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The GOP should take a stand for liberty in Patriot Act vote


Protecting the country and following the Constitution should not be an ‘either/or’ proposition In 2011, Congress passed and President Obama signed another four-year extension of the USA Patriot Act, the ubiquitous piece of 9/11-era legislation that has been the bane of privacy advocates since it was leaked in December 2005 that the National Security Agency was spying on Americans. You ...

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The New York Times can’t count Ted Cruz out


The ‘paper of record’ is already discounting Sen. Ted Cruz’s chances at capturing the 2016 GOP nomination, but the Editorial Board of the Old Gray Lady has gotten it wrong before  By Richard W. Black When The New York Times ran an article entitled, “Why Ted Cruz Is Such a Long Shot”, it could not have drawn more wrong and ...

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Romney says he would not have traded for Bergdahl


Two-time GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney says we don’t leave soldiers behind – but we also don’t negotiate with terrorists He tried twice to become the nation’s commander-in-chief but came up short both times. Nevertheless, two-time GOP presidential contender and onetime nominee Mitt Romney said if he were elected president in 2012, he would not have traded five of the ...

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Rand Paul unimpressed with Ted Cruz candidacy

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The two Tea Party favorites will likely be facing off in the coming months as both vie for the GOP presidential nomination, as Paul tries early on to distinguish himself from conservative Cruz The GOP presidential race became a little clearer with the official announcement Monday by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that he will seek to become the party’s standard-bearer ...

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Republicans urged to discount Gov. Scott Walker’s ‘story’


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has yet to announce whether he will seek the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, but there are already efforts afoot to convince conservatives voters to challenge his credentials As he gets closer to an anticipated decision to run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been telling eager audiences his story – ...

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2016: Ted Cruz makes first bid for conservative vote with GOP prez announcement


Ted Cruz’s splashy entry into the 2016 race Monday intensifies the early battle to consolidate conservative voters who are intent on denying the Republican Party establishment yet another presidential nomination. In a primary fight more up for grabs than Republicans have seen in a generation, at least a half-dozen credible contenders are likely to join Cruz in competing for the hearts of ...

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