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Healthcare Watch! Cruz vs Sanders: A Clear Difference In Philosophy

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Healthcare watch! Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders took the stage Tuesday night on CNN to debate the future of Healthcare in America. The two painted very different pictures. Although there were a few areas of common agreement, much of the night was riddled with disagreement.

Healthcare Watch! Cruz vs Sanders: A Clear Difference In Philosophy

Senator Sanders was reluctant to admit any shortcomings of Obamacare. Senator Cruz did a remarkable job of debate preparation. He was armed with facts and figures while Senator Sanders relied primarily on fear and rhetoric. The two would go back and forth debating various aspects of healthcare as well as fielding questions from the audience.

Who Should Get Coverage?

Senator Sanders displayed his discontent with America time and time again. He blames this country for essentially not treating people well enough. He believes that with such wealth and economic prosperity that healthcare should be a “given right” to all citizens. The lack of some individuals to attain healthcare is flat out unacceptable to Senator Sanders.

See, the problem with Bernie, is that he struggles to understand the concept of finances and basic economics. This is the man who believes also believes the federal government can pay for everyone’s college education. Are we catching on to his theme?

Having healthcare insurance given to an individual is not “a right”. Where liberty reigns is allowing the individual to have ACCESS to buy health insurance if they so deem. When you force individuals to buy insurance or force individuals to be mandated to carry specific provisions of coverage how is that promoting liberty? It is not a matter of giving out free coverage. We should be fostering an environment where individuals can purchase whatever coverage they want and feel they need. Does this mean that every single person can get the absolute best and full coverage? No….maybe certain individuals do not make enough money for that. So they purchase a plan that they can afford. Why is this wrong to say? Are we really going to give someone like Bernie Sanders moral authority on anything? I think not.

Healthcare Watch! Cruz vs Sanders: A Clear Difference In Philosophy

Understanding Insurance

I also question if the majority of individuals understand what insurance actually is. It is not something that gives you access to actual healthcare. Rather it is essentially odds that one plays against their own health. If someone decides not to have expensive health insurance and thus does not receive much aid, they are betting that they will not be sick often. If someone wants to buy an expensive coverage plan with great perks, they are betting that they will need healthcare often and are hedging their bets.

So can we please knock off the narrative that everyone needs a massive healthcare coverage plan with sprawling perks that jack the rate through the roof. Someone like myself who is 26 and is never sick, most likely only needs catastrophic care. Why would I need a low deductible based plan when I never spend money using healthcare services? See that, it’s called liberty. Let the people choose their own coverage damnit.

I found it infuriating at times to witness the concept of health insurance be so misunderstood. At one point, an audience member was discussing her own healthcare and feared she would lose her maternity care while currently carrying her second child. I’ve got a thought. If somebody cannot afford to have a second baby because one or both of the parents are still in school (aka spending money instead of making it), maybe they should bear the financial burden or not get pregnant in the first place. Where is the personal responsibility anymore? We all don’t get to walk through life with zero consequences for our actions. There is a reason I do not have children and it has nothing to do with our desire. We are being financially responsible. It’s quite expensive to have a baby.

Additionally, allowing individuals the liberty to purchase their own plans means that any arguably irresponsible mother-to-be, could purchase maternity care on her own plan if that is something she feels she needs and does so at the appropriate timing.

There is another concept I am amazed at. You do not wait to be diagnosed with cancer and then go seek health insurance. Pre-existing conditions are a thing for a reason. Imagine if individuals were permitted to drive without auto insurance. This would be like getting into a car crash and then buying auto coverage to pay for the accident.

Being diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness is downright awful. I think there are some special pieces of legislature that can be passed to take care of these folks. But let’s not uproot the entire healthcare insurance industry for pre-existing conditions.


Although Senator Sanders occasionally admitted faults with Obamacare, he doubled down on the idea of a government solution. He wants single payer healthcare. Period.

This would lump all of us in together into one system. Someone like myself would spend way more money on coverage than I would ever use. Others would use a lot of healthcare services but not pay for it. How is this ever “fair”? Why can we not each pay for the services in which we use ourselves?

Senator Sander’s Bottom Line: Current healthcare is imperfect because we didn’t go far enough. Even though government is imperfect we should instill full control and power to politicians in Washington DC instead of the citizenry.

Senator Cruz advocated for freedom of choice. That the citizens themselves know best what they need and how much they’d like to pay for a plan. No more middle aged men purchasing maternity care. No more forcing young people to buy plans for coverage they rarely use.

Senator Cruz’s Bottom Line: Individuals not government are best equipped to understand what the citizenry need. Let the free market and competition drive prices down and allow custom plans to be created as opposed to one generic mandated coverage plan for all.

My Takeaway

Bernie Sanders is an intellectual lightweight.

He loves to revolve his ideas around utopianism and fantasy scenarios. He even at what one point bluntly told a business owner that she should pay for her employees healthcare – after she stated she could not afford to do so. Is the best answer for this business owner really – “too bad, I think your employees deserve it”? Who the hell is Bernie Sanders to tell any business owner what they ought to do. He hasn’t done a thing in his life outside of government. He is in no position to be giving business advice to others.

Senator Cruz is a strong debater. He had a few hiccups but mainly stayed on message about free market enterprise and how it would benefit the healthcare system. Senator Cruz needed to be more forceful in my opinion. You do not defeat someone like Senator Sanders by using reason and persuasion. You must crush the fantasy land rhetoric. I am waiting for the Constitutional Conservatives to take a page from President Trump and learn to hit hard and do so unapologetically. When someone admires Norway, Sweden, and Canada above his own country and homeland…..that individual should be laughed out of the room.

The United States is the strongest most prosperous nation in the world. We innovate like nobody’s business. We are charitable on a whole different level when compared to someone like Denmark. Also, we don’t need lectures about how awful we all are. What we need to do is to swiftly and rationally defeat dangerous radicals like Senator Bernie Sanders.

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