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The GOP should take a stand for liberty in Patriot Act vote


Protecting the country and following the Constitution should not be an ‘either/or’ proposition In 2011, Congress passed and President Obama signed another four-year extension of the USA Patriot Act, the ubiquitous piece of 9/11-era legislation that has been the bane of privacy advocates since it was leaked in December 2005 that the National Security Agency was spying on Americans. You ...

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Hillary’s in for 2016 but history won’t be kind to her


The first Democratic presidential contender has jumped into the 2016 race, as expected, but she’s not alone – she brings a ton of baggage with her As expected, Hillary Clinton, former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state, has become the first official 2016 Democratic candidate for president. She brings tons of baggage with her, but she seems ...

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Federal land grabs make us more dependent on foreign oil


President Obama uses existing federal law to soak up more state property so he can “protect” it from oil and gas exploration, further hampering the local and national economies and depriving millions of a better life By Derek Sun With all of the national and state parks that contain millions of acres of land, one would think that there is ...

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Obama has tanked the U.S. economy


President Obama says the economy is doing better and jobs are coming back but the numbers, as usual, don’t jibe with his claims If Barack Obama was president of a major corporation instead of the leader of the free world, he would have been fired years ago and banished from the business community forever. But he’s not; he is the most ...

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Obama wants his EPA to finish off the oil and gas industry


The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is imposing new rules on an already embattled energy sector, and they just might spell the beginning of the end of affordable fuels By Derek Sun In an attempt to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make a dent in rising global temperatures, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it would regulate methane amounts released ...

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The New York Times can’t count Ted Cruz out


The ‘paper of record’ is already discounting Sen. Ted Cruz’s chances at capturing the 2016 GOP nomination, but the Editorial Board of the Old Gray Lady has gotten it wrong before  By Richard W. Black When The New York Times ran an article entitled, “Why Ted Cruz Is Such a Long Shot”, it could not have drawn more wrong and ...

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Taxpayers should no longer prop up money-loser Amtrak


Amtrak has been a perennial money pit, sucking up billions in taxpayer dollars while losing money every single year, but Congress wants to continue throwing your good money after bad By John Wood In the mixed system that is the American economy, we have many instances wherein the government invests funds in the building and operating of corporations for the ...

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