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Maryland Democrat says military service isn’t a “real job”

brown real job

Maryland Democrat Attorney General Doug Gansler doesn’t think that opponent– another Maryland Democrat–Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown’s time spent in the military counts as a “real job.” The two men are currently gunning for the Democrat ticket in the state’s gubernatorial race. The Lt. Governor is a Colonel in the US Army’s 4th Combat Aviation Brigade and is a veteran of ...

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Gimmickry: The $100 million Detroit bailout

detroit in ruins

Don’t look now, federal taxpayer. You’re about to be on the hook for decades worth of greed and bad economic decisions, compliments of Detroit’s long-standing Democratic leadership. The Detroit Free Press reported last week that the Obama administration was in talks with Michigan officials to “free up” $100 million in federal dollars to help fund the Motor City’s bloated, over-promised ...

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The Castro brothers’ dilemma

castro brothers

One thing is for certain about the Texas Castro brothers: neither seems like someone you’d call a prototypical Latino Democrat. That’s not a racist observation. In fact, it is one that has increasingly been made by members of the 39-year-old twins’ own party. Nevertheless Joaquin, a U.S. representative, and his brother, Julián, the mayor of San Antonio, are on a ...

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Clinton/Bush: why America needs two dynasty candidates for 2016

white house.jpg

Clinton vs. Bush- candidates for 2016? Last week we argued that Jeb Bush is not the choice for the Republican 2016 ticket—especially in the context of a race between him and Hillary Clinton. The sound of the two very familiar names has gotten so much traction before any official announcements that it created a knee-jerk negative reaction amongst commentators. But ...

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Top 10 Corrupt Capitol Hill Legislators


Granted, it’s been awhile since I had a pop quiz on the three branches of government… But last time I checked the congress people we elect to represent us have the job of writing and passing out laws. So why do our legislators keep behaving like it’s their job to break the laws and rules implemented to prevent corruption? The ...

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The new Tea Party ‘establishment?’


The only time the phrases “Tea Party movement” and “Republican Establishment” were to be used in the same conversation was to discuss how divergent the two political ideologies are. After all, if there was no GOP version of Big Government elitism then there would have been no need for a small-government counter-movement, so the narrative goes. My, how a couple ...

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