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Why Americans Are Stupid

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After watching the viral video of the Obamaphone lady in October, I thought to myself — we are in a lot of trouble.

It forced me to consider just how literate are the voters and people of the US. It’s very hard to tell given so few studies nail it down to specifics. For some reason the federal government does not want to get an exact account of how many illegal immigrants we have or how much illiteracy there is in the US.

The census bureau delves into high school graduation levels, but not literacy rates. Perhaps because literacy and immigration and the problems of inner cities are connected. Such studies would not interest the multicultural US elites who do not really want to know the truth. In order to come to some conclusion about how educated the people of the US might be, one is forced to do guess-and-by-golly observations regarding why so many Americans seem so dumb, crude, and uncivilized.

As I discovered, educating for dumb and a dumber in the US goes back some time in our history.

Up until the late 1800’s a good education in the United States could be obtained without government interference or oversight. Surprisingly, 50 percent of a population of 3 million in 1776 were indentured servants and 20 percent were African slaves. Yet during that time 600,000 copies of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense had been sold in the United States and had been read by countless Americans.

By 1812, with a population of approximately 7 million, Pierre DuPont wrote in Education in the United States, “…that out of every 1,000 persons fewer than four can’t read or do numbers.” He attributed this fact to traditional dinner table debates over passages read from the Bible. In other words, children learned how to read with an understanding of what they were reading and they knew their numbers. All this education took place at home or in one room school houses, or “Dame Schools,” primarily taught by women. The children who came out of these schools grew up to be self reliant and individualistic, in marked contrast to the Prussian system which produced an obedient, collectivist trained populace..

Implementation of the Prussian System was to become the goal of Edward Everett, America’s first PhD. As Governor of Massachusetts, Everett had to deal with the problem of the influx of poor Irish Catholics into his state. In 1852, with the support of Horace Mann, another strong advocate of the Prussian model, Everett made the decision to adopt the Prussian system of education in Massachusetts. Unfortunately for the children and poor Irish Catholics of Massachusetts and elsewhere, the system produced a willing, cheap labor force with minimal reading and numbers skills. The Everetts of the world understood that people who could read and understand are dangerous because they are intellectually equipped to find out things for themselves, thus becoming a threat to already established power elites.

Shortly after Everett and Mann collaborated to adopt the Prussian system, the Governor of New York set up the same method in 12 different New York schools on a trial basis. Incredibly, within two weeks he declared the system a total success and took control of the entire education system in the State of New York. In a “blitzkrieg” action with no debate, public hearing, or citizen involvement, government forced schooling was on its way in America.

The Results of the Prussian System

The history of American education since the acceptance of the Prussian system is checkered with failure and elitism. From the time of John Dewey, who felt people should be defined by groups and associations and who believed that people who were well read were dangerous, to our own era, U.S. education has suffered. We have, in this day and age, the disheartening statistics showing 33 percent or our nation’s college graduates can’t read or calculate well enough to perform the jobs they seek.

Working against the concepts and principles the Founding Fathers provided in the Constitution, the Prussian system has produced a gradual but statistically provable decline in literacy and intellectual capability of typical Americans. We can track the five different stages that American education has gone through: 1750-1852—The idea of government controlled schools was conceived; 1852-1900—It was politically debated in state legislatures; 1900-1920—We had government controlled industrialized factory modeled schooling; 1920-1960—Schools changed from being academically focused to becoming socialized; and 1960 to the Present—Schools became psychological experiment labs.

In the year 1941 the Defense Department was preparing for World War II. In testing 18 million men between 1941 and 1944, the Defense Department found 96 percent of those tested were literate. During this same period, among African Americans who were tested—the majority of whom had only three years of schooling—80 percent were found to be literate. By literate we mean that Americans, both white and black, could read with understanding.

During the Korean War the Department of Defense tested three million men for service and only 19 percent were found to be literate. In less then 10 years there had been a 500 percent rise in illiteracy. Perplexed, the Defense Department investigated and found that the same test had been used during the two wars and the only difference was that those men and women tested during the Korean War had more schooling—at a significantly higher cost.

