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Ebola will ravage world economies if it continues to spread


As the Ebola epidemic worsens, it will threaten local and regional economies that were already struggling to grow before the deadly virus struck If those economies falter, that will have an impact on global markets The longer the disease is allowed to spread, the greater the economic risks Without question the Ebola outbreak continues to dominate headlines, but most of the coverage has dealt ...

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Is Obamacare Disguised Racketeering?


RICO stands for the “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” Act. It was passed into law during the government’s attack on organized crime in the 1970’s. Funny how, some forty years later, Barack Obama’s demon child Obamacare is violating the same statute by extorting money from restaurant patrons. Just look at the evidence… Now, it’s one thing when sane people call ...

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The Obama administration is out to destroy small businesses – again


President Obama’s administration has issued more regulations that have been fiscally harmful to small businesses than any other before him Small businesses are the drivers of employment, and any new rules that cost them more money will translate into fewer employment opportunities Regulations, especially Obamacare, are a major reason why employment and opportunity remain suppressed By Charles Greene The current administration ...

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Overpaid and underworked? Congressmen make more than 95 percent of Americans


A number of lawmakers have complained that they don’t make enough money Fact: Congressmen and Senators earn more per year, in salary alone, than the vast majority of Americans they serve Most members of Congress become wealthier during their ‘service’ in the nation’s capital By Charles Greene When the benefits members of Congress receive are added to the base salary of ...

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Desperate Democratic billionaires are trying to save Senate majority


Democrats demonized Mitt Romney during the 2012 election for being ‘too rich’ and ‘out of touch’ In the run up to the 2014 elections, Democrats are accepting millions from their own uber-rich donors Liberal 1-percenters are lining up to write checks in a bid to retain the U.S. Senate If you recall from the 2012 election, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, ...

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Native American Cryptocurrency: A fight for independence?

cryptocurrency, native american tribes, lakota nation, pine ridge reservation, bitcoin, mazacoin

The First Sovereign National Crypto-Coin In History According to the U.S. Constitution’s Art. I, Section 8, the Congress has the “power to coin money” and “regulate the value thereof.” But what about “virtual” money, and what happens when nations within our nation are calculating the valuation? These are questions that are likely to be answered – in court – at ...

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