine co’s & wants internet control!!! Stalin quoted “he who counts the votes has all the power”!!! That’s an understatement – BO had more than 100% vote in some states & do we do anything collectively???? No!!!!!!!!! Americans are scatterbrained!!!We’re overdue for a Civil War!!!!!!!

  10. KG, you are absolutely right! Soros is the Devil himself, you can see the evil in his eyes. I didn’t know that about the voting machines. I kept saying to my family & friends that it sure seemed weird that BO got so many of the votes in so many states & I didn’t hear the Republicans or anyone questioning it. If that would of been on the other side the Democrats would have investigated it. This is so crazy, what is going on?

  11. I have owned a rifle or gun my whole life and was in Viet Nam and when I came back kept a gun since then but haven’t even fired it for the last 50 years but if this group of Marxist Facists in D.C. think I will give up my gun or Shotgun without a fight they are badly mistaken. Right now I am going to take a class FOR a carry permit even though I feel its not necessary to get permission to carry my gun. Never give up your rights given to us by the SMARTEST PEOPLE EVER TO OFFER YOU THE FREEDOMS THAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS GAVE US IN THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. SCREW THE ABOMINATION MARXIST SUNNI MUSLIM CHIMP IN CHIEF WHO THINKS HE IS KING. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    • God Bless you brother.I and millions of others are here and will stand by your side.We need to stand NOW and take are of our country from this Evell machine.We need someone.Or should I say.We need to get a few very smart people together and start this movement now.Not later .When it will just make it harder to do so.Now is the time to stand and speak your mind. Tuesday the machine will deliver there words.Maybe this would be a good day for an armed march.

  12. Our left-leaning members of government talk about “common sense” gun control when all logical people know that there is no common sense to restricting the Second Amendment rights of this country’s legal gun owners, nearly all of whom of whom are decent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. The true common sense approach to guarding our precious children in the face of these terrible potential threats would, of course, be armed guards. There is nothing a police force can do to prevent or stop violent gun crimes against any people at the exact time and place where they happen. The liberals all scoff at this. This shows me that their agenda is not restricting and stopping gun violence, but restricting and eventually stopping gun ownership. If they really wanted to attack gun violence, they should start where it’s most prevalent, among armed gangs and drug dealers in our cities.

  13. All Right, I have had enough. I am sick to death of seeing what is happening to my country, and I am more than a little disgusted and ashamed of the average american for letting it happen. We let ourselves be groped at the airport, our wives and children, by people who are found out to be, time and again, sex offenders or a thief. WHAT KIND OF MAN LETS HIS WIFE BE GROPED IN THE AIRPORT AND CAN LOOK AT HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR THE NEXT DAY? “what are you gonna do, huh” How about breaking the sonuvabitch’s jaw? I have news for you: standing up doesn’t do a damn bit of good if you just sit back down when you are told. We have let our right to search and seizure, Habeas Corpus, our second amendment rights, all have been chipped away for years, and it is our own damned fault. Don’t get excited in a debate, oh no, be calm and serene, or the other side will call you a “gun nut”. THEY ARE DOING IT ANYWAY! Take a good look around at where all this “compromise, go along to get along” CRAP has gotten us. When will you have enough? when the pounding sounds on the door in the middle of the night. Just maybe, if we had gotten serious when this FIRST STARTED in 1968, we would still have our country. I deploy for afghanistan in april and I am positive that the country I leave will not be the one I come back to. And DON’T thank me for my service, after 14 years and four deployments(soon to be five) I look around and realize that it was all for nothing. While I willingly gave up my right to say anything political while I was in uniform, the rest of you either pissed your rights away or didn’t care, which is far worse.

    • Texas Soldier….Just WOW! I admire your honesty,strength,
      and wisdom. Although I am a Canadian I fear for your Great
      Country. I thankyou for your service…Stay safe.

  14. Correct me if I am wrong – The Legislative Branch makes laws, the Executive Branch sees that laws are enforced. As if we do not already have more laws than any attorney can keep up with and few citizens can even understand – The following comment was posted a few days ago, and if true, BO has issued 5 EOs every week!!! Does this not sound like a ‘Power Grab’???
    “Teddy Roosevelt issued 3 exec orders, then the next pres was FDR who issued 11 in 16 yrs., from Truman to the 1st Bush each pres averaged approx. 2 exec orders per 4 yr. term.. Clinton made 15 in 8yrs., but George Bush came in and made 62 exec orders in his 8 yrs. Any idea where Obama was at as of Sept. 2012? 923 in 3.5 yrs.”

  15. The constitution and bill of rights only SECURE the rights given by The Creator. What the government gives, it can take away. We must understand that the government IS NOT GOD. When we accept this, it can be put in it’s proper place.

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