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The Media… Our Gatekeepers?

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So what is gun control? We use the term as though we need to control guns. It has been stated many times that inanimate objects don’t kill people, people kill people. So why then use the term “gun control?” the fact is that it isn’t gun control at all, its people control.

The statists in Washington want nothing more than to control you, plain and simple. They do it through the tax code by placing excises on things like tobacco and alcohol in order to curtail their use. They claim the levies are to fund things like children’s health care or provide treatment to abusers, but really it is to get you to stop doing what it is that you are doing.

Another way they control us is through the manipulation by the media. The media is known as the gatekeeper of information. Thousands of events happen throughout the world on a daily basis, and we cannot be privy to them all at every given moment, so the media acts as a kind of filter. They choose what information lives and what information dies. For example, the fact that Barack Obama was a coke-head in his youth is lost to the ether, but the knowledge that George Bush may have used cocaine in his youth is a predominant observation. So true then is the sad fact of ‘gun control.’

We are all aware of the horrific massacres of the past year in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut. But how many of us know that last year Planned Parenthood assisted in the murder of nearly 334,000 unborn babies? How many of us know that the FBI investigates anywhere from 35-50 serial killers in the US on any given year? Do people readily know that Chicago ended 2012 with over 500 homicides (beating New York City which has three times the population of Chicago)?

We only know of the universe in which we are presented. There are so many events happening in the world at any given moment that we just cannot know about it all. We depend on the gatekeeping responsibility of the news media to inform us of the most important things. While the debate over controlling our lives explodes in Washington, be aware that there is more to the debate than what is being presented to you by the media.

The events in Newtown and Aurora where awful and tragic, but the events that may come after the government takes control of your gun ownership abilities may be far more lasting, and the news outlets refuse to speak of these things. We may never know of the full ramifications of our government usurping our rights and freedoms since the media may only tell us the rosy side of government control – that is until a Republican takes the Oval Office at which point the only news reported will be the dark and miserable lives we all live under a fascistic regime.

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  • Tim S. says:

    New York Times, Washington Post, Pravda...The names may change but the game is still the same: All the news that WE THINK is fit to print!

  • Ron says:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Why is an armed population essential?

    Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control


    A slightly more modern wording of the 2nd amendment:

    An armed population, ready & capable of defeating government troops, is essential to preclude government tyranny, therefore government officials are warned that the people will not tolerate any interference with their right to possess & use such weapons as are necessary to defend their freedom from tyranny.

  • JJM says:

    Media has turned into another source of indoctrination. "Don't think for yourself, believe what we tell you." I believe more of the possibilities shown on SciFi than I do from what the media portrays.

  • CaptTurbo says:

    All "news" from the lame-stream media is filtered by the Communist mis-administration.

  • TC says:

    funny - recognized john taylor and nick rhodes in the photo... so what does duran duran have to do with gun control i wonder 😀


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