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Bummer: New study says second-hand marijuana smoke just as bad as tobacco


We wonder why, with all of the uproar over the ill-effects of second-hand tobacco smoke ,there are no similar concerns being voiced about second-hand pot smoke, especially after the findings of a recent study found similar health-related issues “Smoke is smoke,” Matthew Springer, author of the study and an associate professor of medicine at University of California San Francisco says ‘Both tobacco and marijuana smoke impair ...

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Obamacare Supporters Are Idiots


…And clearly they have to be. Intelligent people could never get behind a 1930’s Soviet Era-style insurance plan, especially one so clearly destined to ravage small businesses and the private sector, alike. Yet, it’s one thing for intelligent people to shake their heads at a flock of fools, it’s a completely different story when the fools’ biggest hero begins to ...

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Obamacare is Democrats’ war on women


If there was ever a ‘war on women,’ it is being waged by Democrats, not Republicans – thanks to Democrat support for, and passage of, Obamacare As the law hurts employment nationwide, it hurts one gender more than the other  Study finds women are ‘at least twice as likely’ to be negatively impacted by Obamacare By Charles Greene Democrats are ...

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Coming tsunami of Obamacare cancellations will hurt Democrats in November


Several Democrats up for reelection in November are trying to distance themselves from Obama – and Obamacare, even though they voted for it in 2010 Democrats, then, are responsible for the coming loss of health insurance plans for millions of Americans Next up: Employers that can no longer afford to cover employees will dump them into the Obamacare exchanges, costing taxpayers ...

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After Obama said there was ‘little chance’ Ebola would ‘reach our shores,’ it is here – and spreading


President Obama previously warned that there was little chance of the Ebola virus making its way to the United States Obama said his administration had adopted ‘new measures’ to prevent the spread The president also said the U.S. was prepared for any eventuality, but doctors in Texas did not recognize the disease when the encountered it in the one man currently being treated for ...

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