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Here Comes the Sun

One of the most overlooked sources of energy in a survival situation is right up in the sky… the Sun.

Liberals have oftentimes said that we should use the Sun as energy as opposed to gas and fuel powered things.  Their point is that we should use it to save the environment…

Here, we are going to use the Sun to save your life.  In fact, we shouldn’t call it “green energy;”  let’s call it “survival energy” instead.

The sun is one of, if not our best, sources of survival energy on the planet.  Think about all the things the sun can do when the power is out.

If used properly, it can heat your home and your water, its heat can be used to cook food.  The sun’s rays can be used with a lens to create fire and the rays can also be collected in solar panels in order to fill the energy needs of your house.  Oh, and let us not forget that sunlight is needed to power the growth of your garden that you’ll be using to feed your family.

If you can harness the power of the Sun, you can live a great life without electricity.  Fortunately, small, portable and powerful solar generators are now on the market that will give you power options that were not available just a few years ago.

This is one of the few times that survivalists and the left see eye to eye.  They both realize that there is great power in the star that heats our planet.

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