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Congress MUST take control back from the bureaucracy


The growth of the federal bureaucracy has led to a decline in constitutional republicanism, and here’s the really bad news: It’s only getting worse They say that elections have consequences, and that is very much true, at least in terms of presidential races. Imagine how much different the country might look if Barack Obama had not won two terms in ...

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Well, Obama issued executive amnesty: Will Republicans stand for it?


As he has promised to do for months, President Obama launched a broadside against the U.S. Constitution last night, introducing a plan to enact executive amnesty despite having zero legal authority to do so Republican leaders have vowed to block or oppose Obama’s amnesty, but what are they really prepared to do? The vast Republican base hates amnesty, doesn’t want it ...

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Should Congress vote on Obama’s Iraq-Syria air war?


Only a handful of times have U.S. presidents sought congressionally approved declarations of war before committing American military forces to battle, but that is the method called for by the Constitution The constitutionality of the War Powers Act of 1973 has never been successfully challenged in court because the Judicial Branch refuses to hear the case President Obama is merely ...

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The GOP should go to court if Obama acts alone on amnesty


President Obama has threatened to enact amnesty for millions of illegal aliens after the 2014 midterm elections Such a move, Republicans charge, is unconstitutional; amnesty, they say, must be legislated, not signed into effect by the Executive Branch The Judicial Branch may be the only other constitutional way, short of impeachment, to successfully challenge the president By Charles Greene President Obama has ...

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Eric Holder is the most racist attorney general ever

Eric Holder

Practically everything Eric Holder, Jr., did while serving as U.S. attorney general was centered around, focused or premised on alleged ‘racism’ Yes, we know – minorities aren’t capable of being racists. That’s what left-wing Democrats have told America for years. It’s simply not possible because, you know, being minorities and all, they don’t have the kind of power that majority ...

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Obamacare’s taxing and spending provisions are illegal


Another federal court says IRS-instituted provisions calling for taxing and spending by the federal government are plainly unconstitutional It is the latest in a string of lower court rulings casting aside the provisions, which allow for payment of federal subsidies to lower-income Americans buying health insurance coverage in states that have not set up Obamacare exchanges Observers say the cases are likely to be reviewed ...

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Obama’s Justice Department Does not Want to Find Lois Lerner


Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner has been held in contempt of Congress but the U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C., has never brought her case before a federal grand jury, as he is required by law to do The U.S. attorney is an Obama appointee, and though he apparently can’t locate Ms. Lerner, Politico had no trouble doing so It doesn’t appear likely ...

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