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Which political party am I?

which political party am i?

You ever just googled, “which political party am I?” You might be surprised, but hundreds of people do it every day. American politics is predominantly a two party system comprised by Democrats and Republicans. Yet as of 2014, a record 42% of Americans identify themselves as “Independents”. As people evolve so do politics. Political parties change, new parties emerge and attempt ...

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Rand Paul’s populism: Will it work?

Rand Paul, Populism, Berkeley Speech, Libertarians, Election 2016

How did a Rand Paul speech at Berkeley, one of the most liberal educational bastions on the planet, get a standing ovation? And yet Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky did, just last week. In a speech about the sins of the NSA, in which Paul railed against the spy agency’s blanket surveillance of Americans, he frankly, plainly, told his young ...

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Top 10 Conservative Hollywood Stars


Tinsel Town is best known for its outspoken left-wingers promoting hybrid cars and pretending their views are “for the people” despite their financial and social separation. Even so, rational conservatives do exist in Los Angeles; you just have to know where to look for them. Here is a list of ten of Hollywood’s brightest conservative stars bucking the liberal standard. ...

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Poll: Federal Leviathan Too Big, Powerful


Rights suffer under the weight of a massive centralized government, as a majority of Americans have begun to realize, according to a just-released Gallup survey. In its “Mood of the Nation” poll, Gallup reported that fully 65 percent of Americans are “dissatisfied” with the way government works, the highest level since 2001. Moreover, dissatisfaction “with the nation’s system of government ...

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Downsizing Government Waste

Bloated government

By Chris Edwards I’ve followed federal budget issues for two decades, and there has been a never-ending stream of scandals regarding wasteful spending. Programs do not work, officials get caught frittering away taxpayer money, and many unscrupulous people are ripping off federal benefits. The Obamacare website disaster and the recent (and huge) disability fraud bust in New York City are just the ...

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Heroes Bringing the Constitution Back?


By Nat Henthoff On Dec. 16, a federal judge’s ruling may have marked a historic turning point in the civil war between President Barack Obama and those Americans intent on preventing the executive branch from being the sole rule of law while We The People are no longer a self-governing republic. The next day, the lead editorial in The New York Times concerning Klayman ...

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