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Medical Breakthroughs

New drugs cost so much because the FDA is so inefficient


Like much of the federal bureaucracy, the Food and Drug Administration is an exercise in inefficiency, raising the cost of health care and literally killing needy patients There isn’t much the massive (and growing) federal bureaucracy does cheaply or efficiently, and that, of course, includes the Food and Drug Administration, the agency in charge of approving new drugs and medical procedures. ...

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Everyone Should Start Smoking Pot Now that It’s Legal


Since It’s Legal Now Everyone Should Start Smoking Pot Now that it looks like it’s going to be legal everywhere, shouldn’t we just all start smoking pot? I’m serious. Alcohol is legal, so I have a beer every now and then and I’ve been thinking about throwing in a little smoke. I know that my views don’t match those of ...

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Can We Please Just Get Over the Whole Birth Control Thing?


On Tuesday, the FDA approved the over the counter sale of Plan B One-Step, a popular emergency contraceptive, for sale to minors as young as 15, lowering the minimum age required to purchase the pill without a prescription from 17. On Wednesday, the public opinion of the decision was mixed- some people saw it as a win for women’s rights, ...

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Respiratory Infections: Colds vs. Flus


by Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones Even with today’s modern medical technology, most of us can’t avoid the occasional  respiratory infection.  Without strict adherence to sanitary protocol, it would be very easy in a collapse situation for your entire community to come down with colds, sinusitis, influenza or even pneumonia.  Common colds may be caused by any of 200 different ...

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