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The new Tea Party ‘establishment?’


The only time the phrases “Tea Party movement” and “Republican Establishment” were to be used in the same conversation was to discuss how divergent the two political ideologies are. After all, if there was no GOP version of Big Government elitism then there would have been no need for a small-government counter-movement, so the narrative goes. My, how a couple ...

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Cutting corporate finance freeloading


Can we put an end to corporate finance welfare programs? If the Republicans are really looking to become the party that reforms Washington (no, really) they can start by ending welfare as we know it – for corporations. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin appears to be one of the few Republicans who are serious about this. He’ll run up against ...

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Top 10 Conservative Hollywood Stars


Tinsel Town is best known for its outspoken left-wingers promoting hybrid cars and pretending their views are “for the people” despite their financial and social separation. Even so, rational conservatives do exist in Los Angeles; you just have to know where to look for them. Here is a list of ten of Hollywood’s brightest conservative stars bucking the liberal standard. ...

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Old Clinton transcript reveals Democrat revulsion of Republicans

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If Republicans ever wanted to know what top Democratic leaders really think of them, a recently released transcript of conversations inside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office ought to clear it up once and for all. What do Democrats think of Republicans? Honestly, not much. In discussing his upcoming State of the Union Address in the early days of 1999, Clinton mused ...

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GOP is out front, but can it stay there?

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Talk about climate change. The political climate, that is. For Democrats. When Barack Obama swept into office in 2008, along with Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress, liberals were uncontrollably ecstatic. Mandate for the millennium, they shouted. Liberalism had finally laid waste to “extremist” conservatism. That Obama-induced “thrill” would forever race up the chunky, aging legs of Chris Matthews. ...

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Why are Republicans still listening to Karl Rove?

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Establishment Republican political strategist Karl Rove’s heyday came during George W. Bush’s two terms, but why Republicans are continuing to listen to this man’s advice is puzzling, given his win-loss record since. Rove was, of course, Bush’s top political hand and advisor. He was there when Bush – armed with a Republican congressional majority for six of his eight years ...

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