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Democrats win big on issues Americans care about the least


A new survey shows that Republicans are the least tone-deaf when it comes to issues that voters care about most The issues most appealing to Democrats are those most voters care about the least The GOP advantage could carry them to victory in the Senate in a few days As the Nov. 4 election approaches, Republicans are hopeful they will enlarge ...

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The GOP should go to court if Obama acts alone on amnesty


President Obama has threatened to enact amnesty for millions of illegal aliens after the 2014 midterm elections Such a move, Republicans charge, is unconstitutional; amnesty, they say, must be legislated, not signed into effect by the Executive Branch The Judicial Branch may be the only other constitutional way, short of impeachment, to successfully challenge the president By Charles Greene President Obama has ...

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Yes, America, you are fed up with Washington, and this is why


Americans truly are fed up with their political system and the career politicians who inhabit it Most Americans see their government as oppressive, unresponsive, uncaring or overbearing – or a combination of all of those things Some Americans have switched party allegiances, only to be disappointed again and again By Charles Greene Americans are sick and tired of politics as usual ...

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Obama should not cut the very missiles he’s using against ISIS


President Obama’s 2015 and 2016 budgets reduce, then eliminate, funding for ‘the world’s most advanced missile’ programs The Tomahawk and Hellfire missiles are slated to be cut from the president’s defense budgets, which have been falling now for more than two years There is no current weapon system operational that could replace the Tomahawk In one of the more remarkable ironies ...

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Obama’s Justice Department Does not Want to Find Lois Lerner


Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner has been held in contempt of Congress but the U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C., has never brought her case before a federal grand jury, as he is required by law to do The U.S. attorney is an Obama appointee, and though he apparently can’t locate Ms. Lerner, Politico had no trouble doing so It doesn’t appear likely ...

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House Republicans should get serious about arresting IRS officials


IRS computers, Blackberries and other digital technology continues to “crash” at alarming rates The crashes seem to be occurring most with devices used by suspects in a House probe of IRS targeting of conservative groups before the 2012 elections Lois Lerner, who has been held in contempt of Congress, appears to have had the most crashes IRS commissioner John Koskinen swears there ...

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Overpaid and underworked? Congressmen make more than 95 percent of Americans


A number of lawmakers have complained that they don’t make enough money Fact: Congressmen and Senators earn more per year, in salary alone, than the vast majority of Americans they serve Most members of Congress become wealthier during their ‘service’ in the nation’s capital By Charles Greene When the benefits members of Congress receive are added to the base salary of ...

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