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Should the Mint stop making pennies and nickels?


The cost of manufacturing pennies and nickels makes manufacturing pennies and nickels not very cost effective, according to the Mint’s latest report The U.S. Mint has some good news and bad news in its latest biennial report to Congress. The good news is that we’re wasting less money on pennies and nickels. The bad news is we’re still wasting money on pennies ...

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Obamanomics: Everyday costs are eating up family budgets


With stagnant wages and higher costs, the American Middle Class has far less disposable income in the age of Obamanomics – not good for an economy built principally on consumer spending Family budgets are suffering from higher health care, food, housing and energy costs The president doesn’t talk much about jobs or the economy these days, but when he is pressed about ...

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So how about that economy

how about that economy

Now that the midterm elections are a thing of the past, I thought it would be time to start discussing things that must be considered if the United States is actually going to recover from the woes of the recession. We have listened to the electioneering for the last six months that talked mostly about the second amendment, and immigration. ...

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Most Americans believe ‘the system’ is stacked against them


Most Americans now believe the system is stacked against them, and the thing is, that’s not because we’re all pessimists, it’s because the system IS stacked against us That sinking feeling you get each month as you pay your bills and watch your bank account shrink, all the while toiling away at greater hours for the same or declining pay, is very ...

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The Obama regime is setting the country up for another subprime loan catastrophe


The Obama regime plans to provide more electricity to the still-lackadaisical housing industry by torquing home lending rules that will once again make it easer for banks to make loans to marginal buyers That, you may recall, was precisely the recipe that led to the collapse of the housing industry at the end of the Bush administration; too many unqualified buyers ...

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