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Taxpayers should no longer prop up money-loser Amtrak


Amtrak has been a perennial money pit, sucking up billions in taxpayer dollars while losing money every single year, but Congress wants to continue throwing your good money after bad By John Wood In the mixed system that is the American economy, we have many instances wherein the government invests funds in the building and operating of corporations for the ...

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Obama out to punish Menendez over Iran with bogus ethics prosecution


‘DON’T CROSS ME’ – An angry president is getting even the old-fashioned way, using petty charges of ethics violations to punish a Senate Dem who opposes him over Iran deal No doubt Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, one of the lawmakers who helped pass Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, ever imagined that a president of his own party would target ...

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Hillary Clinton has plenty to hide regarding Benghazi


Getting Hillary Clinton to appear before the House panel investigating the Benghazi attacks and killings will be tough enough, but holding hearings in private is an affront to the American people The House panel examining the Benghazi disaster has finally gotten around to asking – asking – former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ likely frontrunner for the 2016 ...

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Laid-off U.S. workers’ plea to curb importation of cheap labor falls on deaf ears in Washington, corporate boardrooms

H-1B visa

There is a growing disconnect between American workers, the companies that used to employ them and the elected representatives in Washington who are supposed to look out for their best interests, first and foremost Few people know who Jay Parker is, but he made an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in which he pleaded for Congress to ...

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Proponents of big government status quo already attacking House GOP budget that kills Obamacare, reforms entitlements

2016 budget

House conservatives are attempting to use the budget process to downsize the federal government, reform its most expensive entitlement programs and denude Obamacare, but big government proponents are already attacking them Conservatives in the House are once again attempting to kill off the worst piece of entitlement legislation in a generation, while at the same time giving states more authority ...

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The consequences of no Iran deal would be nil


President Obama seeks to cut a deal with Iran that would keep its nuclear infrastructure intact, which would be the worst kind of deal possible, especially for our only real ally in the region, Israel The Left is positively apoplectic over a letter signed by 47 Senate Republicans and sent to Iran’s Ayatollah stating that any deal reached between him ...

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