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Is America too divided to stand?

By Charles Greene Most Americans who pay attention to such things like national politics have almost certainly noticed that the country feels more and more divided along ideological lines these days. A recent Gallup poll clearly illustrates just how wide the gulf has become, at least in terms of support for our current president. In the poll, some glaring contrasts ...

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States Rights: Red states getting richer, freer


There are many reasons why Americans relocate, but increasingly they are doing so out of political preference. Demographers and social and political scientists have all documented that Americans, in droves, have begun voting with their feet: Red states are getting redder and Blue states are getting bluer, according to Stephen Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation. Moore has just ...

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Why Obamacare will be reformed


A little more than a week ago a strange thing happened regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, non-affectionately known as Obamacare: Two separate federal courts issued two separate rulings on a single provision of the law, one of which could essentially gut it completely for more than two-thirds of the country. In the first case, a three-judge panel for ...

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The unstoppable fiscal nightmare

a broke govt

The Congressional Budget Office released its Long-Term Budget Outlook a week ago and came to the same conclusion as in recent past outlooks: Federal spending on entitlements is unsustainable, unless one of three things happen: Massive reductions in benefits; massive tax increases; or both. According to CBO, the national debt would rocket to 106 percent of gross domestic product, under current ...

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What anarchy looks like

sickness_US border

Longtime observers of the deterioration in American politics and economics have often predicted that the end result would be the same as it is in all nations: a breakdown of the civil society, resulting in anarchy among the masses. Little did they know that the first signs of anarchy would come not from the populace at large, but from within the federal power structure. Thanks ...

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IRS: Scandal Central under Obama


With each passing week it has become more apparent that the Internal Revenue Service is being managed by bureaucrats who have a distinct anti-conservative, anti-constitutional mindset, and that does not bode well for the Republic. On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that lawmakers investigating the IRS’ lopsided targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status prior to the 2012 elections released ...

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