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Being trapped in Obamacare is a choice


The suffocating entanglement of the American medical system by Obamacare is nearly complete, but one physician is offering a way out for both doctors and patients So, Obamacare is here, it’s going to stay, and all Americans, at some point, will be trapped in its clutches. There’s nothing we can do about it – can’t repeal it, can’t defund it, ...

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New drugs cost so much because the FDA is so inefficient


Like much of the federal bureaucracy, the Food and Drug Administration is an exercise in inefficiency, raising the cost of health care and literally killing needy patients There isn’t much the massive (and growing) federal bureaucracy does cheaply or efficiently, and that, of course, includes the Food and Drug Administration, the agency in charge of approving new drugs and medical procedures. ...

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The Obamacare death panel has a constitutional problem


Yes, liberals and Democrats, there is a ‘death panel’ created by Obamacare – and it’s got major constitutional problems She was vilified as ignorant, alarmist, extreme and right-wing when former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tried to tell Americans that yes, the Affordable Care Act – a.k.a. Obamacare – created so-called “death panels.” But of course, she has ...

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Vermont’s single-payer health care system won’t work because it costs too much


Vermont has had to ditch its grand vision for a single-payer health care system, because it would just be too expensive for the state’s taxpayers Well, deep-blue Vermont, which recently became the first state to adopt legislation requiring genetically modified foods to carry GM ingredients labeling, wanted to also become the nation’s first state to adopt a single-payer, government-centric health insurance and compensation system. ...

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Bummer: New study says second-hand marijuana smoke just as bad as tobacco


We wonder why, with all of the uproar over the ill-effects of second-hand tobacco smoke ,there are no similar concerns being voiced about second-hand pot smoke, especially after the findings of a recent study found similar health-related issues “Smoke is smoke,” Matthew Springer, author of the study and an associate professor of medicine at University of California San Francisco says ‘Both tobacco and marijuana smoke impair ...

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Obamacare Supporters Are Idiots


…And clearly they have to be. Intelligent people could never get behind a 1930’s Soviet Era-style insurance plan, especially one so clearly destined to ravage small businesses and the private sector, alike. Yet, it’s one thing for intelligent people to shake their heads at a flock of fools, it’s a completely different story when the fools’ biggest hero begins to ...

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