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Constitution and Bill of Rights Explained by Absolute Rights Managing Editor in Newest Special Report

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Check out Constitution and Bill of Rights Explained by Absolute Rights Managing Editor in Newest Special Report at http://absoluterights.com/constitution/Constitution education is lacking in modern America, and it’s a shame how little people know about the amendments and the Bill of Rights. Luckily, Absolute Rights Managing Editor Tim Young is putting his lengthy experience as a government policy writer and Supreme Court reporter to good use. He has published Absolute Rights’ newest informational Special Report, The Secrets of the Bill of Rights.

Maybe they were forced to remember things for school, but unless an American entered a line of work that referenced the Bill of Rights regularly, odds are they forgot most of it. Without the background knowledge and a basic understanding, how could anyone defend their rights? Whether it’s a friendly debate or a serious governmental threat to freedom, having an expert perspective will give anyone an edge.

Unfortunately, when most people decide to educate themselves, they turn to the wrong sources of information. The media is biased, political parties tell lies, and government authorities say the things that will get them elected, not what’s really on their mind. Pundits and politicians will spin to their hearts content, and get Americans to believe what they are doing is perfectly legal and Constitutional.

According to the Absolute Rights description of the Bill of Rights, that’s farther than the truth than most people realize. Tim Young is helping put the Bill of Rights into perspective, and addressing the basic applications of the Constitutional Amendments to modern day life.

The laws of a dynamic and evolving country like America will continue to creep closer towards rights violations and freedom regulations if people don’t wise up. The Secrets of the Bill of Rights will show people how they can protect their own

The Special Report features the raw information needed to fully understand the Bill of Rights, and apply it to everyday life. In this one, easy-to-digest report, readers will learn what it means to be free in this country.

Truly defending one’s freedom requires a complete knowledge of individual, inalienable rights. The points of law outlined in The Secrets of the Bill of Rights are delivered in a non-bias, impartial digital document, written to be read and understood by everyday Americans. There are no twisted words, innuendos, or insinuations in the report; it includes only explanation and clarification of the historical document, and modern examples of how it applies today.

The Secrets of the Bill of Rights is the most extensive freedom-fighting report published by Absolute Rights, and the company wants to make it available to anyone concerned about their privacy and protection. To learn more about the Constitution and the historic Amendments that have shaped the American legal system, consult the Special Report from Tim Young and Absolute Rights. Find out how by visiting www.AbsoluteRights.com/reports/Secrets-of-the-Bill-of-Rights/.



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