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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is already hurting consumers – and taxpayers


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is, like so many Obama-era government creations, inappropriately named, for it is doing little to protect consumers even as it fleeces taxpayers and their banking institutions Most Americans have never heard of it, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is yet another federal agency that was born out of massive legislation, in this case the ...

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Obama’s to Blame for Record Breaking Numbers of Food Stamp Recipients


Finally, it appears as if the U.S. economy is picking up some decent steam, but can President Obama and Democrats take any credit at all for the uptick? Recent economic news in the U.S. has been encouraging. On Friday, The Associated Press reported that, according to government figures, job creation in November and December was better than expected, and wage growth ...

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Big Government policies responsible for declining wages


Big government advocates are loathe to admit it, but their policies are hurting wages in the very industries they were supposed to improve Conservatives have long argued against Big Government for a variety of reasons, especially because bigger, more centralized government is the enemy of liberty. But it is also the destroyer of dreams, as new evidence suggests that two of the ...

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Should the Mint stop making pennies and nickels?


The cost of manufacturing pennies and nickels makes manufacturing pennies and nickels not very cost effective, according to the Mint’s latest report The U.S. Mint has some good news and bad news in its latest biennial report to Congress. The good news is that we’re wasting less money on pennies and nickels. The bad news is we’re still wasting money on pennies ...

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Obamanomics: Everyday costs are eating up family budgets


With stagnant wages and higher costs, the American Middle Class has far less disposable income in the age of Obamanomics – not good for an economy built principally on consumer spending Family budgets are suffering from higher health care, food, housing and energy costs The president doesn’t talk much about jobs or the economy these days, but when he is pressed about ...

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