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Overpaid and underworked? Congressmen make more than 95 percent of Americans


A number of lawmakers have complained that they don’t make enough money Fact: Congressmen and Senators earn more per year, in salary alone, than the vast majority of Americans they serve Most members of Congress become wealthier during their ‘service’ in the nation’s capital By Charles Greene When the benefits members of Congress receive are added to the base salary of ...

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Despite low Obama ratings, GOP candidates still struggling against Dem incumbents

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Though the public is fed up with President Obama and his Democrats, GOP challengers are not making enough progress against Democratic incumbents in the Senate; the question is, why not? President Obama’s approval ratings are at rock bottom, according to the most recent figures – 39-40 percent last week  – and because of that, Democrats up for reelection in the Senate are avoiding ...

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Military pay keeps falling while welfare spending increases


WE SAY: The men and women of the U.S. military deserve a bigger pay raise than America’s dependency class, but the Obama administration and Democrats disagree They serve their country tirelessly. Many having endured multiple deployments to various war zones over the past decade. They miss watching their kids grow up and their chosen profession has cost them relationships. Now, for ...

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No bailouts for Social Security!

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Without additional funding, Social Security will go broke and millions could lose benefits, but a bailout won’t do anything to reform a broken system By Charles Greene The federal Social Security Disability Insurance program will run out of cash in 2016 unless Congress and the president do something to mitigate that. This means that Americans receiving assistance from the Disability Insurance Trust ...

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Is America too divided to stand?


By Charles Greene Most Americans who pay attention to such things like national politics have almost certainly noticed that the country feels more and more divided along ideological lines these days. A recent Gallup poll clearly illustrates just how wide the gulf has become, at least in terms of support for our current president. In the poll, some glaring contrasts ...

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It’s OUR fault Washington doesn’t care what we think


Tens of millions of Americans feel disenfranchised from the political process A new study finds that monied business and special interest groups garner politicians’ attention Ordinary Americans have virtually no impact at all on public policy Nearly half of all eligible voters, though, never cast a ballot By Charles Greene What you may have already suspected is apparently true – ...

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The Obama administration is ‘losing’ emails to hide the truth


There have been serial losses of emails by Obama administration officials that have been subpoenaed by Congress In each instance, the administration officials in question deny knowledge or blame technology glitches Congress, thus far, has been powerless to intervene By Charles Greene It’s happened not just once, not twice, but more than twenty times – and Rep. Darrell E. Issa, R-California, has ...

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