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Hillary Clinton keeps proving she is not qualified to be president


Hillary Clinton will likely enter the 2016 race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, but she will do so without a record of political accomplishment and lots of baggage, especially in Libya Now that Barack Obama is beginning the fourth quarter of his presidency, Democrats are increasingly dropping what they have insisted has been a facade all along – their lockstep devotion ...

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Barack Obama gets to live the ‘denial presidency’


President Obama’s economic policies have been a disaster for the middle class, but he continues to get away with denying it despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary They may never say so publicly, but you’ve got to believe the current living ex-U.S. presidents are envious of Barack Obama’s ability to avoid blame for anything that has gone wrong during his presidency. While ...

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Congress MUST take control back from the bureaucracy


The growth of the federal bureaucracy has led to a decline in constitutional republicanism, and here’s the really bad news: It’s only getting worse They say that elections have consequences, and that is very much true, at least in terms of presidential races. Imagine how much different the country might look if Barack Obama had not won two terms in ...

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Did a top Air Force general illegally surpress info about the A-10?


The battle over the fate of the Air Force’s A-10 has moved to another level, as a top Air Force general’s alleged comments have riled members of Congress working to keep the plane flying Most defense experts know that top Air Force brass are eager to retire the venerable tank-killing, ground-support A-10 aircraft, a plane which was built to blunt ...

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Barack Hussein Alinsky is no ‘man of the people’


President Obama claims he’s working on behalf of ‘the middle class,’ but the fact is what he has proposed to do and what he has already done have never been popular with a majority of Americans By Jon E. Dougherty President Barack Obama, the “constitutional law professor,” doesn’t seem to grasp the uniquely American concept of “consent of the governed.” After ...

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Neither Obama nor Republicans talked about restoring liberty during State of the Union


As more of our liberty is consumed by bigger and bigger government, our leaders respond with ideas that will only hasten freedom’s demise By Jon E. Dougherty On Tuesday we ran a story detailing how much new regulations issued by the Obama administration in 2014 were going to cost the economy this year (and beyond). The figure was hardly insignificant – $181.5 billion in new ...

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