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How To Store Seeds For Years To Plant Food So You Can Survive

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Since the convenience of the modern grocery store has taken over, most people have lost the skills of growing their own food.  This is a basic skill that people have known since the beginning of time, however, very few people have the knowledge to grow their own food. Learning how to collect, and how to store seeds was such common knowledge in the past, even the children knew exactly what to do.  Today’s modern children do not even know where the food comes from, and would be of no help in growing the food a family would need to survive.

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How To Store Seeds For Years To Plant Food So You Can Survive

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When it comes to growing your own food, learning how to collect and how to store seeds is the most basic skill that is required.  Understanding the basics for saving seeds, allows you to have a never ending food supply.  In the past this was much easier, than it is today, because the fact that the seeds have been manipulated so much by man. In the past you could save the seeds from a plant, to replant them again for the next season.  That is not the case with most seeds today, because most seeds are hybrids or genetically modified.

Seeds have been scientifically manipulated, so people could not save the seeds, and would become dependent upon the seed companies.  Now people have to buy seeds over and over again to plant gardens, because most seeds are hybrids.  This is where different varieties of plants are cross pollinated, supposedly to bring out the best qualities, and produce superior produce.  These advantages help the food industry, because they can grow produce that will truck farther, and store longer on the shelves.

For these superior trucking and storing qualities, the food industry has sacrificed taste. Produce does not taste as it did decades ago. This is partially due to the fact, that non organic growing methods are used, and the soils in America are depleted of mineral content.  The mass farming methods have all but destroyed the soils in America.  Organic produce is far superior in taste, and health benefits, even though it will not truck as far and sit on the shelf as long.

The main thing that happens when people begin to grow their own food, is they have a comparison to how the produce tastes, and they will often never eat any store bought produce again.  Learning these skills now, can have great benefits for the family.  The entire family can participate in gardening, bringing them closer together.  Emphasis can also be put back on meal preparation, and eating as a family, enjoying the “Fruits of their Labor.”  This can bring families back together, which is greatly needed in today’s American dis-connected society.

All emergency disaster plans should include learning how to collect the best survival seeds, along with learning how to store seeds to grow your own food.  Once you learn how to grow your own food, you will have the peace of mind that you are becoming responsible for your own destiny!

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  • [...] Gardening - The best way to Retail outlet Your personal Seeds For Following Year MatusiakLemcke455 On the list of most great items about sustaining your individual back garden at home is always that it is actually entirely self-renewing. Once youve bought seeds after, there is no need for you to at any time invest revenue on seeds again. All you require to undertake is eliminate seeds from some of your harvested flowers, fruits, and greens, and plant these quite seeds another calendar year. Listed here is your help to harvesting and storing seeds from the yard to plant the subsequent year: (1) Commence with excellent seeds- Of course, it can be genuine that once youve got planted a backyard, you can never ever really need to buy seeds yet again. On the other hand, you will need to begin someplace, suitable? It truly is integral that whenever you order seeds for your initial time, you get top quality heirloom open up pollinated seeds. The main reason that is so crucial is due to the fact most seeds that you just obtain from a seed catalog or in your area yard retail store happen to be hybridized. Hybrid seeds are common because they happen to be bred so that you can have particular qualities, this kind of as frost resistance in tomatoes. On the other hand, in case you harvest seeds in the hybrid tomatoes, then plant these seeds, you really really dont know what you are going to get. Seeds harvested from hybrid tomatoes may possibly develop tomatoes that have qualities from either parent plant. It is very not likely that your 2nd calendar year tomatoes will likely be similar to the primary types. You may end up which has a plant which is unwanted, or will not even bear fruit. That is why it is actually very important which you start out with heirloom seeds if you intend to harvest seeds from your backyard garden. Seeds from heirloom fruits and vegetables would be the only kinds worth saving and planting due to the fact it is the only way you are going to end up with vegetation which have been the same as the mum or dad plant. (2) Harvest seeds within the healthiest plants- When picking fruits and vegetables from which you will harvest your seeds, always pick kinds from your healthiest vegetation. Pick out plants that happen to be robust, radiant, and full of vigor. (three) Hold a detailed eye on your plants- Timeliness is key when harvesting seeds from the backyard garden, so you may wish to keep a close eye on your plants. With flowers, annuals will be the easiest selection from which to collect seeds since they flower and go to seed in just one year. Seeds are ready to be picked once the seed pods have turned brown and dried up to the plant. A lot of seed pods by natural means open and disperse seed once they are ready. To catch them, you can tie a tiny paper or fabric bag more than the seed pods when they appear to be they are really about to burst. For veggies, its best to reap seeds once the veggie is almost overripe but just before it begins to rot, as this allows the seeds to entirely mature. For instance, a tomato should be left on the vine until finally it really is massive, overripe, and very tender. An eggplant need to be left to thoroughly mature and fall for the ground. Snatch your veggies up the minute they get to this point, lest the bugs reach them. (four) Separate the seeds through the flesh- With pod greens and flowers, this can be carried out very quickly. Basically open up up the dry, mature pod and take away the seeds. With organization veggies this sort of as eggplants, cucumbers, and zucchini, reduce the vegetable in fifty percent lengthwise and pull the seeds out using your fingers. With pulpy fruits these kinds of as tomatoes, gently mash up the flesh to separate the pulp through the seeds. (five) Soak the seeds- After you might have extracted your seeds, you can should soak them in plain h2o for your total forty eight several hours. Immediately after forty eight hours, clear away every one of the seeds that have floated towards the prime of the drinking water and discard them. If seeds float, this means that they are dry and infertile. Retain just the seeds that have sunk for the bottom. Then, drain the h2o and distribute the seeds out on the layer of paper towels to permit them to dry. how to store seeds [...]

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