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Obama doubles down in Afghanistan

us troops_afghanistan

At one point, President Obama was rushing for the exit in Afghanistan, but now, tainted by what happened following the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the president has decided to stick it out a little longer Most Americans believed that, by the end of last year, President Obama was determined to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the same way he ...

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Capital gains taxes affect more than just ‘the rich’


Taxing the rich has been a popular liberal rallying point for decades and President Obama has used it to great effect, but his new ‘tax-the-rich’ proposal will snag more than just America’s wealthy Tax and spend. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. President Obama’s left-wing economic agenda hasn’t changed much since he took office, and it doesn’t look like it ...

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Obama’s call for mandatory voting has nothing to do with civil rights


President Obama just recommended we ditch our republican form of government for mob rule because he thinks it will perpetuate Democratic power into the foreseeable future A couple days ago, President Obama once again used class warfare and a potential threat to civil rights as his impetus for suggesting that voting in America ought to be mandatory. According to the ...

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Laid-off U.S. workers’ plea to curb importation of cheap labor falls on deaf ears in Washington, corporate boardrooms

H-1B visa

There is a growing disconnect between American workers, the companies that used to employ them and the elected representatives in Washington who are supposed to look out for their best interests, first and foremost Few people know who Jay Parker is, but he made an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in which he pleaded for Congress to ...

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Proponents of big government status quo already attacking House GOP budget that kills Obamacare, reforms entitlements

2016 budget

House conservatives are attempting to use the budget process to downsize the federal government, reform its most expensive entitlement programs and denude Obamacare, but big government proponents are already attacking them Conservatives in the House are once again attempting to kill off the worst piece of entitlement legislation in a generation, while at the same time giving states more authority ...

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The consequences of no Iran deal would be nil


President Obama seeks to cut a deal with Iran that would keep its nuclear infrastructure intact, which would be the worst kind of deal possible, especially for our only real ally in the region, Israel The Left is positively apoplectic over a letter signed by 47 Senate Republicans and sent to Iran’s Ayatollah stating that any deal reached between him ...

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