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Self Reliance

What To Do If You Haven’t Prepared


So you haven’t prepared for the worst, and the worst happens.  What do you do? Thousands of people are affected by tornadoes, fires, flooding and other natural disasters every year.  And only a very small percentage of those people are actually ready for them. You can never anticipate what’s exactly going to happen, which is why so many people are ...

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Survival Basics: Hand Sanitation For Good Hygiene

Dirty Hands

A lot of information has been written about the need to have water for survival.  And luckily, most people have gotten the message and either store extra water in barrels, have cases or jugs of bottled water, or have a source of fresh water than can be purified with chemicals or bleach. Not mentioned, though, is the need to have ...

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A Family That Sticks Together


After a crisis, your best bet at survival has a lot to do with how you and your family function together. Working together can make all the difference after a crisis situation… but you’ll first need to prepare and know what everyone can do as a team.  A lot of times you may think of yourself, as a parent or ...

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Odd Strategy to Survive in the Snow?


So you’re out one night and for some reason find yourself stuck in the snow… you’re wet, you’re stranded, and you’re in trouble… what do you do? Oddly enough, many experts will tell you to get out of those wet clothes.  Wet clothes will suck the heat off of your body, increasing hypothermia and pain for you rather than warming ...

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Composting: It’s Not Just a Load of Crap, Part 2

Non-Hybrid Seed Kit

Hopefully you were able to read part 1 of this composting article, if not, you can find it by clicking here. Hot Stuff Microorganisms that contribute to the composting process will generate a substantial amount of heat. This is very important, as the compost needs to heat up to the point that pathogens and weed seeds are killed. To get temperatures ...

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The First Things to Go in a Crisis


New York City and New Jersey were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy… there is no way to deny that. As soon as the power went out, things got desperate, especially in New York City.  In that town, millions upon millions of people live on top of each other in high rise apartment buildings and have no place to really store ...

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Preparedness Tips for Families with Children


Dealing with survival and preparedness issues when there are young children in the household can be a challenge. Not only must parents and caregivers deal with their own stressful circumstances, they must also deal with the fears and emotions of young ones who may not fully understand the chaos and the changes that are going on around them.  Believe it ...

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