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Disaster Evacuation Strategies Available in Gone Before Gridlock

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Disaster Evacuation Strategies Available in Gone Before GridlockDisaster evacuation strategies are becoming increasingly important, especially with the anticipation of the next major catastrophe. Violence, disease, and Mother Nature are more powerful than people realize, which is why knowing how and when to evacuate should be at the top of any disaster readiness plan.

Absolute Rights is reopening the special members-based evacuation program Gone Before Gridlock for a limited time, in hopes that more people will take responsibility for their own safety should a disaster occur.

Even in the wake of recent tragic events, the overall readiness of the U.S. is lacking. Now more than ever, Americans are unable to rely on their own governments for protection and supplies.

News recently came out of a non-profit study that found many states are ill-equipped to properly handle a major emergency, proven with this Reuters article from Huffington Post.

“The assessment is based on how many of 10 key benchmarks a state met, such as whether it holds drills to make sure public health workers can respond quickly to, say, a catastrophic release of radiation, and whether its labs can work overtime to identify a mystery disease,” the article said. “This year, thirty-five states met fewer than seven of the 10 benchmarks. Only five met eight of 10.”

What could explain the poor results? The article said that “Since 2008, 48 states have cut their health budgets as the recession slashed tax revenues. Federal money for state and local preparedness, mainly funneled through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has fallen 38 percent since 2005 and at least 45,700 health-department workers lost their jobs.”

There should be more guaranteed protection, but the reality is that state and local governments are not to be completely trusted when a disaster of any kind hits an area. Evacuating will be many people’s only option, and without a well-thought out plan, traffic and panic are certainties.

That’s why Gone Before Gridlock is so vital to an overall level of preparedness. The modern world of dense populations and urban infrastructure make disasters a serious threat to survival. When waiting it out isn’t a safe option, Absolute Rights knows what it takes to get through any crisis alive. They’ve provided the proven plans and valuable tips needed to evacuate a disaster safely and swiftly, and get people out of harm’s way.

It’s unfortunate that Americans can’t rely on their governing bodies to help them in times of serious need, but the truth is they can’t. The only way to assure a safe and secure evacuation from any kind of catastrophe is to devise a plan and perfect its execution. That’s what Gone Before Gridlock does; it shares the best disaster evacuation strategies in a way that’s easy to follow and implement immediately.

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  • PEGGY SELDEN says:

    I have been trying for weeks now to view the entire video presentation about Getting Out Of Dodge the 5 plans. After getting to the part about the 1)Anticipate Unthinkable 2)Tactical Driving 3)3 water bottles to have (4) Mapping dangerous area to avoid....my antique computer shuts off. I can not get any further into the presentation.????? Don't know if others have experienced "these shut downs"....???
    Will try to call the 512 number given on this site. Please continue this valuable work for us out here in the "bond docks".


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