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CBS’ ‘Amazing’ Communist Propaganda

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by Ed Farnan

Update 3/24-Amazing Race issued an apology for the insensitive Vietnam segment, which this piece was written about.
Last Sunday the prime time and popular CBS reality show “Amazing Race” found it’s contestants in Vietnam, racing through the streets of Hanoi in the shows  hybridized, scavenger hunt, searching for landmarks and clues.
To many of the viewers, this was an opportunity to see an everyday slice of life of a country that used to be our enemy. It was a time to recognize a new era and a time to mend old wounds from a violent time in both countries history.
But instead of a friendly view into a culture and country that is trying to mend ways with America and establish trade relations, it was an opportunity to assault America with communist propaganda….Pure and simple, it was a thumb in the eye to America, aided and abetted by one of the U.S. main stream media channels, CBS.
Insulting to Americans was the enshrined twisted wreckage of an American plane that resulted in the death Americans.  This wreckage played a prominent part of the show as each set of contestants had to find a waypoint at the corner of “B-52 Street.”
But to add insult to injury, contestants had to learn a song performed for them by children in front of a portrait of North Vietnam communist leader Ho Chi Minh.  Lyrics included: “Vietnam Communist Party is glorious. The light is guiding us to victory.”
This script for this show came straight out of a communist propaganda film, the only thing missing was Jane Fond manning an anti aircraft gun.
Outrage is mounting among Americans and veterans of the Vietnam war over the insensitivity of this show.  There are growing calls of a boycott and demands for  an apology from CBS as well as the producers.
It’s hard to believe the shows producers couldn’t see they were being used by the Vietnamese to insult America…Even harder to believe CBS didn’t realize what a slap in the face this would be for Americans who lost family members and loved ones during this war.
But what about the contestants on the show? Didn’t it even dawn on them that they were useful idiots in a choreographed propaganda piece used to hurt their country? Why didn’t one of them stand up and refuse to be a part of it?
A shame on CBS, Amazing Race, it’s producers and contestants.

This story was originally published on www.Irishcentral.com
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  • Bryan says:

    CBS was well aware of what it was doing, and it had little fear of catching hell for doing it. The fear of communism has been eradicated through several decades of indoctrination of today’s US (and European) citizenry. Marxist professors have become the norm in nearly ALL Universities, and even small colleges. Heck, even the high schools are saturated with radical leftist teachers who, needless to say, were schooled by their Marxist college experiences. Conservative professors and teachers have achieved “hen’s-teeth” status across the nation. Then along comes the mass media to finish the indoctrination through frequent soft-lining of socialism and outright warping of the evils of communism historically.

  • Karen says:

    Instead of CBS going to “the dogs” they’ve gone to the Communists. They are so obvious now. I can’t believe this is happening to OUR country. I think they should move to China since they think that’s such a wonderful lifestyle, maybe North Korea would even welcome them!!! They really should all “go for it”!!! I’d help pay for the ticket and I’m sure many others would too!!!

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