Twenty years later, around 1970, the same test was used at the time of a new war. Among the Vietnam draftees and enlistees who were tested for literacy only 27 percent were found to be capable of reading with understanding the material which they needed in order to serve in the armed forces. Again the major difference between American soldiers in the 1940’s and the 1970’s was more schooling for the latter group at a higher cost to the taxpayers.

Consider that the billions of taxpayer dollars were spent over the time period from the 1940’s to the present increased by some 350 percent with totally unacceptable results despite all the increased spending. In 1996 statistics prepared by the National Association of Education for Progress showed that some 44 percent of African Americans could not read at all. The same set of statistics shows that illiteracy among whites has quadrupled. Incredibly, educating Americans continues to cost massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to achieve unacceptable and devastatingly poor results.

Manipulating for the Collective State

As education expert and author Beverly Eakman states in “The Culture Wars: “… Americans bought critical changes in behavior, beliefs, and worldviews. By applying advertising and agitation in just the right proportions, our adversaries learned they could create a mob mentality and suppress independent thinking. Technically, this is called the science of coercion. If done properly, one can fool nearly all the people all the time.”

Mastery Learning, Outcome-Based Education, School-to-Work, Goals 2000, Profiles in Learning – all fads and educational trends put into operation in the nation’s school system since the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Now, those of you who have followed along thus far are asking: What does all this have to do with Emmanuel Kant, Hegel, Marx, the Frankfurt School of Sociology, Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers and Maslow and the price of tea in China?

All these things are connected because they betray and explain a mindset. A worldview, a philosophy that seeks to shape humanity, the individual as a moral relativist, undiscerning, while building a thought pattern that denies or deconstructs facts – even those in math and science.

Because children are not given the grounding by doing the hard stuff of learning, the memorization, the drills, the creation of pattern and discipline, they will never be truly free to THINK on their own. Without the base, the technique, someone will always be manipulating or recreating them according to the latest fad, trend or totalitarian frame of reference that intellectuals usually succumb to.

According to Bev Eakman, one of the techniques that the educational mind Gestapo uses is that “Teaching techniques were … OBE [Outcome Based Education] inspired: cooperative learning, multi-age grouping, minimal failures, constant retesting and remediation, teachers as coaches or facilitators, inclusive classrooms, and the vacuous mantra, ‘All children can learn [at a high level].’ ”

The problem is that for most children, especially recent immigrants, inner city kids, and some rural areas, education is not obtained at a high level. Pew Hispanic Research claims that 75 percent of Hispanics graduate from high school. Meantime, American born black males have a 47 percent high school graduation rate. What this means is we have a home grown lower class that is ill educated and ill prepared in an era when college grads are flipping burgers and driving cabs. The outlook is not good and Obamaphone lady may be the new normal.


The cost to America of the under or ill educated can’t be measured in just dollars and cents. While the economic cost is monumental as indicated by the $30 billion annual Department of Education budget and billions more spent by local communities, the lack of results for the dollars we spend is catastrophic. We are paying billions to maintain a system which is ineffective and dangerous—because it is not teaching people the critical intellectual skills which are crucial to making economic and political decisions for themselves.

What is the answer? While the privileged class may choose to send its children to private schools, most Americans have only one option, public education. Public schools are the country’s largest employer and the largest mediator in contracts. Unfortunately, the public education establishment is so powerful it can outlast public outrage. Consequently Americans face a dismal educational future unless we insist on parental choice. Until then there is little likelihood that a Prussian inspired educational system will change and deliver the desired results—a literate, intellectually capable citizenry.







