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Taxes, taxes and more taxes: The Democrats’ plan to raid the Internet


Democrats have a new idea to fleece the American worker – impose new Internet taxes Internet taxes have never been popular among the general public No Democrats are proposing cutting federal spending instead of raising more tax revenue By Charles Greene In the continuing effort by the federal government to tax the pants off of American citizens, a controversial new ...

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Anti-growth statist Democrats in D.C. want to do exactly the wrong thing to ‘address corporate inversions’


President Obama and Democratic lawmakers have finally discovered the word “patriotism,” but their meaning of it is likely far different than yours. To most of us, when we think of patriotism, we think of loyalty to, and fondness for, the United States, American values and culture, and the founding principles as enunciated by the framers and the Consitution. To Obama and Co., however, patriotism is ...

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Want to save American health care? Get Uncle Sam out of the picture


The single biggest purchaser of health care in America is the federal government, with 90 million Americans already in a ‘single-payer system’ At the same time, federal regulations – Obamacare among them – are the biggest reason why health care remains so expensive in America Cheaper, quality health care can only happen when Uncle Sam is removed from the equation Long before ...

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Despite low Obama ratings, GOP candidates still struggling against Dem incumbents

gop senate

Though the public is fed up with President Obama and his Democrats, GOP challengers are not making enough progress against Democratic incumbents in the Senate; the question is, why not? President Obama’s approval ratings are at rock bottom, according to the most recent figures – 39-40 percent last week  – and because of that, Democrats up for reelection in the Senate are avoiding ...

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Obama administration official Marie Harf should stop whining over legitimate criticism of White House policy


WE SAY: When administration spokespersons take time to level partisan attacks at media critics for asking legitimate questions or making legitimate observations, it is a distraction from the issue and hand and denies the American people information they have a right to know What is it about Obama administration officials who become so incensed over legitimate criticism that they feel compelled to complain ...

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Obama is so radioactive Dems want him to stay out of their districts


The president’s approval rating remains at an all-time low Even though he is still popular among his base, vulnerable Democrats privately admit he has become a political liability His ‘go it alone’ approach to several unpopular measures, as well as lingering anger over Obamacare, is to blame Once upon  a time, Barack Obama was considered a Messiah – the savior of humanity ...

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