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How Dem’s Turned Religion on the GOP

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As a pundit, it’s hard for me to tell people to stop complaining about the election… after all, it’s what I do for a living… but that’s what I’m going to do.

It’s time to move on.  Regardless what you believe, whether it be that the election was stolen or that the GOP just flat lost, it’s time to move past that and begin to look toward the future.

At the end of the day, you can only control your life, so you shouldn’t waste more time than what you already have  worrying about what has happened… because let’s face it, it happened.

Conspiracy theories aside, there was a game that was played that you need to take a look at, so that it won’t happen again.

Republicans and the Tea Party have always had God in their platform… as they should, don’t get me wrong.  I think this nation was built on strong Christian foundations and at the least should be aware of that… but what the Democrats did to turn that on them was amazing.

The left has villainized Christianity.  They have made it look like the right-learning Christians are hateful people, people who want nothing to do with those in need, and the right fell right into their trap.

This game of Christianity started at the Democratic National Convention.  The delegates there boo’ed the concept of having God become part of their platform.  You can look up the video online, but when the Dems went to amend their platform to add God to it, there were thunderous boos from the audience… regardless the reaction, the amendment was passed and God barely made it on their ticket.  Conversely, the GOP at the RNC automatically added God and there were no boos.

Then the Democrats started to talk social policy.  Everyone should have freedom to do just about anything under their party’s rules…

There are handouts left and right from the government and gay marriage is legal… well, at least they manipulated things to seem that way.  This was done for a reason.

As you know, the GOP and religious right taken a stance against gay marriage and a lot of the handouts that the government is working on… why?  Because of biblical principles saying that gay marriage is sin and ‘if you don’t work, you don’t eat.’  This came back to bit them.

Two biblical principles that the GOP seemed to forget about, and the one that Democrats played much better than them, was love thy neighbor as thyself AND the old line from Jesus, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’

So while the right was turning its back on gays and a lot of people who are deceived into getting ‘free stuff,’ from the government, the left was standing around with open arms to accept them.

There was no one judging those two groups of people on the left, but there were plenty of people on the right with something to say about it.  At the end of the day, a vote is a vote, and when the GOP acted differently than Jesus would have, the DNC capitalized.

The GOP acted differently than Jesus?  YES THEY DID.

Jesus would speak with and sit down with the worst of this world… prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors; basically everyone that the world hated… and that’s what Democrats at least give the illusion that they are doing.  So while the Republican Party is talking about how everyone should work and how gay people shouldn’t get married, the Dems, and Obama were basically saying the opposite… see how that worked?

Don’t ask if the Dems believed it or not, they obviously didn’t.  Barack Obama backed off of his claims that he would personally support gay marriage in an interview with MTV just before the election.  He said that it was up to the people to make that change, not him…  And the same party that are giving away all sorts of free things, like healthcare and phones, is the one not-so-secretly taking away liberty and personal privacy from Americans every single day…  It’s the old, “look at my right hand while I smack you with my left” approach… and it’s working.

One of the best examples of this was in the US Senate race in Missouri.  Todd Akin famously misspoke and made that stupid rape comment that automatically made him a villain in the nation’s eyes.  The GOP barely asked him to step away from the race, but his opponent, Claire McCaskill took a stand… FOR HIM.  She said that we as a nation should forgive him and that it was wrong for Republicans to come down on him for what he had said.  See what she did?  His own party wasn’t forgiving him, but, like a good religious seeming person, his Democratic opponent did.  So what it looks like is that McCaskill the Democrat is behaving more like Jesus by forgiving and forgetting than Akin’s own party, when in reality, she’s merely putting on a show because she knew she could stomp him in the election and win…

We all saw how that ended up…

That’s what happened in the last election folks… the Democrats spun things to make it look like they were the good people, when all they were were a bunch of phonies looking to manipulate votes out of people.

Intelligent folks knew better… but in the end, the majority of people will take hugs and free stuff over logic and a change for the better in this nation.

I tell you all this, because if we don’t learn from what happened, we will allow history will repeat itself again.

I also tell you this because it’s time to stop complaining, pick up the pieces and move on.

Be smarter than they think you are.

