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Laid-off U.S. workers’ plea to curb importation of cheap labor falls on deaf ears in Washington, corporate boardrooms

H-1B visa

There is a growing disconnect between American workers, the companies that used to employ them and the elected representatives in Washington who are supposed to look out for their best interests, first and foremost Few people know who Jay Parker is, but he made an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in which he pleaded for Congress to ...

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Proponents of big government status quo already attacking House GOP budget that kills Obamacare, reforms entitlements

2016 budget

House conservatives are attempting to use the budget process to downsize the federal government, reform its most expensive entitlement programs and denude Obamacare, but big government proponents are already attacking them Conservatives in the House are once again attempting to kill off the worst piece of entitlement legislation in a generation, while at the same time giving states more authority ...

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The consequences of no Iran deal would be nil


President Obama seeks to cut a deal with Iran that would keep its nuclear infrastructure intact, which would be the worst kind of deal possible, especially for our only real ally in the region, Israel The Left is positively apoplectic over a letter signed by 47 Senate Republicans and sent to Iran’s Ayatollah stating that any deal reached between him ...

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GOP pushback on AR-15 ammo ban might be worse than useless


President Obama is continuing to play ‘catch me if you can’ with Republicans as he instructs his BATF to reclassify a popular ammunition caliber so the agency can ban it Barack Obama, the “constitutional law professor,” must have finally figured out there is no way he can avoid running up against the Second Amendment when it comes to one of ...

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McConnell’s plan to pass DHS funding is the definition of political cowardice


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thought he had a way to force Democrats to support a House-passed bill that funds DHS but not the President’s executive amnesty, however, he decided to blink instead, demonstrating once more the dearth of GOP leadership in the ‘august’ upper chamber Republican leaders have not shown much backbone in dealing with obstinate Democrats or President Obama when ...

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Congress fiddles (and spends) while our debt prepares to burn


The national debt, coupled with trillions in unfunded liabilities, is a debt bomb waiting to explode, and few on Capitol Hill seem interested enough to address it How do you know when Democrats are not being serious about the federal budget and spending? When, during election time, they pretend like our national debt is an issue that needs addressing. Of ...

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