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3 Reasons to Invest in the Russian Stock Market Right Now

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Who’d have thought the Russian stock market would be the place to put some of your cash, especially now that Moscow just annexed part of another sovereign country and the threat of wider conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be looming? Because of the volatility of the situation, Russian investors have begun to flee their own stocks; to date, a ...

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Are You Better Off?


By Vox Day According to Gallup, 42 percent of Americans say that they are worse off financially now than the year before. This is rather remarkable, considering that according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, we are informed that the U.S. economy has recovered, the unemployment rate has continued to fall, inflation is low, and the stock market is hitting ...

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Yellen, as Fed Chief, Will Continue War on Savings


Anyone hoping that the departure of Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve will mean more responsible monetary policy is in for a rude surprise if Obama’s nominee Janet Yellen is confirmed. At her confirmation hearing Thursday, Yellen said that: [S]he will pursue policies that hurt people who try to build up wealth, claiming that impoverishing savers serves the ...

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Warren Buffett: EXPOSED

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I don’t hate the rich, only liberals hate the rich – unless the rich are liberals like Warren “Ukulele” Buffett. Then they find him just fine. Why? He advocates for larger government and more taxes. He is continually preaching about needing to have a larger effective tax rate than his secretary, but he fails to inform people as to why ...

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