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A rare, teachable moment for Gwyneth Paltrow


One of Hollywood’s biggest liberals wants to give President Obama dictatorial powers, but does she even realize the ramifications of doing just that? By Jon E. Dougherty You’ve got to hand it to actress Gwyneth Paltrow. When it comes to lavishing praise on her favorite politician, President Barack Obama, she is neither shy nor sparing. In a recent mega-fundraiser at her ...

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Political correctness is putting the president in danger


The recent scaling of the White House fence and penetration of the White House itself laid bare the PC nonsense of gender-based physical standards Diana Furchtgott-Roth says such standards have endangered Presidents and are discriminatory towards men Tough jobs are tough jobs but lesser physical standards for women actually put them in greater danger  The Obama administration’s – and Democrats’ – uber-liberalism is becoming ...

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Coming tsunami of Obamacare cancellations will hurt Democrats in November


Several Democrats up for reelection in November are trying to distance themselves from Obama – and Obamacare, even though they voted for it in 2010 Democrats, then, are responsible for the coming loss of health insurance plans for millions of Americans Next up: Employers that can no longer afford to cover employees will dump them into the Obamacare exchanges, costing taxpayers ...

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Should the media lose its First Amendment rights on public land?

Obama_press conference_rain

The U.S. Forest Service is set to finalize rules that will require journalists and other media types to obtain an expensive permit before they will be allowed to do their jobs on some public lands The permits could cost as much as $1,500 and violators could be fined as much as $1,000 The rules are new to the Obama administration, ...

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The GOP should go to court if Obama acts alone on amnesty


President Obama has threatened to enact amnesty for millions of illegal aliens after the 2014 midterm elections Such a move, Republicans charge, is unconstitutional; amnesty, they say, must be legislated, not signed into effect by the Executive Branch The Judicial Branch may be the only other constitutional way, short of impeachment, to successfully challenge the president By Charles Greene President Obama has ...

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Eric Holder is the most racist attorney general ever

Eric Holder

Practically everything Eric Holder, Jr., did while serving as U.S. attorney general was centered around, focused or premised on alleged ‘racism’ Yes, we know – minorities aren’t capable of being racists. That’s what left-wing Democrats have told America for years. It’s simply not possible because, you know, being minorities and all, they don’t have the kind of power that majority ...

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Yes, America, you are fed up with Washington, and this is why


Americans truly are fed up with their political system and the career politicians who inhabit it Most Americans see their government as oppressive, unresponsive, uncaring or overbearing – or a combination of all of those things Some Americans have switched party allegiances, only to be disappointed again and again By Charles Greene Americans are sick and tired of politics as usual ...

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