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What you need to know about ‘bug-out bags’


Perhaps one of the most important elements to your overall disaster, “stuff hits the fan” preparation plan is figuring out what you will take with you in the first critical hours. Thus, the “bug out bag” – a portable collection of your most necessary, most vital items – can literallybecome a life-or-death investment of your time now, while you have the opportunity to consider ...

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Liberty alert: Cyber Crime (Infographic)

cyber crime

One of the biggest emerging threats to liberty in the 21st century is cyber crime. Privacy in the Technology Age is difficult enough, but the issue is being compounded as more of our daily lives are taking place online. Even if you don’t shop via the Internet, information about you is gathered (and therefore liable to be stolen) every time you swipe ...

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Don’t feed Monsanto – Feed yourself


Not content with being the galaxy’s largest agricultural corporation, Monsanto recently hauled hundreds of farmers into court, alleging they violated the agri-giant’s copyright violations for alleged repeated usage of the company’s patented seeds. It was a case that, frankly, surprised a number of legal eagles and other observers, but the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear it anyway after it ...

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Microchip implant will become necessary to live

microchip implant, technology, science, privacy

Phone technology will transition to microchip implant You might not like or believe it, but odds are something is tracking you. Your cell phone or other technological device you use on a daily basis has a RFID chip inside of it that documents your location. A transmitter can determine your location through a 15 digit code the chip releases. Those ...

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Spy Harder

photos-of-the-NSA, cyber-warfare, domestic-spying, Edward-snowden,

If you’re like me, you are drawn to the fictionalized world of spies, espionage and international intrigue. When scrolling through your TV channels, you’ll stop and watch one of the Bourne movies even though you’ve seen it before. You stop whatever you’re doing for the day when you see there’s a James Bond marathon running through the weekend, or for ...

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Drone depicts destructive damage in tornado valley

tornado alley, weather, tornado damage, tornado,

Tornado valley is hit hard Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in tornado valley, who experienced this horrific disaster. The storm blew strong for three days across multiple states, pulverizing the land and its inhabitants as it swept through. Lives’ lost, businesses’ destroyed and homes obliterated from the disaster. As the storm hopscotched across a large swath of the U.S., ...

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Cloning you can believe in?

human cloning, stem cells, government debate

Pro-life Americans have regularly opposed stem-cell research because of our belief in the sanctity of human life. Creating embryos merely to harvest their stem cells before destroying them isn’t exactly the kind of death and torture practiced by the psychopathic abortionist Kermit Gosnell, but it is destruction of otherwise viable life nonetheless and is anathema to the pro-life movement. Now, ...

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