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  • John says:

    "Todd Akin famously misspoke and made that stupid rape comment that automatically made him a villain in the nation?s eyes. The GOP barely asked him to step away from the race,"

    WHAAAT?? Did you pay attention to this race at all??? Republicans were screaming about this one for some 4 DAYS afterward. I don't recall if it was the state GOP head fellow or the RNC chairman, but Akin had repeated requests, almost a direct order, to step down! I have never been more disappointed in Karl Rove on a matter than I was on that.

    You certainly can say that the Democrats spun this campaign to make the GOP look bad regarding religious questions, but it's laughable to insist that we saw much of a fight. Republicans simply never articulated a case in favor of the value of a community posing particular values. It almost seemed as though they didn't care at all.
    If anything, I recall participating in several debates online--amongst Catholics--regarding whether we could morally justify voting for Romney any more than we could Obama. For the most part, we wound up with only reluctant support for Romney, mostly because we felt that Obama stunk (and still stinks) to high heaven, but Romney didn't appear to be very determined about exercising any real concern on social issues.

    Yes, the Republicans got beat in many ways. I must contend though, they would've had a MUCH better chance if they had shown up in the first place!

  • Charles says:

    Interesting take, and it is good to see someone on the right acknowledge that there are biblical principles other than "thou shalt not,,,,,", and that the GOP does a poor job of living up to the "love thy neighbor" aspects of Christianity. Not only does that damage the GOP brand (which in the long run is not at all important), but much more importantly, it also damages Christianity. After all, "love thy neighbor" is the most important commandment, you need to get that one right to have any credibility when bringing up the rest. And as the most visible spokesmen for Christianity (an unfortunate reality), they better learn to get it right.

  • Gustav says:

    "Everyone should have freedom to do just about anything"

    And that's exactly how it should be. The GOP has lost its principles of individual freedom and minimal government intervention and desperately tries to sell theocracy (though the Democrats are pretty good at that, too) despite people not buying. Let's hope they'll realize it before 2016.

  • John says:

    If you think the GOP is selling theocracy, I think you'd best take a good, hard look around. I have seen so little "theocracy" from Christians (AND the GOP), I find it incredible that anyone bothers howling about it. Whatever semblance of a theocracy there may be floating about almost exclusively related to fomenting and promoting secularism and fairly damning any sense of traditional morals.
    If you want to insist that "Everyone should have the freedom to do just about anything", I might remind you that such a point of view would almost certainly justify murder, theft, and any number of social ills.
    Individual freedom becomes worthless when people insist that such a freedom should justify whatever they wish.

    • Gustav says:

      Well, let's take a look together then: There's the opposition to gay rights, women's rights and stem cell research, all of which are almost exclusively defended on religious grounds. There are special privileges to faith-based organizations, including government funding (without the restrictions normal charities have to adhere to). If that's not enough, take a look at the current Texas GOP platform, which includes gems such as "We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills [...], critical thinking skills and similar programs". The 2004 version even referred to Intelligent Design as a scientific theory, which has since been watered down to "Controversial Theories" (it's neither).

      Many of these violate church/state separation, which is the prime guarantor for religious freedom. Think back to Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists and why he had to write it in the first place. After the anti-science the Dem's have been fond of, from opposition to vaccines to GMOs and nuclear power, there's a significant opportunity here. It's sad to see it squandered by elected officials who want to push their beliefs on other people via their public office. That's not how you promote your faith nor build a competitive nation.

      • John says:

        Gustav, you'd best be advised that I and many others will consider your objections to be based primarily on a different theocracy: Instead of considering an Almighty God and Father, you would have us all view things from the perspective of the "god" of Reason, of Man.
        Many of the ideals that GOP people propose violate Church/State separation? Well, don't look now, but for my purposes, you've pretty well stomped that same Separation into the dust.
        I don't believe a person can readily advocate for women's "rights", gay "rights", or stem cell research, and not effectively embrace some form of rationalism wholeheartedly.
        As to your gripe about Intelligent Design, I don't believe we have any useful proof of Evolution having occurred the way Darwin suggested either, but schools still must teach it as "science". I have never heard of "Higher Order Thinking Skills", so I have no way of knowing what may be good or not about that. Given your overall apparent thought process though, I'm nervous.
        I also don't actually know for sure what you mean by most of what you say in that last paragraph, so I don't know if you're in favor of some vaccine that has been halted or if something else has been bugging you.

        All I can really say is, if you really think the GOP would do better by embracing gay marriage, abortion, and so forth, ..I will not have any easier time voting for GOP candidates any time soon.


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