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Progressives trying to out-liberal each other ahead of 2016


Scores of Republicans are lining up to vie for the party’s 2016 presidential bid Each GOP candidate will bring a unique set of ideas and policy plans to the table, thus encouraging debate The number of Democrats lining up to run is considerably smaller – but of the few planning to run, all will bring the same left-wing progressivism to ...

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A sometimes fawning, sometimes revealing, New York Times launches Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign


It’s official, or, as official as it’s going to get without the candidate herself saying so, but The New York Times has launched former first lady, U.S. senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 bid for president as the Democratic Party nominee. In a revealing piece published Saturday, the paper was at times fawning in its praise of Hillary, but at other times surprisingly ...

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Vulnerable Democrats Show True Colors on Keystone


Harry Reid and the rest of the party have jumped on the hypocrite bandwagon with both feet Democrats have now declared that they will push forward the legislation they have been arguing against for several years and allow the Keystone pipeline to be built Obama won’t sign it but pushing for the legislation now makes for good campaigning in Democrat races still ...

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The petulant unions in Wisconsin won’t leave Gov. Walker alone: See what they are planning next


Wisconsin unions are still upset at Gov. Scott Walker for pushing through legislation two years ago that restored the First Amendment’s freedom of association guarantee to the state’s teachers Now, state labor unions are suing Walker to force him to boost the state’s minimum wage Economists for decades, as well as the CBO, have proven that boosting the minimum wage ...

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