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Deaths of illegal alien children on Obama’s hands


By Charles Greene Crossing the Mexico-U.S. border illegally has always been a risky proposition. The entire two thousand-mile stretch separating the two countries is notoriously harsh and desolate. There are many dangers – if the heat doesn’t kill you, the snakes might. Crossing the Rio Grande River along the Texas border can also be extremely perilous, with its deceptively calm-looking ...

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What anarchy looks like

sickness_US border

Longtime observers of the deterioration in American politics and economics have often predicted that the end result would be the same as it is in all nations: a breakdown of the civil society, resulting in anarchy among the masses. Little did they know that the first signs of anarchy would come not from the populace at large, but from within the federal power structure. Thanks ...

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IRS: Scandal Central under Obama


With each passing week it has become more apparent that the Internal Revenue Service is being managed by bureaucrats who have a distinct anti-conservative, anti-constitutional mindset, and that does not bode well for the Republic. On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that lawmakers investigating the IRS’ lopsided targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status prior to the 2012 elections released ...

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U.S. Foreign Policy: Politics, Myopia are Recipe for Disaster


By Clay Windham I considered giving this piece a title like “Boffins Baffled by Obama’s Bumbling Abroad”, but aside from being annoyingly alliterative, it would narrow the scope exclusively to the current administration’s foreign policy failures. I believe it’s important to recognize that the same types of problems existed before this latest POTUS first took the oath of office. In ...

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Eric Holder: Surviving epic failure


No matter what your take on Eric Holder’s politics or his performance as President Obama’s Attorney General, the man deserves grudging admiration for two qualities: his natural tenaciousness and maverick approach. Though some would no doubt argue otherwise, Holder has not exactly been Obama’s lapdog. Sure, their overall vision and goals are quite similar, but the two have held very ...

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Are Democrats making America ungovernable?


The latest Gallup numbers are in regarding Americans’ attitudes toward their governmental institutions and they are bad: Just 7 percent of us say we have any confidence at all in Congress, and less than one-third, 29 percent, have faith in the White House. These numbers are not simply abysmal; they are dangerous. If you can remember your high school civics ...

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Illegal aliens getting the care veterans have been denied


What does the current illegal immigration crisis along our Southwest border have in common with the recent VA scandal? Nothing – and everything. If you wanted to know what the Obama administration truly believes is important, where the president’s sentiments lie and with whom, you need not look any further than these two issues. You may recall that the centerpiece ...

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