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A win for privacy: High Court rules against police cell phone snooping


In a ruling that helps restore at least a modicum of constitutional privacy and due process protections in the digital age, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that police must first obtain a search warrant before snooping through suspects’ cell phones. Police agencies argued that searching through a cell phone was no different than asking someone to empty their pockets, but ...

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SCOTUS supports Michigan voters in Affirmative Action ban

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According to the Associated Press, The Supreme Court has upheld Michigan voters’ 2006 decision to amend their state constitution. Michigan’s Proposition 2 banned the use of racial preferences in public school admissions and government hiring better known as Affirmative Action. In a 6-2 decision Tuesday, SCOTUS ruled that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 2012 decision that Proposition 2 is discriminatory was wrong.   Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the ...

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SCOTUS votes to uphold First Amendment, strikes down campaign donor limits


First Amendment of the Constitution Upheld The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that campaign contributors should not be limited by how many candidates they can contribute to during an election, though justices left in place the limits on contributions to individual candidates. In the biggest campaign finance ruling since 2010, a divided SCOTUS voted against limits in federal law on overall ...

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Religious Freedom goes to Court


Today two cases will be presented in front of the Supreme Court that could have lasting impacts on the future of religious freedom in America. Privately owned businesses Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. are suing the United States based on their objections on being forced to provide immoral contraception methods through their insurance plans. Provisions in Obamacare mandate ...

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NSA ‘Transparency’ Will Be Clear as Mud


By Bob Barr Last Friday, President Barack Obama delivered his long-awaited speech addressing recent revelations that the federal government, especially the National Security Agency (NSA), has been engaged in a massive program surveilling the communications of virtually every American who uses a cell phone or other internet-based device. Obama, who claims to head the most “transparent” presidency ever, spoke glowingly ...

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Heroes Bringing the Constitution Back?


By Nat Henthoff On Dec. 16, a federal judge’s ruling may have marked a historic turning point in the civil war between President Barack Obama and those Americans intent on preventing the executive branch from being the sole rule of law while We The People are no longer a self-governing republic. The next day, the lead editorial in The New York Times concerning Klayman ...

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