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Finally, A Little Justice in the Trayvon Martin Case?

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By Dillon Carter

For those of you who have been waiting for George Zimmerman to get a little justice for the crap he has endured from the oh-so-tolerant Left since defending himself against a thug who would look like President Obama’s son, it has finally arrived.

Hollywood activist/director Spike Lee, who loves to remind people that America had a slavery issue 150 years ago, let his racism get a little out of hand during the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial, tweeting out to his followers at one point what he thought was Zimmerman’s address.

Only, the address he tweeted was the home of an elderly couple, David and Elaine McClain.

And now, they’re suing his ass.

According to the lawsuit, which was posted by The Smoking Gun, Lee “acted in a negligent, grossly negligent, reckless” manner when he tweeted the McClain’s address to his 240,000-plus followers at the time.

And what many of them tweeted back gives a good indication of what Lee’s motives were. According to the lawsuit, here are some of the responses to Lee’s tweet:

“I don’t give a f— what you think kill that Bitch HERE GO HIS ADDRESS, LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN.”

“Y’all coming? Someone should burn that shit down.”

“Y’all know what to do!!! DEAD MAN WALKING!”

“Let’s get this bitch n***a!”

And so on.

Earlier, Lee and the McClain’s reached a $10,000 settlement, but that was for damages incurred before the Zimmerman trial ended in acquittal. Since then, the McClain’s say they have had to move out of their home, have endured sustained death threats, and had to go into hiding for a while.

Hence the new suit.

Lee’s attorneys have asked a federal judge to throw the suit out, arguing that their client has already settled. The McClain’s attorneys argue that their clients “suffered and continue to suffer mental anguish and distress. Plaintiffs suffered and continue to suffer anxiety and fear.”

Ten grand to Lee is nothing – and it’s nothing compared to what he cost this elderly couple. If there is any justice in the world, Lee will continue to be held responsible for his racist stupidity.

But clearly, there is a deeper element to this.

Elaine McClain has asked, “How would he handle this if someone did this to his mother?” It’s a fair question, considering that once upon a time, the same kind of vigilantism that he tried to inspire against Zimmerman was a constant threat to his ancestors.

And that is the problem with militant ideologues like Lee. It’s all about payback. They’re not interested in moving on. To them, there can be no forgiving – even though it has been generations since slavery stained American society. They want their pound of white flesh (Zimmerman wasn’t white, mind you, he was Hispanic, even though CNN tried to change his race to fit the militant Black narrative).

Spike Lee’s angry tweet and the anger expressed by many in his community – anger that is fed and amplified by an ideologue president – will never subside as long as they continue to view every situation through the lens of an 1850’s America, and teach their children to do the same.

Most Americans have tried to move on from that period. There have been constitutional amendments. Civil rights laws. Special preferences for minorities (which are not favored by most Americans). Affirmative Action. And still, guys like Lee and Obama won’t move on with the rest of us.

They still harbor scenes of separate drinking fountains for blacks and whites and conjure up images of backseat bus rides.

Losing this lawsuit and having to pay for doing something thoughtless will probably only intensify Lee’s belief that America is still racist and unfair.

That’s too bad because the reality is, hatred and stupidity know no color.

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  • Leah says:

    If Spike was any kind of man he would not have to be sued to make this right

  • mariowen says:

    Let's get a little perspective on slavery in America. The slaves brought over here were slaves before they left Africa. When they were brought here, some were mistreated, but others were treated as loving members of a family and respected. There were all situations then. However, in today's world, if you want to compare the poorest of blacks in America, they would be considered the richest of blacks in Africa. Do they wish they were not chosen and today would be on the bottom of the ladder in Africa? Today they live comparatively great lives. Have they looked up their ancestors and seen where they are today? Is that their preference? Then if it is, they should hop a plane and head back to their roots. No one is stopping them. Why do they continue to live under such conditions as they do here when they have options? Stop all this nonsense and grow up!

  • nobody says:

    Spike Lee should post on all social media sites and on appear on TV that he was wrong about the address. To leave these people the hell alone.

  • fedupwithbias says:

    Spike Lee should be held accountable for inciting a riot, hate crimes, and anything else they can find on the books regarding the loss of peace of mind, loss of safe housing, and unmitigated hatred against the whites in this country....the country that made him a millionaire several times over.....try him in the victim's hometown!!!

  • Me says:

    It seem that all the problems wrought on in the fast food restaurant are by blacks! Sorry if that sounds racist but they are the ones claiming to be victimized and thinking we owe them something. They are the one always saying they want their fries fresh when the ones they got had just came out of the fryer. They are the ones who rant on and on about how we are doing them wrong when we make an honest mistake. I wish they would all just go away. The problems is that there are blacks who are NOT AT ALL like this and get bad representation by these who seem to represent the majority. I want the bad apples to go away and the good ones to come in.

  • rocquedog says:

    Watch what happens when his "daddy" Obuma declares martial law. This little bitch Lee will be hiding behind his bodyguards in his house that has the million $ sec. system. If he had any balls he wouldn't have tweeted the address of those people, he would have gone himself. And then we'd get to see him spend the rest of his life in prison punking out his big mouth to all the Bubba's in Cell block C. The gutless punk!

  • rp says:

    I hope this happens to the rest of the race pimps as well. MAKE THEM ALL PAY! They can go around trying to stir up black hatred in the country and their efforts having gotten several whites beaten for no reason or killed. It is long overdue for Sharpton, Jackson, Bond, Farrakhan, and others to pay up for the destruction they have caused. I would like to see people that have been injured in these race related incidents to start filing law suits against the race pimps every time a black says, "This is for Trayvon!". Before long the race pimps are going to find out that running their mouths to hurt others may cost their empires.

  • Kat says:

    The White population should boycott this black racist's films. He's a typical ungrateful black infesting our nation who doesn't want to be treated equal, he wants special treatment. Instead of being grateful for what he achieved, he wants to remind us about so-call slavery that none of us had anything to do with, my ancestors were in Europe! Besides, what's the difference if his people were slaves, they were already slaves in the homeland. And again, they should be grateful, they could have been left in africa to live in mud huts. Never too late to go back. Maybe Spike can start a pilgrimage. I hear Liberia is taking citizens, in fact didn't Lincoln already arrange to ship all the africans to Liberia before he was unfortunately assassinated?

  • D. Thompsen says:

    I wonder if it ever enters their simple minds just how many WHITE men DIED fighting to end slavery. Maybe I should rephrase that, do they know just how many evil, racist, black hating white men volunteered to go to their death so that they could just gloss over the fact that the supreme price was paid by so many to aid them? Kinda makes you sick to see such ingratitude, but then can we expect any thing else from them?


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