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The Obama administration is out to destroy small businesses – again


President Obama’s administration has issued more regulations that have been fiscally harmful to small businesses than any other before him Small businesses are the drivers of employment, and any new rules that cost them more money will translate into fewer employment opportunities Regulations, especially Obamacare, are a major reason why employment and opportunity remain suppressed By Charles Greene The current administration ...

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Winter is fast approaching, so now is the time to prepare for it


Most Americans live in a place where the weather turns cold in winter – and many of them in places where it turns bitterly cold. Even in states well south of the winter belt – Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee, for instance – chances are good that residents will see rain, sleet, and snow this coming winter (or a combo of all three.) ...

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ALL Americans will be microchipped in less than three years


Remember the “mark of the beast” from the Bible? Well, guess what? Looks like it might finally be coming to pass, and all Americans – of all religious backgrounds (and the non-religious) are about to get marked by the massive beast of government. For the record, the “mark of the beast” was referred to in the Book of Revelation, 13:16: It also ...

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Al Gore should be indicted for fraud


The former vice president, and others, have predicted that by now, there would be minimal polar ice in existence because of Man-caused ‘global warming’ Climate data indicates that polar ice has doubled in just the last two years Al Gore has advanced and enriched himself pushing phony climate change propaganda, which has been used to adopt punishing public policies that have damaged key ...

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Bugging in or bugging out: What’s the right move?


When stuff hits the fan, the natural tendency for people is to gather what they can and leave the area. But is that the right thing for you to do? We’ve discussed the basics of putting together a “bug out bag” – a backpack, ruck sack, duffel bag, or some other device you can carry – at length (here, here, ...

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What you need to know about ‘bug-out bags’


Perhaps one of the most important elements to your overall disaster, “stuff hits the fan” preparation plan is figuring out what you will take with you in the first critical hours. Thus, the “bug out bag” – a portable collection of your most necessary, most vital items – can literallybecome a life-or-death investment of your time now, while you have the opportunity to consider ...

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Liberty alert: Cyber Crime (Infographic)

cyber crime

One of the biggest emerging threats to liberty in the 21st century is cyber crime. Privacy in the Technology Age is difficult enough, but the issue is being compounded as more of our daily lives are taking place online. Even if you don’t shop via the Internet, information about you is gathered (and therefore liable to be stolen) every time you swipe ...

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