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Winter is fast approaching, so now is the time to prepare for it


Most Americans live in a place where the weather turns cold in winter – and many of them in places where it turns bitterly cold. Even in states well south of the winter belt – Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee, for instance – chances are good that residents will see rain, sleet, and snow this coming winter (or a combo of all three.) ...

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Drone depicts destructive damage in tornado valley

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Tornado valley is hit hard Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in tornado valley, who experienced this horrific disaster. The storm blew strong for three days across multiple states, pulverizing the land and its inhabitants as it swept through. Lives’ lost, businesses’ destroyed and homes obliterated from the disaster. As the storm hopscotched across a large swath of the U.S., ...

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Now, Global Warming Causes Cold


By James M. Taylor Faced with the embarrassment of historically cold temperatures gripping most of the nation last week, global warming alarmists claimed the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was wrong in predicting fewer cold outbreaks. Instead, the alarmists now assert, global warming causes extreme winter cold. Here are some of the latest headlines along that narrative: “How ...

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‘Warmest November?’ Tell It to NASA


By James M. Taylor Global warming activists claim this November was the warmest on record, yet NASA and NOAA satellite data show temperatures were only modestly warmer than average. The discrepancy highlights global warming activists’ desire to have not only their own opinions, but their own facts as well. NASA satellite instruments report November 2013 was merely the ninth warmest ...

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Supply and Demand and Climate Change


So the world, his wife and their pet paraquet is more than aware of the issue of climate change. It’s that global elephant in the room that politicians use as yet another excuse to introduce even more forms of legislation and taxation with which to blight the lives of ordinary folk. Only that’s not exactly true. For sure, our political ...

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Odd Strategy to Survive in the Snow?


So you’re out one night and for some reason find yourself stuck in the snow… you’re wet, you’re stranded, and you’re in trouble… what do you do? Oddly enough, many experts will tell you to get out of those wet clothes.  Wet clothes will suck the heat off of your body, increasing hypothermia and pain for you rather than warming ...

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The Aftermath of Sandy

NYC Flood

At least 16 people are dead and thousands are currently without power in the areas which were hit by Hurricane Sandy yesterday. Major cities on the East Coast still remain shut down and have very little to no transportation in them.  Electricity is also out for a majority of the North East. New York City has many flooded subway tunnels ...

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