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Federal land grabs make us more dependent on foreign oil


President Obama uses existing federal law to soak up more state property so he can “protect” it from oil and gas exploration, further hampering the local and national economies and depriving millions of a better life By Derek Sun With all of the national and state parks that contain millions of acres of land, one would think that there is ...

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Obama has tanked the U.S. economy


President Obama says the economy is doing better and jobs are coming back but the numbers, as usual, don’t jibe with his claims If Barack Obama was president of a major corporation instead of the leader of the free world, he would have been fired years ago and banished from the business community forever. But he’s not; he is the most ...

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Obama wants his EPA to finish off the oil and gas industry


The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is imposing new rules on an already embattled energy sector, and they just might spell the beginning of the end of affordable fuels By Derek Sun In an attempt to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make a dent in rising global temperatures, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it would regulate methane amounts released ...

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The time for talking to Iran is over


Endless nuclear negotiations with a much-less-powerful enemy will not produce the kind of results that are good for the U.S. and its allies, so it’s time to just walk away – but will Obama do that? Midnight Wednesday was supposed to be a big deal in the U.S.-led nuclear talks with Iran, for it marked a big, bright red line ...

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Obama out to punish Menendez over Iran with bogus ethics prosecution


‘DON’T CROSS ME’ – An angry president is getting even the old-fashioned way, using petty charges of ethics violations to punish a Senate Dem who opposes him over Iran deal No doubt Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, one of the lawmakers who helped pass Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, ever imagined that a president of his own party would target ...

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Yemen collapse drives home failure of Obama’s foreign policy


Another ally in the war against terror, Yemen, has disintegrated, thanks to the Obama strategy of ‘hand’s off,’ but we’re not supposed to look at the collapse as a failure of White House foreign policy By Jon E. Dougherty President Obama’s foreign policy strategy for the Middle East, such as it is, took another turn for the worse when the ...

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Obama’s Iran deal will give birth to nukes of the Arab Spring


The legacy Barack Obama leaves in the Middle East will not be one of peace and stability, but of nuclear volatility if his Iran deal goes through By Jon E. Dougherty President Obama is in search of a legacy in the Middle East. He wants to be the U.S. leader who re-opened the long-closed dialogue between Washington and the Islamic ...

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