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Barack Hussein Alinsky is no ‘man of the people’


President Obama claims he’s working on behalf of ‘the middle class,’ but the fact is what he has proposed to do and what he has already done have never been popular with a majority of Americans By Jon E. Dougherty President Barack Obama, the “constitutional law professor,” doesn’t seem to grasp the uniquely American concept of “consent of the governed.” After ...

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Neither Obama nor Republicans talked about restoring liberty during State of the Union


As more of our liberty is consumed by bigger and bigger government, our leaders respond with ideas that will only hasten freedom’s demise By Jon E. Dougherty On Tuesday we ran a story detailing how much new regulations issued by the Obama administration in 2014 were going to cost the economy this year (and beyond). The figure was hardly insignificant – $181.5 billion in new ...

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Is the EPA is destroying electricity reliability?


President Obama, via the Environmental Protection Agency, is set to impose new rules on coal- and gas-fired power plants that will result in closure of many of them, which will, in turn, reduce electricity at a time when the country’s economy and population is expanding New rules are based on questionable science and bad policy By the time the blackouts start, ...

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Is Obama trying to turn Cuba into the 51st state?


President Obama’s foreign policy liberalism is fraught with risk and doomed to failure Critics note that ‘normalizing’ relations with communist Cuba is akin to rewarding bad behavior The Castro regime has never been steeped in democracy, and Obama’s gestures are not likely to change its behavior President Barack Obama’a foreign policy and national security teams have not demonstrated much acumen for their ...

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No, the White House was NOT vindicated by the recent House Benghazi report


A number of findings in a recently released House Intelligence Committee report clear some officials, condemn others, and still leave many details yet to be fully explained Left-wing liberals in the media and political world have taken a recently disclosed House report about Benghazi and, in particular, the Obama administration’s role in what happened there, wildly out of context. That ...

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