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Homemade Water Filtration Can Create Cleaner Water Every Day

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Homemade water filtration is becoming more and more important as the water that flows into millions of American homes fails to meet safety standards, causing health and safety concerns. The safest defense against the dangers inside water can be built with assistance from Absolute Rights and their latest report, “170 Gallons a Day: How to Purify Any Water—Even Urine—to Store, Drink, or Cook with After a Disaster.”

The Easiest, Most Practical System For Nearly Unlimited Clean Water Anywhere In The World

Homemade Water Filtration Can Create Cleaner Water Every Day

No fluff and NO B.S… Just the raw info and systems you need to get all the fresh water you and your loved ones will need in a disaster!

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Americans may not know what’s in their drinking water, and they may not even know how to find out. Assuring their water is safe can be made easy with “170 Gallons a Day,” as its simple plan and actionable advice helps guarantee each and every gulp.

Municipal water supplies run the risk of contamination, as seen through the implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs). CCRs mandate that public water systems provide annual reports to their customers on the quality of local drinking water. Though they mean well, CCRs are the source of some shocking realizations about the water that comes out of peoples’ taps.

For each municipal water company, a certain ceiling amount of a specific contaminant is established, allowing for small traces as long as they don’t pass a certain safety level.  Contaminants frequently show up on a CCR; that essentially means harmful bacteria, chemicals, and viruses are allowed to be in water, up to a certain extent.

In January of 2011, an executive order required all federal agencies to reexamine their rules and regulations for inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. Upon review of the CCR rule, the EPA came to find a number of complaints, calling the reports overly technical, complex, and difficult to understand or act upon. The agency was unsure about who was receiving a CCR, how many of them were reading it, and how much of it was fully understood.

The matter was so pressing that it led the EPA to hold a public meeting and online conversation, and the problem has still not been fully resolved. The entire situation has turned into a mess, and meanwhile Americans are still unsure about their water.

The “170 Gallons a Day” report will make them sure. Knowing how to clean and store water for extended periods of time prevents not only municipal supply problems, but problems encountered in scenarios of shortage or disaster, too.

In cases of emergency, water filtration devices are essential. Dehydration accounts for more deaths than any other cause in survival situations.

Water represents the number one needed resource. Human bodies can last longer without food than they can without water. There’s nothing to calculate or take into account. Water is needed for sustainable life.

That is why Absolute Rights and the “170 Gallons a Day” report author felt it was so pertinent to get this information to the general public as quickly as possible, so that everyone can feel confident that they have the skills necessary to save lives and protect their loved ones.

The report helps guide through the planning and designing process, using mostly items found at home or in the yard. There are no expensive components, store-bought filters or professionally-constructed purification systems. All of the techniques in “170 Gallons a Day” are meant to produce the best results with minimal time, energy, or money expended during the process.

Costly mistakes and assumptions have led to serious cases of underestimation. Learn how to avoid such cases, and get equipped with the best knowledge and tested strategies for cleaning water.

To ensure water is safe to drink, cook with, or clean with, consult the expert advice in Absolute Rights’ “170 Gallons a Day” report. Share this information with friends and family and find a copy of the report at http://www.170gallonsaday.com/.

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  • Butch Runyon says:

    I think stupid people put to many chemicals and poisons in our ground water and sewage that comes back to us as drinking water!!!!!!


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