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Yemen collapse drives home failure of Obama’s foreign policy


Another ally in the war against terror, Yemen, has disintegrated, thanks to the Obama strategy of ‘hand’s off,’ but we’re not supposed to look at the collapse as a failure of White House foreign policy By Jon E. Dougherty President Obama’s foreign policy strategy for the Middle East, such as it is, took another turn for the worse when the ...

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Obama’s Iran deal will give birth to nukes of the Arab Spring


The legacy Barack Obama leaves in the Middle East will not be one of peace and stability, but of nuclear volatility if his Iran deal goes through By Jon E. Dougherty President Obama is in search of a legacy in the Middle East. He wants to be the U.S. leader who re-opened the long-closed dialogue between Washington and the Islamic ...

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U.S. and Iran are battling ISIS but not for the same reasons


The president has ordered additional U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, which seems to play into Iran’s hands, but there are few good options left at this point As part of the Obama administration’s effort to reengage in the cauldron that is the Middle East, American warplanes took part anew in an operation aimed at liberating the Iraqi city of ...

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Romney says he would not have traded for Bergdahl


Two-time GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney says we don’t leave soldiers behind – but we also don’t negotiate with terrorists He tried twice to become the nation’s commander-in-chief but came up short both times. Nevertheless, two-time GOP presidential contender and onetime nominee Mitt Romney said if he were elected president in 2012, he would not have traded five of the ...

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Obama doubles down in Afghanistan

us troops_afghanistan

At one point, President Obama was rushing for the exit in Afghanistan, but now, tainted by what happened following the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the president has decided to stick it out a little longer Most Americans believed that, by the end of last year, President Obama was determined to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the same way he ...

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Capital gains taxes affect more than just ‘the rich’


Taxing the rich has been a popular liberal rallying point for decades and President Obama has used it to great effect, but his new ‘tax-the-rich’ proposal will snag more than just America’s wealthy Tax and spend. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. President Obama’s left-wing economic agenda hasn’t changed much since he took office, and it doesn’t look like it ...

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Rand Paul unimpressed with Ted Cruz candidacy

rand paul_ted cruz

The two Tea Party favorites will likely be facing off in the coming months as both vie for the GOP presidential nomination, as Paul tries early on to distinguish himself from conservative Cruz The GOP presidential race became a little clearer with the official announcement Monday by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that he will seek to become the party’s standard-bearer ...

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