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Obama’s call for mandatory voting has nothing to do with civil rights


President Obama just recommended we ditch our republican form of government for mob rule because he thinks it will perpetuate Democratic power into the foreseeable future A couple days ago, President Obama once again used class warfare and a potential threat to civil rights as his impetus for suggesting that voting in America ought to be mandatory. According to the ...

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Will we manage to keep our republic?


Our founders gave us a near-perfect system of government and then were forced to trust its posterity to imperfect beings, so it’s no wonder we have Obama, feckless Republican leaders and a constitutional crisis on our hands “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” That is the reply Dr. Benjamin Franklin gave to a woman who asked him, upon ...

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Pulling Illinois back from the brink won’t be easy, but Rauner is starting fast


For years Illinois Democrats have lavished taxpayer funds on unionized state employees, but the current Republican governor is doing what he can to reverse the economic death spiral such fiscal policies created Liberals are doing their best to ruin the state of Illinois, but the Republican governor there is fighting back, against all odds. Last month newly elected Gov. Bruce Rauner ...

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FCC’s Net Neutrality rules nothing more than ‘lawless’ act


The Federal Communication Commission’s planned ‘Net Neutrality’ rules are going to do to the Internet what the ‘Affordable Care Act’ did to healthcare Throughout the course of the nation’s history there has always been political intrigue, political theater, and political posturing in Washington, D.C. Parties, presidents, judges and Congress have all competed for power, stretching the limits of their authority ...

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McConnell’s plan to pass DHS funding is the definition of political cowardice


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thought he had a way to force Democrats to support a House-passed bill that funds DHS but not the President’s executive amnesty, however, he decided to blink instead, demonstrating once more the dearth of GOP leadership in the ‘august’ upper chamber Republican leaders have not shown much backbone in dealing with obstinate Democrats or President Obama when ...

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Congress fiddles (and spends) while our debt prepares to burn


The national debt, coupled with trillions in unfunded liabilities, is a debt bomb waiting to explode, and few on Capitol Hill seem interested enough to address it How do you know when Democrats are not being serious about the federal budget and spending? When, during election time, they pretend like our national debt is an issue that needs addressing. Of ...

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The Obama administration says the Internet, and your political speech, should be regulated


The Obama administration is launching what appears to be a two-pronged, naked attempt to regulate conservative political speech online, while collecting billions in new ‘revenue’ from Internet users through a pair of federal agencies that have no real authority to do any of it Is the Internet broken? Is there something wrong with accessing it? Are some Americans being shut ...

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