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Well, Obama issued executive amnesty: Will Republicans stand for it?


As he has promised to do for months, President Obama launched a broadside against the U.S. Constitution last night, introducing a plan to enact executive amnesty despite having zero legal authority to do so Republican leaders have vowed to block or oppose Obama’s amnesty, but what are they really prepared to do? The vast Republican base hates amnesty, doesn’t want it ...

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Can Mike Lee fix Congress?


Voters installed Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress during the Nov. 4 midterms for a reason: Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to President Obama’s lawlessness and Harry Reid’s obstinance But Americans were also voicing their opinions about opposition to “business as usual” government Sen. Mike Lee of Utah lays out a five-step plan for advancing a conservative agenda for government – for the ...

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Are Republicans about to side with Harry Reid and President Obama?


Republicans rode a wave to victory in the midterms, padding their House majority and capturing the Senate for the first time since 2006, largely on voter anger at President Obama’s lawlessness and uber-socialist agenda GOP Establishment, however, looks set to give the president what he wants on amnesty and his signature health care law Conservatives are urging the GOP leadership ...

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Vulnerable Democrats Show True Colors on Keystone


Harry Reid and the rest of the party have jumped on the hypocrite bandwagon with both feet Democrats have now declared that they will push forward the legislation they have been arguing against for several years and allow the Keystone pipeline to be built Obama won’t sign it but pushing for the legislation now makes for good campaigning in Democrat races still ...

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Hey, whatever happened to the Army’s report on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl?


The Obama administration has delayed a final report providing details of one of its most outrageous scandals to date: The trade of five of America’s top terrorist enemies being held at Guantanamo Bay for one “alleged” American military deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The question is, why? The president is testy after losing control of the Senate – now facing GOP majorities in both chambers of ...

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The petulant unions in Wisconsin won’t leave Gov. Walker alone: See what they are planning next


Wisconsin unions are still upset at Gov. Scott Walker for pushing through legislation two years ago that restored the First Amendment’s freedom of association guarantee to the state’s teachers Now, state labor unions are suing Walker to force him to boost the state’s minimum wage Economists for decades, as well as the CBO, have proven that boosting the minimum wage ...

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In new China emissions deal, Obama gets little but gives away the store – and millions of U.S. jobs (again)


Americans are loathe to believe that a president could have dishonorable intentions towards his own country, but the facts are what they are: Obama does consider American interests first and foremost, as this week’s ‘emissions reduction’ agreement with China demonstrates (once again) Americans are loathe to believe that a president could have dishonorable intentions towards his own country. But when that president ...

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