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The unstoppable fiscal nightmare

a broke govt

The Congressional Budget Office released its Long-Term Budget Outlook a week ago and came to the same conclusion as in recent past outlooks: Federal spending on entitlements is unsustainable, unless one of three things happen: Massive reductions in benefits; massive tax increases; or both. According to CBO, the national debt would rocket to 106 percent of gross domestic product, under current ...

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Making primary education local again


By Charles Greene In the period since the Common Core State Standards were created (2009-2010) debates have arisen at the state level across the nation concerning how much, if any, outside influence there should be regarding the implementation of new education standards. There has also been much subsequent discussion – along with moves towards introducing legislation – regarding how individual ...

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Hail, crony capitalism: Taxpayers Lose Again


While there are a number of examples which clearly demonstrate all that is wrong with American politics in the 21st century, perhaps none is so clear than the crush of bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for the Export-Import Bank, a taxpayer-financed boondoggle that essentially acts as a money conduit from Main Street to Corporate America. Constitutional conservatives, an operational minority at present, have long opposed ...

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IRS: Scandal Central under Obama


With each passing week it has become more apparent that the Internal Revenue Service is being managed by bureaucrats who have a distinct anti-conservative, anti-constitutional mindset, and that does not bode well for the Republic. On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that lawmakers investigating the IRS’ lopsided targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status prior to the 2012 elections released ...

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Yes, middle class, you are paying more taxes

Avoid Taxes by Not Being American?

Does it seem as though you’re working harder and longer but you’re just not making much progress toward your personal economic goals. Well, there are reasons for that – some you know about and some you don’t. Sure, prices for food, energy and other basics like clothing and healthcare are all up; as long as oil remains a “global commodity” there are “speculators” ...

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Yes, taxpayers, Defense Department budgeting is this bad


According to a recent Gallup survey, three-quarters of Americans have a positive, confident opinion of the U.S. military. That’s as it should be; our military does more to protect us every day than most people are even aware of. But the Pentagon sure isn’t a very positive influence on American taxpayers, and while that’s nothing new, that’s the problem: Wasteful spending is very ...

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