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The GOP should take a stand for liberty in Patriot Act vote


Protecting the country and following the Constitution should not be an ‘either/or’ proposition In 2011, Congress passed and President Obama signed another four-year extension of the USA Patriot Act, the ubiquitous piece of 9/11-era legislation that has been the bane of privacy advocates since it was leaked in December 2005 that the National Security Agency was spying on Americans. You ...

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EPA ozone regs in Texas will kill a booming economy


Texas has been a job creation machine, but the Obama administration’s weapon of mass job destruction – the EPA – has its sights set on the Lone Star state In the lackluster Obama economy, there have been a few bright spots, in spite this administration’s efforts to quash employment and boost government dependency. Initially crippled by the Great Recession and ...

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What liberals get wrong about fracking is everything


Liberalism is standing in the way of fracking progress, along with greater energy independence for the United States and incredible economic opportunities for more Americans If it were up to liberals, the most innovative, profit-generating, wealth-creating, liberating American enterprise of the 21st century would not exist. Tens of thousands of Americans would still be out of work or earning far ...

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Obama’s new cyber security proposals are privacy killers


The president is rightfully concerned about protecting the country from cyber attacks and large-scale hacking, but his ‘fix’ may be worse than the problem, at least where constitutional protections are concerned President Obama will sign a new executive order setting in motion greater cooperation between government and businesses in the sharing of cyber-threat information, as part of a broader effort ...

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Obama’s EPA regulations will test the nation’s power grid much more than severe weather

large tornado over the road (3D rendring)

Whether caused by a [decreasing] number of major storms or because of new EPA regulations called for by President Obama, the nation’s power grid capacity will be stretched to its outer limits in the coming years As President Obama and his federal bureaucracy continue their war against coal-fired power plants – without having a plan in place to replace the plants that new Environmental Protection Agency ...

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The U.S. is Not Prepared for CYBER WARFARE


The potential to destroy an enemy nation’s functional infrastructure has become greater. Think of cyber warfare as the modern day equivalent of carpet-bombing cities during World War II, the aim of which was to reduce the enemy’s ability to make war by attacking population bases and destroying the commerce necessary to wage war. By Jon E. Dougherty In 2010, the ...

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Is the EPA is destroying electricity reliability?


President Obama, via the Environmental Protection Agency, is set to impose new rules on coal- and gas-fired power plants that will result in closure of many of them, which will, in turn, reduce electricity at a time when the country’s economy and population is expanding New rules are based on questionable science and bad policy By the time the blackouts start, ...

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