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Global Recession

A Swedish Plan to Save the U.S.


By Kelly Irons To say that the U.S. government is a profligate spender of OMP – other people’s money – is such an understatement it borders on the hysterical. Yes, our government has a spending problem. And because of that, it also has a management problem, a waste, fraud and abuse problem, and a taxation problem. High taxes (well, for some income ...

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Yellen, as Fed Chief, Will Continue War on Savings


Anyone hoping that the departure of Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve will mean more responsible monetary policy is in for a rude surprise if Obama’s nominee Janet Yellen is confirmed. At her confirmation hearing Thursday, Yellen said that: [S]he will pursue policies that hurt people who try to build up wealth, claiming that impoverishing savers serves the ...

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America, How Can We Screw Thee? 4 Trillion Ways


By Nick Sabal If you still harbor a shred of doubt that your government and its institutions really care about Main Street America, this should put those doubts to rest once and for all. And make you mad as hell in the process. In today’s Wall Street Journal, former Federal Reserve bond buyer Andrew Huszar wrote a piece I’m sure he ...

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Starving The Beast – The 2013 Budget Sequestration


Sequestration is the name given to budget cuts by the federal government as a measure of austerity. In fiscal 2013, spending cuts totaling about $85.4 billion have been planned and the austerity measures will continue through 2021. These cuts will reduce spending on defense and Medicare among others. However, major programs such as Medicaid, Social Security, and military pay and ...

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The DJIA Fallacy


The news media are full of people just like you and me, in one sense – they are human. One thing about humans, our brains are quite lazy. This is not to say that we are dumb or that we cannot figure out great complexities, we did send men to the moon, split the atom and, how to refrigerate air. ...

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Obama’s Budget: The Numbers

Pic originally from http://usneakydevilu.wordpress.com/

Forget all the fluff and the unnecessary words that the media gives you.  We at Absolute Rights want to bring you the exact numbers in the Obama budget.  The broken down facts and figures that go into the spending of your hard earned tax numbers. The President said that “There’s Not A Lot Of Smoke And Mirrors” In His FY 2014 ...

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Obama: By the Numbers

Obama hot in here

The Republican National Committee has released the current numbers on the Obama Administration. As much as many would love to talk about the bias in the media and even in political parties, numbers don’t lie… Here are the current facts and figures with citations from the Obama Administration… $46.2 Trillion: Total Federal Spending Proposed By Obama’s FY2013 Budget Through 2022. (OMB, ...

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