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Congresswoman Doesn’t Realize Mags Can Be Reloaded

In case you thought for a second that the representatives in Washington, D.C. who were taking stands against your guns rights knew what they were doing, think again.

In a public forum speaking about gun control the other day, Congresswoman Diana Degette (D-CO) said in speaking about legislation designed to descrease the size of magazines that, ”

“I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

Which means that Congresswoman Degette doesn’t understand how guns work.  See, she thinks that you can’t reload magazines, so when they are shot, that’s it.

Now one can’t expect each of our representatives in Congress to be an expert on everything, but you would at least think that when there is legislation around that could significantly change our liberties and freedoms that those who oppose them would at least understand what they were opposing.

Watch her look like a complete idiot here and tell us what you think:



  1. Which is exactly how we were (and I use the term tounge in cheek) “Blessed” by Obamacare.
    No, these people are only capable of parroting the “party” line; and keeping the “narrative” alive to conjure up a public preception.
    This is again proof that the “Dumbing Down” of American citizens has worked.
    And because these “representatives” prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only intent is to deny the citizen’s the ability to defend themselves with a capability that keeps them as the “masters of a represenative governance”; most citizens realize that they too need to be on a greater footing in that self defense.
    Subsequently, more are seeking out others to be better prepared for an eventuallity that bode’s ill for the nation’s future.

  2. Congresswoman Dumbass Bitch.

  3. She’s not talking about magazines…she’s talking about ammunition! Have you tried to buy any lately? She knows you can reload a magazine, but what she said is that once it is shot, more won’t be available.(Ammunition) Wouldn’t matter then if you had 200, 50 round magazines…if the ammo dries up you have a bunch of sticks.

    It’s a whole lot easier to hit ammunition manufacturers than to try to take away guns and limit magazine capacity!

  4. Dr. Clifford N. Alford

    I would have loved to have heard that police officers response to that idiot! She really did sound like she thinks magazines are a one use item. This is the sort of thing that has made our nation become the laughing stock of the world under Obama.

  5. M – I watched the video and I think she really believes that once a “magazine clip” as she called it is shot it cannot be shot again. As stated in the article or should have been, this lady is an idiot.

    Another comment. New York and Connecticut passed comprehensive gun control law and in all the articles I read about them it was stated that the laws were put together “late at night” which to me means they didn’t want “the light of day” to see what they were doing and that is really a tact of the Democrats to circumvent any scrutiny of their actions.

  6. Dr. Clifford N. Alford

    Rabelrouser – I tried to join your Modern Militia Movement site, and it says that I need a valid zip code. Well, not having any other than the one I have makes for a bit of a problem. How about you folks fixing your website?

    • I would say try again, I dont know your info so I cant really attempt to solve this problem. But this site is growing daily and over the past 5 months has grown by several thousand patriots who Know that the time is coming when the people of this nation will again have to stand in defense of their natural God given rights.

  7. At least 75% of the people (elected by like minded voters), that are in our congress, are of the same mentally challenged, demented, intellectually stunted, mindset as the mental midget who opened her pie hole in the video. I can proudly say that I did not put them in that position.

  8. I think the best thing for this country is to have all politicians like the above specimen have a special place for them purchased by their wealthy compatriots like mayor Bloomberg and others, relocate there and remove themselves from the communal gene pool!

  9. What’s really sad is the fact that ignorant people like this demonstrate their stupidity in public. Those with her compound the error by failing to educate her about the subject matter.
    Anyone can learn the facts about a given subject thus overcoming their ignorance. They cross the line into utter stupidity when they make no effort to learn the facts.
    Are they all equally ignorant about magazines and ammunition? If so, what you have is an embarrassing collection of highly paid public officials demonstrating their stupidity. One can fairly be characterized as stupid if they fail to or are unable to overcome their ignorance. Is this what our public education system has brought us to?
    I fear it is so.

  10. DAH, This so called political genius is totally confused about high capacity magazines no doubt. If she had any smarts at all, and wanted to educate herself before looking like a total idiot. She should have picked up the appropriate magazines, and educated herself on magazines. Then she would have been totally confused about magazines. Absolutely no High Capacity what so ever . DAH Again.

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