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Is Chris Christie Done?

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By Vox Day

New Jersey governor Chris Christie never made any sense as a potential Republican presidential candidate. He’s short, he’s round, he cuddled up to Barack Obama during the 2012 presidential campaign, he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that barely mentioned the candidate, and he is even more of a big government Republican than general election losers like McCain, or Romney were. About the only way he would be less electable is if he were also bald and gay.

Despite his liberalism, his bellicose style and his political moderation made him popular with the elements in the conservative media that are more concerned with pragmatism and insider politics than conservative principles. Some media outlets have even christened him the front-runner for the 2016 Republican nomination; a Public Policy Polling survey conducted in December indicated that 19 percent of voters would favor the New Jersey governor.

However, this was before a scandal that has been bubbling for four months finally boiled over and caught the attention of the national media. It turned out that Christie’s staff, and quite possibly Christie himself, were involved in shutting down access to a bridge in order to punish a mayor who refused to take part in Christie’s re-election campaign:

A Republican widely expected to make a bid for the White House in 2016, Christie has become embroiled in a scandal over the closing of part of the access to George Washington Bridge, a move seen as meant to punish a New Jersey Democratic mayor…. Christie had insisted he and his staff had nothing to do with the lane closings, which created havoc for hundreds of thousands of residents. Emails released on Wednesday, however, showed that at least one of his top aides was involved in discussions about the closures weeks beforehand.”

The media is still trying to run interference for Christie. One article in The New York Times was titled, “The Bully Was a Dupe”, implying that the poor, innocent Fat Bastard had no idea that his tricksy staffers who never talk to him about anything were engaging in vicious political vendettas behind his back.

Christie has already been busted for lying about the scandal once, when he claimed that his staff had nothing to do with the traffic disruptions. The chances are good that he’s also lying about his own non-involvement, as the action is entirely in keeping with his bellicose, bullying style.

There is already some discussion in the New York and New Jersey papers about whether or not Christie should resign the governorship. That’s of no concern to the rest of America; even if turns out Christie came up with the idea for Bridgegate and personally gave the orders, that would still only make him one-one hundredth as corrupt as his predecessor, John Corzine.

But Christie is going to have to give up any pretensions he might harbor about running for president in the next election. After this debacle, wants to see a vindictive politician like Fat Bastard provided with armed drones and the legal authority to use them.

Vox Day is a national libertarian and the author of “The Return of the Great Depression” and “The Irrational Atheist.” He is a former columnist for WorldNetDaily, Chronicle Features, and Universal Press Syndicate, and is a member of Mensa and IGDA. He also is the first writer in the history of the Science Fiction Writers of America to be expelled from the organization. Visit his blog, Vox Popoli.

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  • Derka Derka says:

    Christie the Boss and Liar. He orchestrated this event because he is a big baby. If you can't control your wight than your can't control you ethics. Hey Gov. go home and eat 2 dozen doughnuts and cry, like you did at the phony news conference.

    Most fat people have a severe physiological problem, so go see a shrink. You about as much a republican as Barny Frank or Nancy "the face" Pelosi.

  • dave says:

    Lemme see - name some cities famous for corrupt government and abuse of authority. Chicago of course. New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, oh, and all of New Jersey. Go figure. Is Christy done? It depends on how well he can suck up to those who own him now that his malfeasance is public. If he can go well enough by them, then no, he's not done. If he's embarrassed them, yeah, he's toast. Personally, I think he should be toast.

    Track where his 'fired' aide goes next. It'll be either a good job somewhere 'out' of politics, or a nice retirement with mysterious funding.

  • Mnm says:

    I cant believe. This fat fukk was a rep prez consideration. If this is what the republicans would offer as a choice then There would be mo choice at all.


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