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Honey: A Super Survival Food

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If you want a great food to keep for any crisis situation, consider honey.

Honey is a super food.  It’s natural, it’s for the most part unprocessed, and can provide you hours and hours of energy for long hauls.

Honey has many different qualities that can help improve your life.  Remember when your parents or grandparents would have you drink lemon and honey to cure a sore throat or a cough?  That wasn’t a bad idea…

Honey can sooth sores with it’s natural abilities… and if it’s locally harvested, it has been shown to rid you of certain plant allergies.

Without explaining all the science behind it, the pollen that bees use to create the honey in your region will include pollens and ‘things that make you sneeze’ that are around you.  After everything has been converted to honey and you consume it, your body will build a tolerance for these pollens and your immune system will strengthen.

Oh and did we happen to mention that honey NEVER goes bad?  It pretty much has an eternal shelf life.

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