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Early Warning Systems Will Grant an Evacuation Head Start

Early warning systems that alert people to an impending disaster are invaluable; there can never be enough information prior to a serious crisis. However, not nearly enough people understand how to incorporate those warning systems into their own emergency preparations. Absolute Rights knows how important this can be, and wanted to do something about it.

The need for an early warning system led them to collaborate with Dave Scott, former Army Search and Rescue member, and create the “Gone Before Gridlock” system. The informational program will guide seasoned preppers and beginners alike, showing them the way to avoid the panic and stress of massive traffic gridlock, a certainty in a heavily populated area about to be hit by a storm, epidemic, or worse.

Gone Before Gridlock” awards an opportunity to escape danger ahead of the crowds, and how to plan for any and all disasters that could create a need for evacuation. “Bugging out,” as it has come to be known in the prepper scene, is only useful if people have well-established plans and routes they know will be effective.

Generating these plans is simplified with “Gone Before Gridlock,” because its members-only website includes countless pieces of information and genuine tools to create a foolproof plan. Gasoline calculators, route maps, and general planning procedures are all offered on the website, and can be accessed at any time from any Internet-capable computer or device.

The biggest misconceptions about disasters are that they just won’t happen; people believe they’ll never face the horrendous circumstances of a Hurricane Katrina or Japanese Tsunami. In reality, major catastrophes are rising in frequency, and may only increase as infrastructure, weather patterns, and civil unrest change on a daily basis.

Of course, Hollywood shares some of the blame, providing Americans with glorified ideals of unprepared folks beating the odds and surviving major disasters. In reality, the chances of getting through an earthquake, hurricane, or violent outbreak unscathed are pretty slim.

The American government isn’t 100% reliable either, which has been demonstrated all too often in recent years. The only trustworthy source of planning and execution comes from personal preparations, and personal knowledge. “Gone Before Gridlock” provides both, and will serve as one of the most important steps in any prepper’s plans.

When push comes to shove, the only way to bug out before a disaster strikes is to know ahead of time what needs to be done. While everyone else is packing their car or struggling to enter the freeway because it’s already jam-packed, users of the “Gone Before Gridlock” system will be ahead of the crowds, on their way to safety quickly and efficiently. Only the best early warning systems will provide people with the right method of evacuation, and only “Gone Before Gridlock” promises to deliver.

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