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Kathleen Sebelius resigns amidst Obamacare fail


Kathleen Sebelius resigns as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). President Barack Obama will announce the resignation of Sebelius and the appointment of Sylvia Mathews Burwell Friday morning, though it’s been reported that Sebelius offered her resignation earlier this week. Sebelius oversaw the disaster of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and is associated with its ...

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Conservatives, meet the Steyer brothers


Conservatives who are tired of the liberal hypocrisy surrounding left-wing criticism over the “influence” of Charles and David Koch now have their own target of opportunity: The Steyer Brothers. Republicans, meet Jim and Tom Steyer, the Democratic version of the Koch Brothers. Here’s Tom, as he addressed the Democratic National Convention in 2012: And here’s Jim, discussing his joint venture ...

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Democrats: Party of the Elite

Harry Reid, Senator, Obama, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, rich politicians, elite theory

When the conversation turns to the rich, the powerful and the elite, it means we’re talking about Republicans – right? Well, sure, there are some pretty well-heeled politicians, business leaders and entrepreneurs who are Republicans. But what about Democrats? Are they all poor, destitute and weak? Hardly. In fact, even as Democrats in Washington try to hang that label once ...

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EPA: Just another Democrat constituency

EPA, FOIA, IRS, Democrats,

How can you tell there is another election cycle coming up this year? Easy – another federal agency, the EPA, is going all in for Democrats while doing its best to stick a bureaucratic stick in the eye of Republicans. Opposition research is nothing new in political contests. Both major parties engage in it, and it’s likely that Libertarians will ...

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Old Clinton transcript reveals Democrat revulsion of Republicans

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Republicans, Democrat, State of the Union, document, james byrd, tom delay,

If Republicans ever wanted to know what top Democratic leaders really think of them, a recently released transcript of conversations inside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office ought to clear it up once and for all. What do Democrats think of Republicans? Honestly, not much. In discussing his upcoming State of the Union Address in the early days of 1999, Clinton mused ...

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Nixon Faces Threat of Impeachment

Nixon Impeached, Jay Nixon, Richard Nixon, Missouri, Governor of Missouri,

No, not that Nixon. The headline refers to Jay Nixon, the Democratic Governor of Missouri. Some are getting fed up with his willingness to violate the state’s Constitution in order to impose a liberal agenda: Rep. Nick Marshall, R-Parkville, has filed articles of impeachment in the first step toward attempting to remove Gov. Jay Nixon from office. The resolution cites ...

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