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Citizenship Loopholes Revealed in the New Five Flags System

Citizenship loopholes are perfectly within legal rights, and are allowing Americans to earn a better life for themselves outside of the US borders. All it takes is a thorough education in the New Five Flags mentality, which is detailed in Absolute Rights’ newest updates to its informational program.

The New Five Flags features an in-depth look at the life of its creator, Johnny Mueller. Five Flags refers to five ways Mueller has found to escape the troubles of a broken American economy and a decreasing level of liberties and freedoms. Establishing other citizenships and obtaining multiple passports is a way of upgrading a personal status, and gaining advantages unheard of by the uneducated.

In the program, Mueller describes the processes he has used to earn an honest living outside the restrictions of the United States. The New Five Flags is Mueller’s training course in becoming a cultured, well-travelled person and living the life of comfort and stability all Americans deserve.

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There’s little doubt privacy, security, and liberty are becoming illusions of themselves in today’s America. The government is passing unwarranted laws, the police are harassing law abiding citizens, and violence is sweeping the nation like never before. The economic status has caused America’s spend-happy obsessions to catch up, and hardworking middle class folks are paying the price.

The truth is, gaining a foothold in another country can allow certain advantages to American citizens. They can establish credible and successful businesses, use their knowledge and skills to gain an edge, and utilize today’s modern technology to their ultimate benefit.

The Five Flags system has been dubbed a “freedom insurance policy” by Mueller. He has travelled through more than 20 countries, figuring out loopholes, investigating the systems, and produced a guidebook for total lifestyle freedom.

Included in the program are training modules that detail the ways to legally secure money, establish reputable businesses, and sustain a deserved lifestyle for years to come. True independence is achievable, as long as people have the right information and avoid the costly mistakes many have already made.

Accessing the help of the New Five Flags system will give Americans the knowledge needed to tap into the life they’ve always dreamed of. By discovering the loopholes and benefits available in multiple citizenship, people are finding more meaningful lives than ever possible in the US. To find out more about the New Five Flags, please watch this video.

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