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Liberal Groupies Sick of Obama


Aging rock stars know how the story goes… When your groupies won’t follow you on tour, it’s time to call it a career. The same can now be said about the near 7 year long disaster known as the Obama Presidency. Earlier this week, the Comrade-in-Chief managed to do something no one would have thought possible just a few short ...

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Is Liz Warren Mentally Retarded?


Pardon the “inappropriate language” in the title. With the decades-long American Marxist attack on free speech even simple defining terms such as this one have been deemed as “hate speech”. Naturally, we all know that this is just a disguised attempt to infringe upon our 1st Amendment right to free speech, but that’s another topic for another day. But back ...

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Should Congress vote on Obama’s Iraq-Syria air war?


Only a handful of times have U.S. presidents sought congressionally approved declarations of war before committing American military forces to battle, but that is the method called for by the Constitution The constitutionality of the War Powers Act of 1973 has never been successfully challenged in court because the Judicial Branch refuses to hear the case President Obama is merely ...

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Obamacare is Democrats’ war on women


If there was ever a ‘war on women,’ it is being waged by Democrats, not Republicans – thanks to Democrat support for, and passage of, Obamacare As the law hurts employment nationwide, it hurts one gender more than the other  Study finds women are ‘at least twice as likely’ to be negatively impacted by Obamacare By Charles Greene Democrats are ...

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How about an end-run around Obama, the Greenies and Keystone XL?


President Obama has said he would make a timely decision on the Keystone XL pipeline but he has consistently put it off, angering oil interests in Canada As an aside, there is a new effort underway to build a pipeline across Canada instead Obama and the U.S. government would not be able to stop that project, though American consumers would definitely ...

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If Red states expand Medicaid under Obamacare here is how to do it


Most ‘Red States’ have not opted to expand Medicaid coverage under Obamacare because they worry that the extra expense will prove too much of a burden for taxpayers Wisconsin’s conservatives chose a different route, a hybrid model that other Red States should consider instead of the federal plan Better for taxpayers, better for providers, better for state budgets Most Red ...

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Secretive Obama administration working overtime to restrict your access to information


Before his first term, President Obama promised that his would be ‘the most transparent’ administration ever Not only is that not the case, but the Obama White House has worked harder to suppress the media and the free flow of information than just about any administration in history Politically favored groups are sheltered and political appointees are protected By Charles ...

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