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Finished With Chris Christie, Media Turns to Scott Walker

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Imagine watching the man marching in front of you taken out by snipers. Scott Walker must know the feeling, having seen what the media did to Chris Christie.

Bridgegate did its work. Last December we read this:

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are in a dead heat in a hypothetical 2016 presidential matchup with the recently reelected governor leading by 1 point in a new poll.”

“Christie leads Clinton 42 percent to 41 percent in a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Christie’s 1-point lead is the same as Quinnipiac’s poll in November, but a far cry from the 13-point lead Clinton held in October”

“Clinton leads other potential Republican challengers…”

Momentum was in Christie’s favor. Clearly, something had to be done to secure Hillary’s position as heir apparent. Thus Bridgegate. Subordinates of Christie were accused of causing a traffic mess by closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish the Mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for not supporting the Governor.

The media hyped the story relentlessly. Within 24 hours, there had been 17 times as much coverage of Bridgegate as there had been in the past 6 months of the vastly more serious scandal of Obama using the IRS to silence political opponents. Let’s check in on how the Christie–Clinton matchup looks now:

“Dragged down by controversy, Chris Christie is falling far, far behind Hillary Clinton in a potential matchup for the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll.”

According to the poll, Hillary would clobber Christie 58% to 37%.

The power to select, spin, and hype the news is the power to destroy.

Christie is crippled now. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are probably considered to be too easy to characterize as extremists in the general election to be a threat.

But Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a proven record of taking the worst the Left can throw at him and walking away all the stronger.

After he stared down public-sector unions in Wisconsin, they came at him with everything they had, drawing on massive funds raised at the national level. However, when they tried to drive him out of office, he became the first governor ever to win a recall election. He even won by a wider margin than in his original election.

There is no denying Walker’s success. In a time of runaway government spending that has led to a potentially catastrophic national debt, he has managed to turn a $3.6 billion state debt into a surplus.

From Thursday’s Washington Post:

“Although Walker was never the chief candidate in the minds of political prognosticators, when frontrunner Chris Christie took a fall, Walker was always among the first to be mentioned as a possible substitute.”

He is already taking Christie’s place in the liberal establishment’s crosshairs. From The Raw Story:

“MSNBC host Chris Hayes said on Wednesday that the revelation of tens of thousands of emails from a former staffer puts Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) in much the same boat as a fellow prospective GOP presidential candidate — his New Jersey counterpart, Chris Christie (R).”

“It turns out that Scott Walker has more or less the exact same baggage that Chris Christie has,” Hayes said. “In fact, when it comes to misdeeds and abuses of power in your inner circle, the Wisconsin governor may already have Chris Christie beat.”

What is this shocking scandal that tops even Christie’s subordinates’ misuse of some traffic cones?

“Wednesday saw the release of more than 28,000 emails from former deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch. The messages suggested Walker, a former executive for Milwaukee County, was part of a secret email system using hidden wireless routers, which he and his staff used to coordinate his 2010 gubernatorial bid during office hours.”

Walker denies being connected to the sinister email ring. They had an investigation, and he was cleared:

The Washington Post reported that the emails were gathered as part of an investigation that did not find any wrongdoing on Walker’s part, but still led to convictions for six former staff members.”

But Hayes is hoping that a second state probe could dig up evidence that Walker’s office worked with conservative organizations to win his 2012 recall election. There were even rumors at the time that conservative activists planned to engage in petition improprieties, not that it is likely Walker had anything to do with it.

You’re not impressed? Let’s try this:

“Emails released Wednesday reveal that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker might have been behind the firing of a woman because she was a former thong model.”

Walker’s chief of staff at the time, Thomas Nardelli, informed him of a doctor at the Milwaukee County Behavior Health Division who had a “checkered past” and had worked as a model, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.”

Nardelli wrote in an email that the doctor “apparently models thongs and wasn’t forthright in sharing that with staff prior to her hire as an hourly paid MD at [Behavioral Health Division].”

The smoking gun:

“Get rid of the MD asap,” Walker replied.

Okay, that wasn’t such a big deal either. But the media and Clinton’s people (excuse the redundancy) have 27,000 emails to dig through. They are bound to find something they can hype into a scandal.

Walker doesn’t even need to be proven guilty of wrongdoing. All they have to do is ruin his name in the minds of low-information voters who barely pay attention to politics, yet who vote anyway, often with disastrous results.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State when repeated requests for added security at the US consulate in Benghazi were ignored, and the lack of security led to four Americans including an ambassador being killed while American leadership sat by passively (including Hillary) rather than intervene.

She then brazenly lied to the mother of one of the Americans killed by blaming the event on an obscure video from California rather than the al Qaeda–affiliated terrorists responsible. She resumed her irresponsibly passive stance as Susan Rice went on the Sunday news show circuit to feed this preposterous lie to the whole country.

Hillary also lied to Congress:

“A congressional report shows security cuts before the Benghazi attack were approved by the secretary of state and that White House talking points describing the events were edited to protect the State Department.”

Despite then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s denials that pleadings from Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the terrorist attack, never reached her desk, the interim Benghazi report concludes that:

“Reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in Benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, up to and including Secretary Clinton. This fact contradicts her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on January 23, 2013.”

Here I was thinking it was a felony to lie to Congress. But that couldn’t be true, or Hillary would be in prison, along with Eric Holder, since we are all equal before the law in this country.

When pressed by Ron Johnson (R-WI) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the way she should have been pressed by the media on why she and the rest of the Administration lied about Benghazi, Hillary infamously exploded, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Apparently none, as far as her political career is concerned.

Other Hillary scandals go all the way back to her days as a staffer on the Watergate committee, from which she was fired for fraud and ethics violations.

The famous scandals that collectively characterize her career include Whitewater, her cattle futures coup, her Rose Law Firm billing records, the mishandling of documents relevant to Vince Foster’s death, Travelgate, illicit use of FBI files, et cetera.

But never mind all that. The media is going to find something it can pin on Scott Walker. When it does, you will hear of nothing else until his national electoral prospects have been destroyed. Then it will be on to the next threat to the establishment’s chosen candidate, as genuine scandals are forgotten.


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  • Mnm says:

    Christie looked like a heart attack waiting to happen mafia thug. Never wouldve voted for him.
    the media is in the back pocket of the liberals. All candidates have skeletons in the closet. Mainstream media just chooses to ignore one parties Skeletons.
    Watch the movie 2016 and you see just how bad Obama was but it was not brought to light. Had it been a Republican you would've had some stupid ass Michael Moore movie all over the mainstream theaters Exposing the turd. But instead we got a fucking communist reelcted no less.

  • rev. davet says:

    Gov. Christie should consider himself lucky to be merely politically emasculated. Most people who make the Clintons feel threatened end up dead. I'd say the bridge thing was just a warning to sit down and shut up.

    Scott would be well advised to pay attention. He might end up dead too if he generates too much support. Of course, I won't vote for him either - but that won't actually hurt him - Hillary can.

  • | says:

    Left ready to take down Scott Walker over an old investigation that’s already been closed in which he’s facing no charges


    9 Things You Need to Know About The John Doe Document Dump


  • Dave Blount says:

    Watch what happens if Ted Cruz starts to get real traction. The media will go to any length to contrive a scandal for him.


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