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The new priority for returning Democratic senators: Taking away first amendment rights


Led by Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., a large group of Democratic senators will return from the current legislative recess to focus on changing the First Amendment to limit campaign contributions Not a single Republican is among the group, which tells political analysts that Democrats fear being consistently out raised by GOP candidates in the long run Dem group coming under fire for ...

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Lt. Col Allen West: Obama is ‘outsourcing’ U.S. national security in fight against ISIS


After admitting the his administration ‘had no strategy’ to battle ISIS in Iraq and Syria, President Obama changed his tune Polls showed that most Americans are more concerned about ISIS than al Qaeda, so suddenly the president and his team got a strategy Former Lt. Col. Allen West says the president is not serious about dealing with ISIS and instead ...

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Anti-growth statist Democrats in D.C. want to do exactly the wrong thing to ‘address corporate inversions’


President Obama and Democratic lawmakers have finally discovered the word “patriotism,” but their meaning of it is likely far different than yours. To most of us, when we think of patriotism, we think of loyalty to, and fondness for, the United States, American values and culture, and the founding principles as enunciated by the framers and the Consitution. To Obama and Co., however, patriotism is ...

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Want to save American health care? Get Uncle Sam out of the picture


The single biggest purchaser of health care in America is the federal government, with 90 million Americans already in a ‘single-payer system’ At the same time, federal regulations – Obamacare among them – are the biggest reason why health care remains so expensive in America Cheaper, quality health care can only happen when Uncle Sam is removed from the equation Long before ...

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The Obama war on work: More regulations, less productivity


The Obama economy has been hampered throughout his presidency, but it’s not because Americans don’t want to work – it’s because a record number of them cannot find decent employment, and for that, many of them can thank the Obama regulatory machine The Obama economy has never been stellar, but there are a number of reasons for that. When the ...

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U.S. military cuts coming next year might not happen because of rising threats


Sequestration returns with a vengeance next budget year, and once again, it will disproportionately target defense spending Another Democratic administration, another round of defense cuts, but these come at a time when the world is exploding and threats to U.S. national security are rising It’s possible that these cuts could be reversed or mitigated before they kick in again in 2016 If ...

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Despite low Obama ratings, GOP candidates still struggling against Dem incumbents

gop senate

Though the public is fed up with President Obama and his Democrats, GOP challengers are not making enough progress against Democratic incumbents in the Senate; the question is, why not? President Obama’s approval ratings are at rock bottom, according to the most recent figures – 39-40 percent last week  – and because of that, Democrats up for reelection in the Senate are avoiding ...

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