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Well, Obama issued executive amnesty: Will Republicans stand for it?


As he has promised to do for months, President Obama launched a broadside against the U.S. Constitution last night, introducing a plan to enact executive amnesty despite having zero legal authority to do so Republican leaders have vowed to block or oppose Obama’s amnesty, but what are they really prepared to do? The vast Republican base hates amnesty, doesn’t want it ...

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Can Mike Lee fix Congress?


Voters installed Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress during the Nov. 4 midterms for a reason: Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to President Obama’s lawlessness and Harry Reid’s obstinance But Americans were also voicing their opinions about opposition to “business as usual” government Sen. Mike Lee of Utah lays out a five-step plan for advancing a conservative agenda for government – for the ...

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This top Republican wants to surround the White House if Obama enacts executive amnesty


GOP lawmakers appear emboldened by the massive midterms giving Republicans a congressional majority in both chambers Obama announced during last Wednesday’s post-election news conference that he was ready to act unilaterally on immigration, and key Republican leaders in Congress have been swift and fierce in their reactions Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King warned that if President Obama introduces sweeping measures granting ...

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Shameful NAACP can’t even congratulate South Carolina’s first African American senator because he’s a Republican


One of the notable highlights of this year’s midterms was the election of South Carolina’s Tim Scott, an African-American, to the United States Senate Scott becomes his state’s first African-American U.S. senator, but because he’s a Republican, he has gotten no recognition or congratulations from one of the nation’s oldest civil rights groups, the NAACP Interestingly, the NAACP had already given ...

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2016: The GOP base hates a Chris Christie or Jeb Bush candidacy


While Republicans bask in historic victories, the GOP base hates all of that same establishment’s handpicked, ordained 2016 presidential hopefuls A new survey finds that twice as many people say Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Rand Paul would not make good presidents as say that they would There is no reason to believe that the Republican Establishment learned anything from Tuesday’s midterm ...

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Democrats win big on issues Americans care about the least


A new survey shows that Republicans are the least tone-deaf when it comes to issues that voters care about most The issues most appealing to Democrats are those most voters care about the least The GOP advantage could carry them to victory in the Senate in a few days As the Nov. 4 election approaches, Republicans are hopeful they will enlarge ...

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