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Native American Cryptocurrency: A fight for independence?

cryptocurrency, native american tribes, lakota nation, pine ridge reservation, bitcoin, mazacoin

The First Sovereign National Crypto-Coin In History According to the U.S. Constitution’s Art. I, Section 8, the Congress has the “power to coin money” and “regulate the value thereof.” But what about “virtual” money, and what happens when nations within our nation are calculating the valuation? These are questions that are likely to be answered – in court – at ...

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The numbers don’t lie: Red states pay


It’s not a statistic that Democrats, who have recently pledged for the umpteenth time to focus on “job creation,” will want to hear, but the figures don’t lie: States run by Republicans have the fastest wage growth. According to a recently-released Bureau of Economic Analysis report on state-by-state personal income growth, the five states with the most wage growth – ...

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Democrats: Party of the Elite

Harry Reid, Senator, Obama, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, rich politicians, elite theory

When the conversation turns to the rich, the powerful and the elite, it means we’re talking about Republicans – right? Well, sure, there are some pretty well-heeled politicians, business leaders and entrepreneurs who are Republicans. But what about Democrats? Are they all poor, destitute and weak? Hardly. In fact, even as Democrats in Washington try to hang that label once ...

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SCOTUS votes to uphold First Amendment, strikes down campaign donor limits


First Amendment of the Constitution Upheld The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that campaign contributors should not be limited by how many candidates they can contribute to during an election, though justices left in place the limits on contributions to individual candidates. In the biggest campaign finance ruling since 2010, a divided SCOTUS voted against limits in federal law on overall ...

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3 Reasons to Invest in the Russian Stock Market Right Now

Russian Stock Market, ruble, crimea, international crisis, investing, should i invest in russia

Who’d have thought the Russian stock market would be the place to put some of your cash, especially now that Moscow just annexed part of another sovereign country and the threat of wider conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be looming? Because of the volatility of the situation, Russian investors have begun to flee their own stocks; to date, a ...

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An Argument Against Free Trade

free trade, milton friedman, economics, adam smith wealth of nations,

By Vox Day I was raised on Milton Friedman as the mother’s milk of economics and I have been an ardent libertarian for many years. I believed that free trade was an unquestioned good thing, that protectionists were misguided at best and corrupt at worst, and that the French mercantilists-skewered so profoundly by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations- ...

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Are You Better Off?


By Vox Day According to Gallup, 42 percent of Americans say that they are worse off financially now than the year before. This is rather remarkable, considering that according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, we are informed that the U.S. economy has recovered, the unemployment rate has continued to fall, inflation is low, and the stock market is hitting ...

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