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Tim YoungTim  joined Absolute Rights in the spring of 2012 as Managing Editor.

Explosively funny, controversial and brutally honest are three of many ways to describe the words of Tim Young. Young, a native of Baltimore, MD, has an opinion about everything and isn’t afraid to share it.

Young earned his JD from the University of Baltimore, School of Law in 2006 and has since worked on policy ranging from FOIA to the Patriot Act. He has been consulted as an expert on campaign, social security, health care and labor policies. Although only 31, he has served as spokesperson, legal team member and manager for multiple campaigns and advised many others. His education also includes the completed coursework of a doctorate in Public Policy.

Young placed as a finalist in the DC Improv’s 2008 Funniest College Competition. He quickly went on to tour the country, hosting and performing at major comedy clubs around the United States.

Combining his political and comedic background, he has written Op-Eds for publications ranging from Washingtonian Magazine to the Huffington Post, been a featured commentator on Fox News Channel’s ‘Red Eye,’ CNN, and is a regular entertainment and political commentator on syndicated radio shows around the country. He was also covered by the London Telegraph for his political humor.

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