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How To Store Seeds Long Term For Your Survival Garden

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With all the talk lately about survival, growing your own garden to provide your own food supply should be at the top of your emergency preparedness list, along with learning how to store seeds long term.  Locating the best survival seeds to use for your survival garden is crucial.

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How To Store Seeds Long Term For Your Survival Garden

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Once you have located the best survival seeds for your emergency preparedness list, you will need to learn how to store seeds long term.  Seeds will keep for a very long time when they are stored properly. The two main factors that cause seeds to go bad quickly, are heat, and dampness.  When seeds are stored in a dry, cool place they can last for many years.  The important thing to know when the seeds are stored in a cool place, is that they remain dry, with absolutely no contact to moisture.

Many people use the refrigerator, however, the problem with storing seeds in the refrigerator is they can be exposed to moisture.  The reason the seeds will come in contact with moisture in the refrigerator, is because when the door is opened frequently the moisture from the room temperature air mixing with the moisture from the food can easily absorb through the typical seed paper packets.

A fact that most people do not know, is that moisture will eventually seep through plastic containers, and can even reach seeds stored in plastic buckets in the refrigerator or freezer.  The best practice for saving seeds, is to store them in glass jars, because the moisture cannot absorb through the glass.  Once the seeds are dry, they can be saved for many years, as long as they are not exposed to any air circulation since the air contains moisture.  Aluminum packets will also keep moisture away from the seeds.

Large seeds will keep for as long as 50 years, where as smaller seeds like carrots, lettuce, onions, and other small seeds can only be stored for a couple of years.  These seeds should be rotated and used to grow your current crops, being replaced with new seeds that are harvested from the current years crop.  Once you have learned how to save your own seeds, this will not be a problem, because you will have a never ending supply of seeds to save year after year.

When you are ready to plant your seeds that have been stored in the refrigerator or freezer, make sure you bring them back to room temperature.  It is a good idea to let the seeds spend a couple of days at room temperature, adjusting to the air.

I have personally planted bean seeds that have been stored like this in the freezer for over 20 years in aluminum packets to keep out the moisture content, which produced wonderful crops. It is easy to take responsibility of your own food supply once you learn the rules of how to store seeds long term.

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