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  • Ishmael H. Buyco

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Was it your newsletter that had the article of the collapse of the dollar on July 1st? If it is, c
    an you send that article again to me by email, or that issue of your newsletter by email? That issue just disappeared. I would like to read it again and keep a copy. Thank you.


  • JOHN

    Verified, Some insurance companies are trying to find out if you have guns in your house and they also want the serial numbers of the guns. First one I have encountered. First name begins with ” S ” second name begins with ” F ” a major insurer.
    Blanket coverage includes guns until now. BE AWARE. It’s none of their business if you own a gun.

  • http://SONYA Sonya Stubbs

    I would like to cancel your new letter for 19.95 mo. I will need credit for 19.95 and I would like a e-mail conformation. Thanks

  • tmk6190

    I can not tell if You received My order for the free anti Hillary t-shirt plus shipping

  • Marian Liveley

    I want to buy the knife without watching 20 minutes of video!!!