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A Healthy New Year!

Healthy Food

Losing weight is by far, the most popular New Year’s resolution. Making your food at home is another. By January 1st, a lot of people start fad diets only to give it all up by mid January and throw in the towel. Old habits are picked back up like dirty clothes off the floor. Disappointment and discouragement set up residence ...

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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Raw Food

by Kaylee Cook For those who have not yet crossed over to the underdone side of the holistic lifestyle, embarking into the uncooked new-world of the Raw Food Movement can be a daunting and confusing leap. The transformation can be quite an emotional process, but when the time comes to put away those fabulous Paula Dean frying pans and kiss goodbye ...

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Respiratory Infections: Colds vs. Flus


by Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones Even with today’s modern medical technology, most of us can’t avoid the occasional  respiratory infection.  Without strict adherence to sanitary protocol, it would be very easy in a collapse situation for your entire community to come down with colds, sinusitis, influenza or even pneumonia.  Common colds may be caused by any of 200 different ...

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Survival Basics: Hand Sanitation For Good Hygiene

Dirty Hands

A lot of information has been written about the need to have water for survival.  And luckily, most people have gotten the message and either store extra water in barrels, have cases or jugs of bottled water, or have a source of fresh water than can be purified with chemicals or bleach. Not mentioned, though, is the need to have ...

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Honey: A Super Survival Food

honey comb

If you want a great food to keep for any crisis situation, consider honey. Honey is a super food.  It’s natural, it’s for the most part unprocessed, and can provide you hours and hours of energy for long hauls. Honey has many different qualities that can help improve your life.  Remember when your parents or grandparents would have you drink ...

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