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Exploiting a Tragedy to Take Your Rights… AGAIN

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I started to write an article about what was happening with the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy politically and realized that it was the exact same points that I had made just a few months ago when speaking about the tragedy in Aurora.

Both are disgusting and horrifying instances of gun violence… don’t get me wrong, but both have been exploited the exact same way by the President and the rest of the left in order to try to limit your Second Amendment Rights.

I can tell which direction the spin on the situation is going to go each time that I attempt to pick out the day’s political cartoon.  I sort through piles and piles of anti-gun, anti-American cartoons until I find one that seems to point the finger at the correct culprit, or at least make a logical point.

This morning, nearly every one of the cartoons blamed the National Rifle Association (NRA) in one way or another for this recent massacre, as they have done in the past.   That opinion couldn’t be farther from reality.

In fact, had someone in that school had a concealed carry license and chose to carry that morning, perhaps more lives could have been saved.

You may recall months ago, a 71-year-old man saved about a dozen lives in an internet cafe by using his legally carried weapon to fire at two gun-wielding criminals.

He was heralded as a hero.  We even made sure to share that story with you on our website.  Not only was this man brave, but he showed us all why it’s important to have the right to bare arms.

The same happened this week when an off duty SGT was at a movie theater in San Antonio and shot a would be mass murderer, stopping the rampage before it began.

Now, we have a criminal who is using a weapon and it’s getting even more media coverage.  Yes, I do realize that a.) I am talking about it here and b.) it was a tragedy… and the news loves tragedies. But why would we not give as much attention to a hero with a gun as we do when a villain has a gun?

The media just isn’t a fan of guns and, ever since I can remember, we have been brainwashed to think that they’re evil and wrong and a terrible thing.

Had it not been for our right to bare arms, our country would have never developed into the successful and free land that it is today.

Guns and weapons are what brought us freedom, and will allow us to protect ourselves if ever that freedom is threatened again.

Gun owners are some of the more responsible citizens in this nation. They own the weapons for collecting, hunting, and self-defense; why shouldn’t I feel safe?

One of the main missions of the NRA is to promote safe gun use, which makes their membership considerably different than some nutcase who opens fire in a movie.

I don’t personally carry a gun, but knowing that there is someone around that would more than likely protect those around them with the weapon if necessary is comforting.

What’s interesting to me is how almost everyone has been trained to have negative feelings toward guns and gun ownership; and how that negative feeling has really come from the media bias.

People stereotype gun owners as idiots and rednecks.  They say that they have no idea what they’re doing with their weapons and that they cause more harm than good by simply owning something to protect themselves with.

Why do we automatically assume that guns are owned by some sort of negative archetypal stereotype? The answer is simple, my friends. The liberal media has trained us to see things that way.

Think not?

Then try to name one single television character who isn’t a police officer, and isn’t a ‘bad guy,’ who openly carries a gun. Don’t let this take up more of your time then necessary. You can’t.

I remember when I was younger watching a Simpsons episode where Homer decided to buy a gun. He used that gun for everything from opening a beer to changing the channel on the television. He was shooting it everywhere and at everything, destroying his house and neighborhood until we were all taught the lesson that guns are bad.

I hate to admit it, but I also watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a kid. I expressly remember being confused as to why they wouldn’t use their guns in defense when they were being attacked by monsters. Now I know that sounds silly, but think about it; they were openly carrying guns and were being shot at by a crazy monster’s laser-beams or whatever it was, but they would rarely, if ever use their guns. I asked my parents why this was and they never had an answer for me.

Why do I bring those examples up? Because they’re great examples of how we are being trained by the media to be afraid of, and not want to use, guns in general.

Think about what Americans are presented on television and in movies. Guns are never used in a positive way unless it’s a rare hunting show or law enforcement is handling them. Even then we see officers shy away from guns or get admonished if their guns are fired.

Some of you may even be familiar with the television show ‘Flashpoint,’ about a tactical team that takes out criminals via sniper rifle and other methods of gun use. On its face, the show appears to shed positive light on gun ownership, but that is not the case.

David Paetkau, who is a regular on the show, says that ‘Flashpoint,’ “tries to capture the human element involved in policing and discusses how some officers end up with emotional baggage and suffering with mental illnesses like post traumatic stress disorder.”

See? Hollywood tells us yet again that if you use a gun, you are going to be mentally ill or have some sort of issue.

We need to realize that guns aren’t bad.  They make a positive difference in our society.  Sure, criminals use them to rob stores and commit murder, but police and military personnel use them to save and protect lives.

Our families use guns to hunt for the food that they eat and even protect their homes when necessary.

How soon we are forced to forget what good guns can do for us after one disgusting individual uses them for wrong.

I want you to pay attention to all the negativity that is going to be surrounding guns this week.  When you see it, write it down or save a link and send me examples.

Don’t be influenced by people who want to take your rights away by any means necessary… even exploiting tragedy.  And as always…

Be smarter than they think you are.



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  • William Beattie says:


    but only when someone shows me that a gun, of its own accord, jumped from its resting place and fires at a person or thing without any intervention by a person.

    I have seldom heard or read any reference to the 2d amendment to the Constitution and the reason why it was placed so prominently there through an amendment. It was NOT to hunt or target practice, It was as a preventative measure to ensure that the violations of the rights of a free people by the British government as were listed in the Declaration of Independence were never again be imposed by any government, more especially our own. That IS why the present administration as well as those of the past 112 years have feared it. We are helpless once a set of politicians (not statesmen by the way) but politicians are elected and in office. Our government has morphed over the years far from the intentions expressed by our founding fathers and that change has been supported by all three of the branches.

    There is promise though since not all government employees support the unclear thinking of the left. I belong to the Criminal Justice advisory committee for a Texas Council of governments. We had a meeting on the 19th of December. Naturally, the topic of conversation prior to the start of the meeting centered not on gun violence, but around the lack of support for mental health programs and the failure of the government to address that issue, recognizing that the gun is not the problem, but the people who inappropriately use them is.

    This society attempts to control and eliminate physical health problems by early identification and intervention but do not apply that same thinking toward mental health problems. A cursory review of those gun incidents that have hit headlines nation-wide have included only a miniscule reference to these problems, if at all. The focus has been on the inanimate object that is not able to defend its use. The news, instead, led by the nose those who are ignorant of the true issues involved, to the conclusion that the gun, not the person pulling its trigger, is at fault.

    A democracy, representative or true, can only exist if its citizens are both educated and informed. Our government has failed miserably on doing either.

    I guess to what I am leading is that we have only the government and ourselves to blame in that we, as citizens, are lead to incorrect conclusions and focus.

  • Earl Fuller says:

    If gun laws stop crime---- What stops drugs?


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