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How Congress is Like a Music Festival

This week, a lot of the talk on every news channel and at every water cooler has been about potential sequestration in the coming months due to the inability to come to an agreement on the national budget. No matter which website you go to to get your news, that’s issue number one on the front page.

Right underneath it was the lineup announcement for Bonnaroo and other music festivals that were announced this week.
Now, in the grand scheme of things, Congress is nothing like a music festival- old white guys talking and, more often than not, disagreeing with each other when it comes to decisions
on bills and policies, versus a two to three day outdoor music and arts festival that celebrates expression, love, and music.

But what do these two seemingly opposite things have in common? Disappointment!

Every single year when a music festival is announced, people are always up in arms; wanting to complain about how their favorite band isn’t at the festival closest to them, or a band is playing on a day that’s inconvenient for them, and so on and so forth. Congress, much like a music festival, will always disappoint somebody, even if they act in defense of the greater good.

Congress, like a well run music festival, can’t worry about pleasing everybody- they have to worry about the bottom line. Sometimes, unpopular decisions like gun control reform just have to be made. If everybody gets hung up on these issues, then nothing will ever get done.


  1. Some decisions, such as in the gun control decisions, are not just unpopular, they are unconstitutional. You do not make a decision just to make a decision. Sometimes, things just do not get done.

  2. exactly Ninth. i have a solution though. make it mandatory that everyone does at least 12 months military service with 2 weeks training every year after that. they then have their service rifle at home (selective fire as most of the service rifles are) with 1000 rounds of ammo. anyone committing a crime with a firearm gets minimum of 10 years on top of the initial sentence (what ever the maximum sentence for that crime was to start with). if they refuse to do their time in the forces they are no longer considered a citizen but rather just a resident and all other rights that go with being a citizen as opposed to just being a resident you no longer have (like the right to vote). they also pay higher taxes….much higher. that way everyone is trained, everyone is disciplined in their use. works in switzerland

  3. “Sometimes, unpopular decisions like gun control reform just have to be made. If everybody gets hung up on these issues, then nothing will ever get done.”
    This statement above tells me a couple of things about you Karl. First is that you in your mind believe it’s better to just do something, anything, whenever one doesn’t know what to do. Don’t gather facts and make an informed and educated decision, no just wing it. Two is that doing nothing is always the worst option available. You young man need to heed the old saying that goes like this: It’s better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!
    Gun Control has NEVER worked! Not even once. Research the many cases and you will see for yourself. Never mind that simple common sense tells the average person this simple fact. It is people who think like you that creat so much chaos in everyday life of this country. Go to the facts to cure your rectal cranial inversion desease.

  4. Every time I start reading comments from an author unknown to me, I read much that is logical, reasonable and appears to be the product of a clear mind. Too frequently, it turns out that these are at least moderates and usually progressives and they have no problem shredding our constitution. This is a question they never forthrightly answer. “What part of, shall not be infringed, don’t you understand?”
    These are the pseudo conservatives who lull you with their peaceful tone, into being in agreement until they finally lower the “progressive” boom. Juan Williams is a skilled practitioner of this type of snake oil soothing rhetoric. I would rather hear a despicable liberal/progressive spew his venom right out of the gate than sift through the hypocritical garbage of the likes of Karl Dobias or Juan Williams types.

  5. You are mistaken. Congress never has the people’s best interest in mind. Their purpose is to get re-elected, support their party and support their corporate donors. These priorities drown out the possibly of congress actually helping people.

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