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damianDamian Campbell is an author, survival expert and publisher.

But more than anything… he’s a Patriot.

Damian is dead-set on getting America ready for any disaster, government flop or terrorist attack out there, and works hard to tell the American people what’s coming.

So when he saw how lost and confused most Americans are (not to mention how clueless the government is) he knew he couldn’t sit by and watch the nation he loves go down the drain.

Between his guides Survive Anything and Sold Out After Crisis he’s helped more the 60,000 Americans prepare for anything this crazy world has to throw at them. He’s always on the lookout for new ideas that can make a difference in the life of the average Patriot and bring us closer to our founding fathers.

Damian is a big believer in self-reliance, personal freedom and small-government. He lives by the motto “Prepare Now, Survive Later”, is passionate about waking America up to what’s really going on in the world, and is a member of the NRA Business Alliance.

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  • Rick Ryan says:

    Do still Have Those Ultimate Bug Out Pack Backs ???

  • Duane Williams says:

    Re: Extreme accuracy tasked ordinance
    I came up with an idea for a 50 caliber round, that would make it explode on contact with the force of a 200 pound bomb! with the concussion, but without all the shrapnel of course!
    During the Vietnam war, I sent the Pentagon two ideas for weapons. One the Cluster bomb, the other a tiny bomb that would explode when picked up, or blown by the wind out of a tree or branches....This one they never made, and I am grateful for that. Since they never acknowledged me, I won't give them the bomb bullet, but did send it to Israel


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