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How To Store Seeds For Years To Plant Food So You Can Survive

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Since the convenience of the modern grocery store has taken over, most people have lost the skills of growing their own food.  This is a basic skill that people have known since the beginning of time, however, very few people have the knowledge to grow their own food. Learning how to collect, and how to store seeds was such common knowledge in the past, even the children knew exactly what to do.  Today’s modern children do not even know where the food comes from, and would be of no help in growing the food a family would need to survive.

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When it comes to growing your own food, learning how to collect and how to store seeds is the most basic skill that is required.  Understanding the basics for saving seeds, allows you to have a never ending food supply.  In the past this was much easier, than it is today, because the fact that the seeds have been manipulated so much by man. In the past you could save the seeds from a plant, to replant them again for the next season.  That is not the case with most seeds today, because most seeds are hybrids or genetically modified.

Seeds have been scientifically manipulated, so people could not save the seeds, and would become dependent upon the seed companies.  Now people have to buy seeds over and over again to plant gardens, because most seeds are hybrids.  This is where different varieties of plants are cross pollinated, supposedly to bring out the best qualities, and produce superior produce.  These advantages help the food industry, because they can grow produce that will truck farther, and store longer on the shelves.

For these superior trucking and storing qualities, the food industry has sacrificed taste. Produce does not taste as it did decades ago. This is partially due to the fact, that non organic growing methods are used, and the soils in America are depleted of mineral content.  The mass farming methods have all but destroyed the soils in America.  Organic produce is far superior in taste, and health benefits, even though it will not truck as far and sit on the shelf as long.

The main thing that happens when people begin to grow their own food, is they have a comparison to how the produce tastes, and they will often never eat any store bought produce again.  Learning these skills now, can have great benefits for the family.  The entire family can participate in gardening, bringing them closer together.  Emphasis can also be put back on meal preparation, and eating as a family, enjoying the “Fruits of their Labor.”  This can bring families back together, which is greatly needed in today’s American dis-connected society.

All emergency disaster plans should include learning how to collect the best survival seeds, along with learning how to store seeds to grow your own food.  Once you learn how to grow your own food, you will have the peace of mind that you are becoming responsible for your own destiny!




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