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Cartoon: Liberals fail at destroying 14th Amendment

A rare win for states’ rights and equality came in a decision by the Supreme Court decided to uphold Michigan voters’ decision to amend their state Constitution to “ban public institutions from discriminating against or giving preferential treatment to groups or individuals based on their race, gender, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public education, public employment, or public contracting.” ...

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Hillary Clinton shoe assasin was ‘possessed’ by Aurora, CO shooter


The woman who threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton during a Las Vegas speech filed a restraining order against James Egan Holmes for, “entering [her] mind through subliminal messaging and causing [her] to be obsessed with him on a daily basis.” Allison Michelle Ernst’s bizarre obsession with the Aurora, CO shooter began during Holmes’ trail and reached a climax when ...

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Who supplies the string for Putin’s sweater?


As Putin continues to knit a sweater out of Ukraine’s borders, Washington’s foreign policy establishment could be supplying the string. The US-backed government in Kiev has cancelled Russian language television, installed their own oligarchs and inspired pro-Russia separatists to storm government buildings and take up arms. With the likes of Victoria “f—k the EU” Nuland and Secretary of State John Kerry backing ...

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