Diane wrote for Newsmax from 1999 to 2008. A graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in political science and economics, she is also the mother of three grown children and companion of a Silkie Terrier, Addie. A Vietnam era Navy wife, Diane did graduate work in international economics, worldwide political movements, military history and strategy, the Middle East and the Far East as well as South American history. In addition to publishing serious pieces on world events, economics, history and politics, she has also won an award for her poetry and had several short stories published. Before Newsmax Diane worked for Nevada Policy Institute a think tank located in Reno, Nevada. She worked as a researcher/policy analyst and contributing editor to the Nevada Journal. Her articles appeared in the Las Vegas Review, the Federal Observor and and numerous publications over the years. The last 12 years Diane has been on countless local, national and international radio shows including Al Rantel, Sean Hannity, George Putnam, the Family News Network, Don Feder, Rusty Humphries, James Hirson, Mike Fleming, Barbara Simpson, Jane Chastain, Mike Gallagher, and Michael Reagan and Marc Bernier. Her insightful policy analysis and political and social observations have been included in national policy related websites including the Center for Security Policy Analysis and US Naval War College Review. She has expertise in military and terrorism areas as well as area studies, environmental extremism, immigration and trade, the corporate impact on politics and policy, and American foundation funding of the leftist agenda. Some of her work was also cited in Brookings Institute Peter Singer's Corporate Warriors and data bank on private armies. Her piece on Posse Comitatus was cited in several white papers produced by various military colleges. She says her favorite pieces include The Green Matrix on environmental extremism and its foundation funding, Saul Alinsky in South Dakota and Republicans and Civil Rights which have been cited on several TV and radio shows. At the moment Diane is working on a novel and a non-fiction on the Clintons' impact on US foreign and military policy. The novel is a Western - a work in progress. She welcomes email and comments.

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  • ronald says:

    I was a teacher in the public high school system for 11 years before I quit and went into the private sector as a technical trainer for several high tech companies. I left because of the low pay, status and working conditions. The citizens of this country want a good education for their children but aren’t willing to pay for it – not just finanancially but also timewise.

    Too many parents consider the schools as a baby sitting service rather than an educational insitutuion. If a teacher tries to push his or her students to excel and was to fail too many students because they did not even try, the teacher would be fired or demoted. Private schools have the ability to remove troublesome students who come from parents who do not care about their children. Public schools do not have that luxury and have to keep such students in class even though they interfere with other students who want to learn.

    I can remember a student who had overdosed and passed out in my class. We called the ambulance and sent the student to the hospital to get his stomach pumped out. The school’s police consultant told them their son had passed out from a drug overdose but they refused to believe it – according to them, he just had a bad case of the flu. I can’t count how many incidents like this I and other teachers have experienced and the parents are in denial.

    You will notice that most high schools have an armed police consultant in the building and some schools have metal detectors in all of the doors to catch any student who might bring a knife or gun to school. One principal I know made up a board where he placed all of the guns and knives (over 100) that were confiscated during the school so he could show the parents on parent night what he had to contend with.

    Many students have to contend with bullying and go to school in fear because of gangs and other problem students, but little is done by the administration.

    Many of the public school teacher associates I know are leaving for jobs that are better paying and they do not have to deal all of the hassles they have put up with in teaching. Ask yourself this – why would anyone spend four or five years of their life gettng an education degree and get stuck with large student loans so he or she can go to a schol where they are treated like second class individuals by the parents and administrators (who are mostly highly paid secretaries), have to put up with rude and ill mannered students and now even have to be worried about physical violence.

    I read a lot of articles like this where everyone complains about public education but no one has an answer. If you go to other countries you will find they have the same basic system we have but their society places a higher value on education. Go to Japan or the scandanavian countries where teachers are treated with respect and you will find higher levels of success. Our school system reflects our society – a society gets the kind of government it deserves and this also holds for our schools.

  • Jarrod says:

    I would like to see these stats in correlation to sales and ownership of televisions as well. Because there is at least a parallel development of the TV and the decrease of literacy.

  • Ray Walters says:

    I will say this the one’s that voted for obommer are l)stupid, 2) lazy and don’t want to work and like to be told what to do, 3)cannot read or write or are a mix of all of the above.
    It has been said by other people that all of these mass shootings were a conspiracy to get rid of our consitutional rights; “the Second Amendment”. even at the brink of tyrney.
    W h a t C A N b e d o n e t o the p e o p l e t h a t v i o l a t e t h e O A T H O F O F F I C E?

  • beethree says:

    read romans chapter one u will find that this country is reprobate of any intelligence and CANNOT make any righteous decisions since ending prayer and God in schools (1963) finding abortion in the constitution (1973) and tax for obamacare (2012)

  • Almighty says:

    Government dumps florid in the water, dumps aluminum from planes mixed with other chemicals to kill us and make us stupid and sick. Fill our food with GMO and GE poisons that kill us. Every other country in the world band all this stuff. Why does the US still us it? Because the rich want us stile and dead

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