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EPA ozone regs in Texas will kill a booming economy


Texas has been a job creation machine, but the Obama administration’s weapon of mass job destruction – the EPA – has its sights set on the Lone Star state In the lackluster Obama economy, there have been a few bright spots, in spite this administration’s efforts to quash employment and boost government dependency. Initially crippled by the Great Recession and ...

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Obama’s EPA regulations will test the nation’s power grid much more than severe weather

large tornado over the road (3D rendring)

Whether caused by a [decreasing] number of major storms or because of new EPA regulations called for by President Obama, the nation’s power grid capacity will be stretched to its outer limits in the coming years As President Obama and his federal bureaucracy continue their war against coal-fired power plants – without having a plan in place to replace the plants that new Environmental Protection Agency ...

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Is the EPA is destroying electricity reliability?


President Obama, via the Environmental Protection Agency, is set to impose new rules on coal- and gas-fired power plants that will result in closure of many of them, which will, in turn, reduce electricity at a time when the country’s economy and population is expanding New rules are based on questionable science and bad policy By the time the blackouts start, ...

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The Obama administration is out to destroy small businesses – again


President Obama’s administration has issued more regulations that have been fiscally harmful to small businesses than any other before him Small businesses are the drivers of employment, and any new rules that cost them more money will translate into fewer employment opportunities Regulations, especially Obamacare, are a major reason why employment and opportunity remain suppressed By Charles Greene The current administration ...

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Al Gore should be indicted for fraud


The former vice president, and others, have predicted that by now, there would be minimal polar ice in existence because of Man-caused ‘global warming’ Climate data indicates that polar ice has doubled in just the last two years Al Gore has advanced and enriched himself pushing phony climate change propaganda, which has been used to adopt punishing public policies that have damaged key ...

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Supply and Demand and Climate Change


So the world, his wife and their pet paraquet is more than aware of the issue of climate change. It’s that global elephant in the room that politicians use as yet another excuse to introduce even more forms of legislation and taxation with which to blight the lives of ordinary folk. Only that’s not exactly true. For sure, our political ...

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Gas Rationing Hits NYC


Just because you don’t hear about the aftermath of hurricane Sandy in the news every day doesn’t mean that New Yorkers are still hurting. Gas rationing has hit New York and New Jersey in a big way.  Lines have been hours long in both areas as people wait just to get a few gallons of fuel to fill their cars ...

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