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It Begins: New York Passes Stricter Gun Laws

The Democrat dominated New York State legislature voted 104-43 today to pass stricter gun laws in the State that already has the strictest gun laws in the nation.

This bill was proposed in direct reaction to Sandy Hook and will “fortify the state’s assault weapons ban, limit the number of bullets in magazines and strengthen rules that keep the mentally ill from owning firearms,” according to CNN.com.  Again please note that “assault weapons,”  is a liberal media spin term for a type of gun.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is highly rumored to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016 rushed to sign the bill into law only hours after it’s passage… attempting to reinforce his dislike of gun ownership as quickly as possible.

Experts say that this really doesn’t change anything in the already nearly gun-free state, but is the beginning of a nationwide trend to continue to attack the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

What do you think about this law?  What will happen next?  Tell us in the comments below!


  1. I’d say it’s time for patriots (if any are still there) to leave New York.

  2. well the bloomberg/cuomo cabal have done it. i have followed all the laws, done everything per regulation and with the strike of a pen i’m now a criminal. yup i have guns that hold more than ten rounds, which make me an enemy of the state.
    thank you cuomo you pos for using a tragedy to promote your politcal ambitions, may you rot in hell for using these kids deaths for your own agenda. i spent today looking at real estate in pennsylvania, i grew up in new york and was proud to be from there, no more.
    but since its done i have a great idea for resistance. as we are no longer allowed to protect ourselves, lets hold the state to its promise to protect us. whenever you hear a strange noise, call the police, dog acting strange? call the police, garbage can gets knocked over call the police, car backfires, call the police. hate to do this to the cops, most are good guys looking out for us, but their boss, cuomo/bloomberg tell us thats what they are there for. lets see what happens, its not illegal, and since “they” know whats best for us have them put up or give us the rights that the constitution spelled out for our personal liberties back

  3. Reply to hans klass:

    Like your idea and it’s a great start. But I think more pressure needs to be brought to bear by even bigger fish. Any and all firearms manufacturers, ammo sales, and related businesses need to take the steps necessary to leave the state and take their jobs with them. Also no out of state firearm manufacturer, ammo producer, and firearm related business should sale any of their products to the state government or any local city or town government entity any firearms or ammunition until such time the law is repealed. The line has been drawn folks so we have only a few options left. The first of which is to ban together, all of us,despite our differences to counter this assault on our GOD given right of self defense. Yes this will have a negative impact on some people and businesses but folks this is much bigger than one person, one business. Some will HAVE to sacrifice their jobs, their businesses, their lives as they’ve built them for the greater good of our very freedom and the country as our forefathers founded it. Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. We can defeat this attack if we mobilize our American resources and determination. Better to die Free than to live a day of subservience to Government Tyranny.

  4. I would keep their phone ringing off the wall. I can’t believe that those POS can get away with stomping the constitution into the mud and leave people at the mercy of criminals and who ever wants to take advantage of any situation. It should be illegal for a congressman to sign off on any type of law that would endanger someone;s life like this..It is just wrong in every way…

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