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Fertilizer Plant Explosion Impact Felt in Texas

After Monday’s horrific scene at the Boston Marathon, no one was prepared for this.

Wednesday night the town of West, Texas experienced an earthquake-sized explosion that started with a fire at a fertilizer plant and spread its destruction in a five-block radius, destroying homes and businesses in much of the downtown area.

Caught on bystander video, the explosion at the West Fertilizer Company is the second life-changing event in America in the last three days, with both incidents being consumed by the mainstream media as newsgatherers rush to report everything they possibly can.

Are we becoming desensitized by such events, or is each one more gruesome and disturbing as the last, fueled by news organizations that care about bringing people updates, but will do so at almost any cost?

The feeling of sickness and discomfort rings through the country, and it’s hard to comprehend the fact that many people are waking up this morning with their lives completely changed.

Over half of the entire town of West has been evacuated, and those who stayed have been cleaning up broken window glass and other debris that was sent flying with the explosion. These are scenes no one ever wants to experience, but many are dealing with it as the day moves on.

More than ever, the country needs to band together and support one another with the sincerity and passion that’s deserved. Relief efforts will stretch for months, and days like these are opportunities to donate money, blood, and volunteer time, even if it doesn’t directly impact the affected areas. Emergency responders in the West area have been spread thin, and total numbers of injured and deceased are still being determined.

There are many people who need to be in our thoughts and prayers today, and with the support of their fellow countrymen and women, hopefully their recovery will start soon.

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