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So how about that economy

how about that economy

Now that the midterm elections are a thing of the past, I thought it would be time to start discussing things that must be considered if the United States is actually going to recover from the woes of the recession. We have listened to the electioneering for the last six months that talked mostly about the second amendment, and immigration. ...

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The Obama regime is setting the country up for another subprime loan catastrophe


The Obama regime plans to provide more electricity to the still-lackadaisical housing industry by torquing home lending rules that will once again make it easer for banks to make loans to marginal buyers That, you may recall, was precisely the recipe that led to the collapse of the housing industry at the end of the Bush administration; too many unqualified buyers ...

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Ebola will ravage world economies if it continues to spread


As the Ebola epidemic worsens, it will threaten local and regional economies that were already struggling to grow before the deadly virus struck If those economies falter, that will have an impact on global markets The longer the disease is allowed to spread, the greater the economic risks Without question the Ebola outbreak continues to dominate headlines, but most of the coverage has dealt ...

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3 Reasons to Invest in the Russian Stock Market Right Now

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Who’d have thought the Russian stock market would be the place to put some of your cash, especially now that Moscow just annexed part of another sovereign country and the threat of wider conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be looming? Because of the volatility of the situation, Russian investors have begun to flee their own stocks; to date, a ...

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Yellen, as Fed Chief, Will Continue War on Savings


Anyone hoping that the departure of Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve will mean more responsible monetary policy is in for a rude surprise if Obama’s nominee Janet Yellen is confirmed. At her confirmation hearing Thursday, Yellen said that: [S]he will pursue policies that hurt people who try to build up wealth, claiming that impoverishing savers serves the ...

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America, How Can We Screw Thee? 4 Trillion Ways


By Nick Sabal If you still harbor a shred of doubt that your government and its institutions really care about Main Street America, this should put those doubts to rest once and for all. And make you mad as hell in the process. In today’s Wall Street Journal, former Federal Reserve bond buyer Andrew Huszar wrote a piece I’m sure he ...

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The DJIA Fallacy


The news media are full of people just like you and me, in one sense – they are human. One thing about humans, our brains are quite lazy. This is not to say that we are dumb or that we cannot figure out great complexities, we did send men to the moon, split the atom and, how to refrigerate air. ...

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