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Congress Gets a “Much Deserved” Raise

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Hey, I’ve got an idea … since we’re about to go over the fiscal cliff, the unemployed are about to lose their benefits, the deficit exceeds more than a trillion dollars and Congress is looking for ways to cut government spending; LET’S GIVE ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES A RAISE.

Well that’s what President Barack Obama has done. By recently signing an executive order, The President has ENDED the pay freeze on federal employees.

This gives workers, members of Congress, the Supreme Court and even Vice President Joe Biden a raise. The increases will reportedly take effect in late March and be about 1/2 of 1 percent.

That doesn’t seem like much but Biden’s salary will jump from $225,521 last year to $231,900 this year. Members of Congress will also receive a raise from $174,000 to 174,900. The majority and minority leaders in both chambers will see their salaries rise to $194.400. The salary for the Speaker of the House, currently the Ohio Republican John Boehner, will increase to $224,600. Chief Justice John Roberts will be receiving $223,500, and associate justices will rise to $213,900.

Obama instituted the federal pay freeze in 2010 based on recessionary factors and budgetary concerns.

Federal employees received a pay raise in 2009 (3.9%) and again in 2010 (2%)

This raise will be welcomed by federal employees but hardly worth getting excited about.

Our government is the nation’s largest employer with more than 1.8 million full-time, permanent civilian workers. These numbers do not include the U.S. Postal Service, a quasi-independent agency with about 656,000 career employees, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which does not release employment data for security reasons, but is estimated to employ about 100,000 people.

This raise will certainly be welcomed by these federal employees but is this good move at this time?

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  • CaptTurbo says:

    Now isn't that special? I guess they need to raise the tax burden on the rest of us to continue their lifestyle of luxury. The price of champaign and caviar has gone up ya know.

  • John I says:

    Regarding the pay, and the tax rate, of those who are not struggling, versus those who are: The latter are horrified by the huge salaries that banks, and others, pay to CEOs, mostly for the reason that they are looking at the disparity with their own pay, and think it unfair. A better reason to be upset is that those high salaries reduce the amount available to pay out as dividends, for instance to the retired who have to live on investment income. So they call for a punitive rate of tax on the high earners. I submit that this will produce exactly the opposite effect to the one they seek. Say, for the sake of argument, that tax is lifted, for high incomes, from 40% to 70% (numbers just chosen to make the calculation easy). The effect is to leave the bank CEO half as much income, 30% of the gross instead of 60% of the gross. So if the tax rate is lifted by those numbers, a bank wanting to hire a CEO will double the gross salary offered - they don't care, the bank's pockets are bottomless. Whether they attract the man they want, in competition, will depend on his after tax package, not his gross. So the effect of raising the tax rate on the rich will be to widen the gap between them and the workers, the opposite effect of the one those on struggle street are crying out for. And do you really think the government will tax the workers less if it can collect a little more from the CEOs?

    • Lynnn Carroll says:

      Yeah, but it's not really that taxes that counts is it? What counts is the "appearance" of sticking it to the rich. People are too uninformed about economics to understand that when you tax the rich, you increase the price of doing bunsiness across the board. The big corporations don't pay taxes per say, they simply pass that cost on to the hapless consumer. That is not EVIL, that is COMMON SENSE! The problem with our country is not capitalism, it's the lack of proper education from K through Bachelor's degrees and beyond. Liberals rule in academia and it's their misguided (or not) ignornce of capitalism that is going to ruin our American Dream, permanently. Everything is topsy-turvy where those who succeed by producing wealth for all are the evil ones and those who produce nothing are the heroes. Today, what is sorely needed in our high schools is a course in Econ 101. Not a course in Socialism or Communism 101, which is what our students are fed today. AS long as the federal government is so deeply involved with their grants and support payments to students, we'll continue to produce brain-washed communists who are most likely to be hired by the government and continue to foster what they've been taught.

      In the world of academia, it's, "When in Rome, you do as the Romans do." In today's America, the government is Rome, just as it was in the days of Ceasar. Obama thinks deep in his heart of hearts that he is the reeincarnation of Ceasar who will do what is right for the citizens. It's all about keeping the "great unwashed masses" stupid and happy by giving whatever they desire as long as the money lasts. That is what feeds his unmeasurable ego. That is what will destroy our civilization in America.

  • Dave says:

    I've been in civil service as an electrician for 6 1/2 years up until Nov 2012 - i had'nt seen a raise since 2008 - I was permanent too - or so i thought.

  • Bud Downen says:

    Congress says they need this much deserve raise that is a bunch or Bull S___
    They should not get one dime in fact they should not receive ANY pay at unti the
    Debt is paid in FULL they cause this crises In the first place an they should be made accountable for it NOT We The People they are all nothing but a bunch of parasites that make there only rules for themselves an the HELL with the American people WAKE UP AMERICA the Washington self center Bastards don't give a Damn about the American people they only care about themselves an party so they will print more money an TAX the living Hell out of we the people an they will sit on there dead asses an laugh all the way to the Bank!!!!

  • Jacqueline L says:

    How many days, better yet how many hours, does the average Congressperson actually put in on the Hill? Heck I'll even give them credit for hours spent at Home Offices!
    Now factor in, as employers do, the amount received through benefits- including pensions after a term! $174,000 plus does not seem like a bad starting rate. I'd spend a regular 45 hours a week and take only 4 weeks vacation a year for that amount!
    However, I am living on SS and my son has been unemployed for over a year. Bankruptcy and foreclosure are in MY immediate future!

    • Tim Young says:

      And don't forget they get a nice pension after they leave... regardless how many terms they serve.

    • Danielle Preves says:

      Jaqueline, so TRUE! My husband is a salary employee who makes about 103K a year before taxes (which are about 30K combined). He works about 45 hours or more a week. He also has a part-time job as a photographer, which really doesn't bring in that much, maybe another 2500-3000 a year but he loves it. I work as a real estate agent in this sad, depressing market (don't believe the hype) and make about 50K a year before deductions. Our high-deductible health care plan costs us 8000 a year. A YEAR. We must pay 2500 out of pocket before it even kicks in, so we have a HSA which has just been reduced (thanks, congress!) And these A-holes have the balls to take a raise? For what? I would like to give a performance review right now:
      Poor. Continually votes "present" or is not available for votes.
      Poor. Lies constantly to other members as well as the American People.
      Use of office supplies:
      Poor. Cannot seem to get his/her job done with the amount of allocated funds for his/her department. Has continuously asked for more money despite being told the company (us) is losing money steadily. Ignores these facts and keeps putting in for budget increases.
      Poor. Cannot seem to take a stand on any issue he/she is presented with, despite during the interview (campaign) stated repeatedly what he/she believes in. Cannot make up his/her mind and says one thing yet in writing is very different.
      Despite constant warnings from management (us) he/she does not seem to want to change work behavior or ethics. Middle Mananagement (us) is being thwarted by the company President (guess) to get rid of these employees. Company President is not following board recommendations and is looking to take over board completely. Dire outlook for company at whole. Fiscally the company is in danger of bankruptcy, has over-extended itself and keeps borrowing to pay operating costs rather than cut back as recommended. Hostile takeover of other, smaller companies (us) has been floated around as possible solution to money shortage.

  • KG says:

    Break the people!!! They will be EASIER to control!!!!! Says the TYRANT motto!!!


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