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Food Shortages Predicted in 2013

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Food Shortages Predicted in 2013

As you already have heard, corn and soybean production has decreased exponentially due to the drought this year.

Corn and soybeans go into just about everything that we consume, including food and fuel, which means we will see more shortages of other foods and prices increasing across the board in 2013.

The most recent industry to be hit by the corn and soybean shortage?  Pork.

According to Britain’s National Pig Association, pork production will be significantly cut this year due to a lack of feed that would come from the two crops mentioned above.

Those numbers also assume that there won’t be a global outbreak of diseased animals like we have seen more and more of over the past few years…

If you want to eat bacon in 2013, you may want to stock up on it now, or get ready to dig deeper into your pockets.

It just seems as if things are getting worse by the day…
How are  you preparing for potential food shortages? We want to know!

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  • gwynmarilyn says:

    What I am doing is store more base food. So I can afford the Milk to make yogurt and cheese later. I am buying extra flour so I can bake bread. Will be do my meat by first of this next month.
    Good to have freezer, large or small.
    I understand wheat could be used as feed. Also I am watch Farm news so I hear what happen in South America because if they have trouble then it could get worse here.

    • Tim Young says:

      Also check out our Lamp Lighter report. It has great self-sustainability tips for you and your family in a crisis.

  • Cate says:

    Growing one's own food and canning provide a sustainable source of food in any emergency situation. It also does not require energy for storage should we lose power for any reason. In the event of a total collapse of society, which is still very possible no matter who gets elected, controlling food, water and energy will be the government's method of controlling the masses until they starve to death. Not eating meat means it won't matter how much bacon or milk will cost. The downside to going vegan is you may just live longer to witness more of what will come after any such collapse.


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