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Top 5 laws the GOP should repeal in 2015

Washington DC

With congressional majorities and a Democrat in the White House, Republicans will still have a tough time moving their agenda, but they have an opportunity nonetheless to reestablish themselves as the party of small government – and they should  Though Republicans now control both chambers of Congress, the party still has a formidable task ahead in trying to genuinely reform the ...

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If GOP establishment picks Jeb Bush for 2016, conservatives should bolt for another party


What should conservatives do if the party machine buys Jeb Bush and makes him the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee? Bolt, of course By Jon E. Dougherty Some conservative political analysts have opined that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced recently that he was further exploring his options to run for the GOP presidential nomination as a means of pre-empting all other ...

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Should Jeb Bush run for president as a Democrat?


There is little excitement among the GOP base for a Jeb Bush candidacy, but that doesn’t seem to phase the Republican donor class or the man they have ordained The next Bush in line in the ongoing narcissistic governing dynasty from Texas would appear to be Jeb, former governor of Florida, son of GHW and brother to GW. What are conservatives ...

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Should The GOP Pass These New Tax Cuts And Reforms?


The new Republican majority may consider a number of tax reforms that would result in lower rates for both individuals and corporations GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has said he wants to make tax reform a priority There is some indication that even a few Democrats would support some of the GOP’s tax proposals  Will the massive Republican victories ...

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There Will Never Be A Convention Of States


Article V Convention of the States is a constitutional tool given us by the founders to get around an unresponsive federal government drunk with power We have some bad news for American conservatives: The leaders of our party, the once Grand Old Party, are trying to figure out a way to win elections without us, and if or when they do, they ...

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The midterms are over – let the GOP betrayals begin


The 2014 midterms are barely a month hence, and already the Republican leadership has proven to its party base that no, it can’t govern, at least according to the mandate the GOP was given by the electorate Normally, we try not to “pile on,” but when something stinks this badly, we’re happy to jump on the bandwagon. The 2014 midterms are barely ...

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