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Should These New Tax Cuts And Reforms Pass?


The new Republican majority may consider a number of tax reforms that would result in lower rates for both individuals and corporations GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has said he wants to make tax reform a priority There is some indication that even a few Democrats would support some of the GOP’s tax proposals  Will the massive Republican victories ...

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There Will Never Be A Convention Of States


Article V Convention of the States is a constitutional tool given us by the founders to get around an unresponsive federal government drunk with power We have some bad news for American conservatives: The leaders of our party, the once Grand Old Party, are trying to figure out a way to win elections without us, and if or when they do, they ...

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Justin Amash just fought a lonely (and losing) battle against unlawful government surveillance


With nearly no public notice or debate, Congress on Wednesday approved legislation that critics say blesses the warrantless collection, dissemination and five-year retention of everyday Americans’ phone and Internet communications. The controversial language was quietly incorporated into an intelligence authorization bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday and then the House on Wednesday. The legislation, privacy advocates say, sanctions for the first time ...

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The midterms are over – let the GOP betrayals begin


The 2014 midterms are barely a month hence, and already the Republican leadership has proven to its party base that no, it can’t govern, at least according to the mandate the GOP was given by the electorate Normally, we try not to “pile on,” but when something stinks this badly, we’re happy to jump on the bandwagon. The 2014 midterms are barely ...

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Dr. Ben Carson says President Obama to blame for worsening race relations


Dr. Carson is spot-on in his observation that, under Obama (and, by default, Attorney General Eric Holder), race relations in America have taken a giant step in the wrong direction It isn’t clear yet whether neurosurgeon extraordinaire Dr. Ben Carson plans to vie for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, but if he does, two things become immediately clear to us: The ...

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A sometimes fawning, sometimes revealing, New York Times launches Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign


It’s official, or, as official as it’s going to get without the candidate herself saying so, but The New York Times has launched former first lady, U.S. senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 bid for president as the Democratic Party nominee. In a revealing piece published Saturday, the paper was at times fawning in its praise of Hillary, but at other times surprisingly ...

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