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Justin Amash just fought a lonely (and losing) battle against unlawful government surveillance


With nearly no public notice or debate, Congress on Wednesday approved legislation that critics say blesses the warrantless collection, dissemination and five-year retention of everyday Americans’ phone and Internet communications. The controversial language was quietly incorporated into an intelligence authorization bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday and then the House on Wednesday. The legislation, privacy advocates say, sanctions for the first time ...

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No, the White House was NOT vindicated by the recent House Benghazi report


A number of findings in a recently released House Intelligence Committee report clear some officials, condemn others, and still leave many details yet to be fully explained Left-wing liberals in the media and political world have taken a recently disclosed House report about Benghazi and, in particular, the Obama administration’s role in what happened there, wildly out of context. That ...

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The House is Right to Sue Obama


There are several realities at play here that make the House’s decision to seek redress via the Judicial Branch a better play, in our view In late July, the GOP-controlled House voted to file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama over his alleged misuse of executive authority, largely to delay implementation of several provisions of the Affordable Care Act. “Branches of ...

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This LIBERAL constitutional attorney says Obama’s amnesty action a major threat

Obama_La Raza

Some liberal scholars who admittedly support Obama’s left-wing agenda do not support the manner in which he is enacting it, and one of those is Jonathan Turley ‘It’s becoming a particularly dangerous moment if the president is going to go forward’ Most left-wing moderators, news talking heads and Democrats are perfectly fine with President Obama’s “liberal” interpretation of his Executive Branch authority ...

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Well, Obama issued executive amnesty: Will Republicans stand for it?


As he has promised to do for months, President Obama launched a broadside against the U.S. Constitution last night, introducing a plan to enact executive amnesty despite having zero legal authority to do so Republican leaders have vowed to block or oppose Obama’s amnesty, but what are they really prepared to do? The vast Republican base hates amnesty, doesn’t want it ...

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This top Republican wants to surround the White House if Obama enacts executive amnesty


GOP lawmakers appear emboldened by the massive midterms giving Republicans a congressional majority in both chambers Obama announced during last Wednesday’s post-election news conference that he was ready to act unilaterally on immigration, and key Republican leaders in Congress have been swift and fierce in their reactions Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King warned that if President Obama introduces sweeping measures granting ...

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This Rand Paul constitutional amendment will change Washington forever


Deep-seated, legalized, rampant corruption has transformed our nation’s political system into a mockery of what it was carefully designed to be Legalized corruption in the form of lobbyism has all but destroyed the vision of our founding fathers ‘Congress shall make no law applicable to a citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to Congress’ By Charles ...

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