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Desperate Democratic billionaires are trying to save Senate majority


Democrats demonized Mitt Romney during the 2012 election for being ‘too rich’ and ‘out of touch’ In the run up to the 2014 elections, Democrats are accepting millions from their own uber-rich donors Liberal 1-percenters are lining up to write checks in a bid to retain the U.S. Senate If you recall from the 2012 election, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, ...

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States are beginning to fund their own highway systems and that’s a good thing


Congressional and bureaucratic inertia in Washington has led to a dearth in new highway funds as America’s roads and bridges crumble States are increasingly acting to make up the shortfalls As the federal government struggles with solutions, state Legislatures are coming up with their own One of Washington’s major “slush funds” is the annual highway and transportation bill which, in the ...

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Obamacare continues to be an ‘Obamination’ and will never be ‘fixed’


Obamacare Lie No. 3,272: Now physician payment data that was supposed to be released Sept. 30 will be ‘delayed’ indefinitely Systems recording payment information is getting the data wrong If doctors don’t get paid from the nation’s largest health care consumer – Uncle Sam – they won’t be in business for long When you hear the phrase, “broken promise,” it ...

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Missouri Prosecutor Bob McCulloch is a Bigot: Prosecutor Cannot Remain Impartial because of His Father’s Tragic Death that Aligns Too Closely with The Michael Brown Trial

Rioting erupts in Ferguson, Missouri after police involved shooting of an unarmed teen

Missouri Protesters are now calling for the removal of St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, because they don’t believe he can be impartial in Michael Brown case McCulloch refused to prosecute two white officers in 2001 who may have improperly killed two black drug suspects McCulloch’s own police officer father was killed by an African American suspect in 1964, when ...

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Obama caused the auto industry to lose money

auto assembly

Obama administration’s ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program cost the auto industry billions Program was supposed to stimulate the economy and clean up the environment Hybrid autos turned out to be much more expensive than many people realized By Charles Greene Given the dismal record of the Obama administration’s policy-making decisions over its two terms, it is perhaps no surprise to learn ...

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Rick Perry Just Got Screwed: How Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Machine Just Screwed Rick Perry Out of a Presidential Run


Perry is the first Texas governor to be indicted in nearly 100 years Most political observers see blatant politics at work by Democrats Perry will likely run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, and indictment is actually seen by some as a boost to his bid For the first time in almost a century, a Texas governor has been indicted ...

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